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For the last few days the journey of the Magi has taken you through previous thoughts of mine. Today marks the beginning of a renewed beginning as I continue to move forward into my new reality in this journey of discovery I have dubbed “My Neighbour”. Over the coming days (my brain and emotions willing, and thank you to the blessing of scheduler) you will see new thoughts and different takes from where I currently sit in my view from a pew (okay fabric chair) on what it means to build a better world where all belong.  So enter if you dare…

It is interesting what triggers flashbacks of pain. Yet within the journey of healing as you sit with the pain, you must look at the good. Sadly, in active ministry in the Christianities when it comes to the building of inclusive communities that challenge the oppressive wealth-patriarchy-traditional structure these can be few and far between. It is why I believe in my heart and through narrative evidence there is such burn out and PTSD among clergy and clergy in training. Why we can no longer fill our pulpits in the anthropological traditions of and out of Judeo-Christian.

Unless you break it down to the person. I wrote over a year ago about the dichotomy of acceptance versus rejection when my son was cast out by a “new thought centre” for being his joyous self and contrasted it with the acceptance from the pulpit in a Roman Catholic Church.

celtic crossThis year discoursing with our current pastor around the journey of ministry, it is astounding a year on, we have finally found a placement of celebration of our son person within a protestant church. Two different theologies and sets of doctrines, that show when you do not get lost within the ideology but the let the Spirit reign a community of inclusion is created.

Now this is not saying there has not been communities of warm welcome or belonging within our journey. For there has been. But this time of reflection (yes it takes approximately 4 unknown neuro-events to complete each post of mine currently) that I have pondered the true difference. What has spoken through the heart is the difference between a service/ministry designed to/for an individual or population contrasted to a service/ministry with the individual or population within the broader community. The later being the one where true inclusion takes roots for it affirms the full humanity of the individual and their place in community.


Much like the Nativity story where the Holy Mystery (that exists within us and us within her) affirmed the full humanity of Mary despite the patriarchal-empire communal sin of her times. A communal sin we carry forward today and the populations become moving targets. This is the type of empire that needs to die, and it begins from the common good, the common teaching. The buzzword currently is holistic, root is whole or holy. It is the understanding the Cosmic Christ is ignited within each us, through the cosmic dust/holy breath as we are all interwoven in the beautiful tapestry of creation that is the Holy Mystery. Where our legends/myths/beliefs tell us the holy narrative of why, and our philosophy-rational-intellectual-sciences tell us the how of being.

Yet it is more. It is understanding the other, as neighbour not other. It is knowing that to be truly inclusive we must meet everyone where they are at and build a community that includes them in how the experience the world. As went enter the journey of the new beginnings of a new year. The question is before each of us individually, communally and interdependently whether in a religious setting or simply a community or a home:

How do we all belong?


globalSome of the greatest studies/explorations of faith I have led in my time have been those that have experienced texts cast aside by Imperial Christianities or those of other wisdom traditions, here are some links for further exploration alone or in community:

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