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free reignA Psalm of Sorrow

In honour of all those beautiful angels that did not soar long enough.

Tonight you were sick,

you cuddled in as we watched hockey,

eyes watering, nose running into my clothes.

Times a Daddy knows just to hold until the cold passes.

Other times the watery eyes are tears of pain and loss.

Bullocks to the religious saying “it’s God’s Plan” or

“God needed your friends more than you.” or other such hogwash.

A non-descript white envelope from a school board that sees you and your buds

As nothing more than numbers. Incomplete. Neuro-interruptus. Not P.C. so they hide behind coding.

But you know.

Too many times, buds were there, then no more.

On your first day of Junior High you looked for them,

Hope in your blue eyes they would be there.

Tonight tears heal.

As I recall holding you.

Your fists beating my chest.

Ugly cries and screams into my chest.

“Why Daddy does God take my buddies?”

There is no answer son.

Anyone that says there is… lies or worse…

Too young for so much pain.

Being your Dad,

you call me Superman.

All I can do is hug.

Thankfully tonight, just a cold.

Hopefully no tears of grief again

in your childhood.

Over 18 classmates have passed away on my young son in his schooling life from Pre-k through Grade 6 (majority was a near monthly white envelope in Grade 5-6) . Our government codes students, since these students are coded as “special needs” , them, their staff, and families (the community) were never given the proper and appropriate crisis and grief counselling the school board is supposed to supply, especially when the principle in the last few years of Grade School is not an ally, and did not want to cause the ripples advocacy takes.

As one continue to deep dive into their emotions, physiology, psychology and spirituality to remove the ingrained psychogenic, one must confront the heart break that were buried in the fight for simple kindness, equality and human dignity for the most precious among us.

What happens when a helper needs help?

My new book Soul Ripples coming 2019.


Saturday Morning Retro

Posted: November 18, 2018 by Ty in Musings
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It’s funny that this comes into one’s mind. Thoughts around cartoons. Yes, I still love them and enjoy them with my kids. There are those that are easy to enjoy- anything Disney, Disney-Pixar, Dreamworks (Shrek or Kung Fu Panda anyone?) and of course the grand Loony Tunes or other Hanna Barbera fun. As well as a nod to the greats of my Image result for hanna barbera characterschildhood, He-Man, She-ra, Thundercats, Transformers, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Gi Joe, etc. (with those fun PSA’s at the end to really hit home the message of the story). Or the real oldie but goodies like Zorro, Lone Ranger, Spider-Man and Star Trek.

There are some new ones you can easily say sarcastically “are of Satan” that being Peppa Pig, Max & Ruby or Caillou.  Then there are new ones that have ruined a franchise of my youth years worse than the New 52 reboot of the title (Teen Titans Go anyone???).

But then there is that which you want to hate. In the era of cable television not existing and streaming services. Where your children are enamoured, and have streamed over and over again.

When the title song plays and you cringe a little.

Image result for power rangers super megaforceYet a little you are drawn in. For new animation that sometimes lacks, it does produce a storyline with some character, and a moral/message. So yes, I have wanted to avoid and hate or at the very least not acknowledge it exists…but over the last few years it has become part of my daughter (and my son’s) life.

What is it?

For those who may not know its main characters are Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Applejack and Spike. The basis is about kindness, compassion and friendship…sadly, it is My Little Pony.

But with some of the shows that just seem to have no random point, the fact my kids Image result for my little pony rainbow powergravitate towards MLP and Power Rangers (which teaches about team work, and helping others) there are worse things they could be streaming on binge.

(P.S. especially with the new Pony season eight on Netflix that very apptly deals with the concept of the harm/evil of Nationalism and White Supremacy through the concept of who can and cannot attend a school).

Excerpt from Introduction:

Leaving Churchdom

My journey is at a crossroads, where I am done fighting the same battle for all to be loved and heard within institutions that are more concerned with money, history, dogmatic and doctrines. This work is not a collection of “ohh you’re so wrong” but rather reflections on what love can do, what can it open up, why I have come here. It is sharing personal anecdotes, gospel stories, and meta-narratives I love to enhance the reflections and let them resonate in your soul. For me leaving churchdom is not a negative connotation within this work, it is as my beloved Shawna would say, stepping out in love, no buts attached. For leaving churchdom is throwing off a burden and simply letting four words and a punctuation mark be a guide in life: What Would Love Do? (WWLD?).

I hope you enjoy this collection of reflections, every so often I raise a challenge for you to do your own personal work and reflection, and I look forward to hearing how this may or may not have helped you. The one thing about the chapel, all types came, all types shared, and all knew that bread would be broken, a cuppa drunk, kids and animals would play, and we would discover the common ground of our diversity of spiritualities that fed us, created a unity of spirit to step back out into our world in love.  Continue Reading the e-book: Rainbow Chapel Unplugged Leaving Churchdom