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I am starting to think I sound like a broken record around the constitutional guarantee in Canada of “Peace, Order and Good Governance”. Many in electoral reform circles like to focus on the method of electing officials instead of the first step being unity of the citizens. As ideological entrenchments begin to outstrip collective good, Americanized fear based media mongering creeping into the Canadian narrative, we are now seeing an entrenched Urban versus Rural mindset.

I have family that lives both sides of this developing divide. Those who are in Rural Alberta, and Urban, I am an urbanite that enjoys the pace and community of the smaller centre life. Some would say the provincial collapse of the PC Dynasty is to blame, but I would point out in that dynasty neither group got effective representation as they could have had. Currently some would point to the NDP-UCP fiasco and that perpetuating the divide, I would say there is plausibility to that theory.

What is hard is that in the current discourse of society we enjoy to out shout someone, to keep our argument to 240 characters (I don’t know whether to thank Twitter for the increase or not), never give ground acknowledging someone else’s point is valid, always seek the one solution for multiplicity could not be possible and that surely there is not shared concerns. I could easily pull a conservative rural troll argument on an Urban issue to prove a point, but I will invert- Jason Kenney, his politicking on the issue aside, tweeted an Okotoks RCMP crime watch picture of thieves…was the response some decent kudos and retweets—no it was the vitriol. We all share these from our area when the police issue them, we even share them from other jurisdictions, but we have become entrenched in the belief that our concerns can’t possibly be the others.

Instead of Rural Albertans and Urban Albertans—howzabout a simple statement, We are citizens of Canada, that live in Alberta (or Albertans). In fact, I would challenge the Alberta Government to look at creating exploratory committees on issues differently (and yes this is the party of the majority, the loyal opposition, and all other elected MLA’s).

Crime is something that is a province wide concern. Rurally you have a mixture of long-term settlers; reserves and colonies (colonies being of Hutterite, Mennonite and Dukhobor), plus persons with disabilities, an aging population. What are you seeing? Oh, an urban population just spread out over more land? Amazing when we talk about who are neighbours are in context what it means. It means though more spread out where someone coming home, as my wife did 3 years ago, will notice shattered glass and a robbery to call police right away, or someone in the yard is only feet away from the house and call the police right away…it means on a large farm it may be a call to the RCMP detachment that services a county of many farms/villages/colonies/etc. with a few constables. It may be reporting what has been stolen, but not right away as you were not in that building every day and just noticed it. It could be hunters poaching animals on your land during hunting season as one of our MLA’s has been found guilty of doing. We know drug use is rampant in both settings, but we know pipelines come through smaller centres (20 years ago it used to follow the old still lines via Water Valley) and then distributes through new city subdivisions down to the core. Same issues, different complexities.

Health Care. We know the idea of population based health care. Leveraging home care so individuals can stay in their homes longer. The need for mental health supports. All these things we do by population numbers (and trust me in urban settings like Calgary we do not have capacity). Yet rurally they have the same instances per capita, yet more spread out, and continually seeing closure of facilities. No, it is not just like travelling via transit or circle road to the next quadrant to access that care or relative who has moved. In some cases it becomes hours via highway to the next level of care or housing. Urban dwellers voice concerns when families are separated due to coding systems and stressors. When quantity of life, and the number a person is, is placed over quality of life. Rurally, it can be whole counties that separate spouses due to their “code” of care. It can even be moving from one town to another, coded to one home, then one physically needs higher physical care, and even in a lower use jurisdiction when there is a two bedroom available and all the experts sign off, the powers that grant housing say NO because the codes are different. No context taken in, not quality of life looked at.

Yet whether you live in a city or rurally, you watch your elders, your children, who are in need suffer. You watch as the need for access to mental or holistic care is denied because you either live in a city where wait lists are huge, or in a rural place where the population does not allow and must travel. Travel is not always a plausibility.

Education… many factors in, we complain about cold days this winter in Calgary, but what of the same weather that literally shuts down bus routes in some areas, how many days are lost? For that time is there some technological solution to ensure all Alberta students regardless of residence receive the best education possible?

Poverty reduction—better term: Improving the affordability of life.

Caring for our seniors so their golden years can be adventuresome not fighting for survival.

See…the political system wants you to view where someone builds a life as another way to create an us-them divide. BUT WE ARE ALL IN THIS.

I propose, and it is out there now as open source policy for any party that wants to think outside the ideological box:

Committees of research and reconciliation be struck to explore these topics in real time. They need to be all party committees. But I challenge some points to really get into the flow (for the action research projects you can use a TRC model or World Café, as they allow the story up to now to be told, but then the impetus becomes on the solution moving forward as one):

  • The chair needs to live in a riding not in the setting (Rural chair needs to be from one of the 7 cities; Urban chair needs to be from rural ridings)-if a government MLA chairs one, the official opposition MLA needs to chair the other.
  • Membership needs to be made up of leading community leaders of the area; but also of some experts on the topic, and MLA’s from the various parties with no majority given to any party.
  • The reports need to grow policy recommendations for a new system that serves all Albertans (if taken federally, all Canadians, because let us be honest it is time to look at the Constitutional Division of powers and what reality of 35-40 million people need to be supported in a globalized world).
  • The role of the legislature with the tabled reports is to work with this as the premise to grow from, not to create partisan hot potatoes.

Other points to improve our democracy:

  • If the premier comes from a rural riding, deputy premier needs to be named from an urban riding, if the opposite does not exist in the governing party they must name from another sitting MLA.
  • Learn from the Yukon, if Premier is non-indigenous, Lieutenant Governor should be named from Treaty or Metis Nations or one of the Colonies as noted above in the article that make up our mosaic.
  • Amend laws for all electoral districts that one must live in the riding they are seeking to be an elected official in. Paper/parachute/write-in candidates cost our system money through vetting and printing of ballots. If a party cannot locate someone to run under their banner in said area they do not run a candidate, running a full slate is not a given.
  • Eliminate PAC donations (I would propose eliminating all donations and just provide free radio air time for the direct candidates’ campaign not the party, and have a certain number of debates set up that the person must attend unless they can document why not (i.e. Sickness).
  • Create a mechanism to encourage more independents to run by allowing Elections Alberta to issue tax receipts for their reported donations lists (if donations continue).
  • All donors’ lists must be ratified by a trained accountant and publicly posted no more than 1 week before vote time (so no fundraising last week of election-that is if donations can persist).
  • Sidebar, the federal idea of bailing out local newspapers has merit in renewing democracy if as part of the money they must carry 50% local content by local writers/photographers, and at least 1/5th of content must be to be looking at politics providing editorial space to a range of voices. Y’know what newspapers were like before conglomeration.

These are my ideas. I am what one would call “post-partisan”. I have always looked at the local candidate to conclude on my vote. Yes, I ran in 2006 for the Federal NDP, but I have also worked with the Federal PC Party and Federal Liberals, so meanderings with Greens and Communists and many other smaller parties and independent candidates. Remember parties are a functionality of our system, not how our system is designed to work so these things and others, are possible to create reform that bring us back together, united in our diversity.

A true Canadian Mosaic.

First we must see them as us, and us as them, or better yet, as neighbour, as citizen building a better future together.


I am not even going to pretend what I write is without bias. I know this. I was raised in Canada in a working-class family that was taught to give a damn about their neighbour. Pretty much the lens I bring to life, as a minister I read my gospel through the lens of the Charter, why? I was one of those pesky Social Gospellers dreaming a better world every minute of every day. I also hold an unwavering belief that people are mostly inherently good, and despite evidence to the contrary, will make the best decision they can possibly make in a given circumstance. It is the one that does not learn as they grow that stagnates.

Due to my wonky brain, it has been a while since I have been able to provide comment to some political happenings, with clarity comes a moment to provide some clarity so here goes:

  • Women’s March: Sad it still needs to happen, but looking at our world we know why it needs to happen until we have truly moved beyond this label to being true equals on our planet. Ideologue extremists on both sides remember that you have the right to express these views because your grandmas and further back took up the fight for equality, so let us always keep the eye on moving forward as one family, humanity, not on bickering, tearing down and regressing.
  • Jason Nixon, MLA and the Sexual Harassment bill (Google it, or even just check #ABLEG feed on twitter). I am not going to discourse on the ethics of whether a sexual harassment claimant should be fired, it is the 21st century and that discussion should be null (for those who believe it is not the answer is no they should not be fired). But where the ball was really dropped was in governance as the case could have created a bridge for discussion and better laws for all. This happened because there were loopholes, and what I have read pressure from a bigger corporation on a small business owner. The bill put forward was to close loopholes for the abused, BUT and this is where ideological pissing matches hurt all…there was an opportunity for the Official Opposition Party Leader to come prepared speaking from his own experience where wrong was done and wanting to ensure another company owner was not placed in this position by a larger corporation and in inter-provincial gray areas. These are the amendments proposed to aid all Albertans for a better, safer future. That did not happen (if it did and I will gladly publish them).
  • Summer Student Job form and Reproductive Rights clause. Ah more virtue signalling from extremists (Virtue Signalling a new term I learned from friends in the religious right attempting to show your piety). They want you to believe it is about being pro-abortion. Read the form, all government RFP’s are online and able to read the clauses. The short 3-4 sentences is a check box stating you will adhere to charter rights, gender rights, sexuality rights and reproductive rights. This was done for many things, one that has come to light is that extremists groups have been using government funds (anyone of my generation or older probably remember the W-5 expose when the Canadian government funded the Neo-Nazi movement on our shores—so do not want a redoux of that)…but more it shows the quickness to literalness:
    1. Laws and freedoms are written in such a way for interpretation, and many things have started by test cases being floated, norms being accepted (e.g. equal marriage, dying with dignity). But also modernization and fights from the brave like Dr. Morgentaller, made abortion de-criminalized and funded—which leads to it being include in charter rights under gender rights. BUT Reproductive rights are more than just abortion. This speaks to autonomous control of your body. It speaks to things like honouring the choice of birth control (contraceptive, external, rhythm); to have or not have children; and thanks to Alberta’s (and Canada’s) horrendous Eugenics history, not forcefully sterilizing persons with disabilities, as we have and had a history of doing.

It also speaks to a medical practitioner not being able to force their religious views upon you when it comes to treatment. If you as a man or a woman elects for a vasectomy, tubal ligation or hysterectomy regardless of age and whether you have kids or not, you should be able to access. To the other end, regardless of above mentioned if medically it would solve an issue the doctor should not be able to use your age, or whether you still want kids to stop you from choosing the treatment (e.g. hysterectomy) as an option instead of suffering for years with a medical condition.

Do not let literalism sidetrack and important conversation. And if you as a group truly feel reproductive rights is the hill you want to die on, take it to court as a charter challenge, I have a hunch there is a great machination for clear addition of this to the charter through praxis, and eventual Supreme Court Decision.


  • Saint Ralph Klein is an Albertan myth. Many are wanting to herald back to those “halcyon days” of yore. Yet I challenge you to speak with your grandparents and baby boomer parents about the state of their health care. The Klein Government in the mid-90’s pulled a fast one on our elders. Treated them with disregard and disrespect, removing excellent medical care, and then played a shell game to replace it (check out Kevin Taft’s Shredding the Public Interest for more on this) will a for pay Blue Cross and cost-share prescriptions. Each Premier and Health Minister since Klein has been complicit in this disregard for our elders (and yes NDP this includes your current government). Think of it, each generation that retires has added to the building up of our communities and social contract, they deserve the best. The message sent is poverty and stress is okay. Both of those we know are huge factors in worsening health. I call on Premier Notley and our Health Minister Hoffman to not only return our coverage for seniors’ health care to Pre-Klein levels, but exceed and renew this social contract with our Elders, for it is the right thing to do.

Finally, the greatest division I see happening within Canada is how easy we like to throw immigrants and refugees under the bus, and/or shelter users. Bullocks. For those that have settled the prairies before the prairie provinces were made, and shortly after remembering your family came here, went through settlement shelters where they were given education, money, health care, and land grants on the prairies for settlement. Our forebears knew we were all in this together and did not allow division based on religion or country of origin break them apart. They settled our provinces, grew prosperous together as Canadians. Let us keep building this dream together.

P.S. always remember political parties and ideological affiliations are perfunctory constructs, constitutionally the legislatures provincially and federally are to be elected bodies of independents working collaboratively to provide Peace, Order and Good Governance for Canadians. We have two elections coming up- 2019 provincially, and 2020 federally prepare to vote for the Alberta and Canada you want for yourself and your neighbour, but also stay engaged in between holding our elected officials to their role in governing in the best interest of the citizen.

How do you want your neighbour to treat you?

How do you treat your neighbour?

A few days back I wrote about the challenge of accessing the social contract in Canada. I still stand by for accessibility we could do more to make the system easier navigated for those in distress.

But this is to thank Service Canada, Rt. Hon. Trudeau (our PM); Hon. Duclos (minister over EI) and Hon. Deepak Obhrai (MP Calgary Forest Lawn) for their response to my communication, and once the missing documentation was submitted with support the expediting of my claim.

Here are some pointers for those accessing Medical EI:

  1. There is an Employer/Employee Portion.
  2. The Employee portion is to be done online and is quite lengthy, if you are in medical need ensure you get support as there is a lot of questions to be answered.
  3. Always follow up, if you cannot reach through Service Canada, contact your MP. I found that they have release forms available to look into your claim, and it never hurts to contact the minister responsible for the issue. Use e-mail for the communications, include your phone number and address to ensure follow up and as much of your story as you are comfortable sharing.
  4. When working through any medical issues and paperwork it is helpful to have that second set of ears and hands to ensure things are followed up promptly, so ensure if you have that someone you trust the proper releases are on file with the government and public health to allow for ease of communication.

When something is resolved, thank those that aided you, but also suggest some constructive improvements. As I sent the thank you to the Parliamentarians I did point out that in a system with someone in medical distress perhaps a simpler system where the employer submits the Medical ROE and the Doctor’s certificate/letter that kick starts the claim and begins payment. A more accessible social contract for all.

That is all for now, feeling some gratitude to have a supportive work network that helped out as well with investigation because the old noggin’ ain’t what it used to be most days.

We enter a social contract in Canada when we become citizens through whatever channel that takes. In the 1970’s and 1980’s it was dubbed the “Just Society”. But the rules are simply outlined in our Constitution Act 1982, Charter of Rights and Freedoms; and Canadian Laws. Over the past two decades the party’s that have formed Government have been bending and breaking the simplest of social contracts by not preparing for the lean times or the times of medical need. They have prepped our social safety net for health, not for what they are designed for. A prime example of this is Employment Insurance (renamed from Unemployment Insurance during Chretien’s tenure as PM). During the latest economic downturn Canadians have been hard pressed to access in a timely manner, thus driving up debt loads and creating a burden of poverty cycles upon citizens who wait or are denied that which they have paid into for their working life. These payments were for us in need, and our fellow citizens—our end of the social contract with the other end being from the government for prompt pay out when necessitated.

Part of this EI process is the medical portion, for a short 15-week duration so workers do not have to fear losing everything while this percentage of income comes in to cover costs of living while medical teams figure out what next steps are. This unfortunately has not been being dispensed promptly. I have waited 15 weeks for a 15-week payment program on a medical claim that has not been answered by EI yet, I have not been able to get through the call banks (which we know 70% of calls go unanswered). Below is excerpts from an e-mail communication I sent to the Members of Parliament listed, with Hon. Duclos being the minister over EI, and Hon. Hehr being the minister over disabilities. I encourage each person who has had an unanswered EI or EI Medical claim that has gone unanswered and is providing hardship to contact these ministers and your local MP to get answers and the support our social contact is to provide.

Please Note: This is not an ideological pissing match—both federal parties that have formed governments over the last 20 years have left EI ill equipped to fulfill its obligations to the citizen. This is about renewing the contract, and the other signee-the Government, respecting their end and ensuring the contract does not remain broken.

(once I have received my EI Medical there will be an update on lapsed time so others who need to apply can try to secure credit debt accordingly).

I also want to acknowledge being brain fog, stabbing pain into brain and undiagnosed seizure disordered subsided enough today for this communication-but how I paid after dinner for it (excerpts of e-mail sent January 16, 2018 to government):


Dear Rt. Hon. Trudeau, Hon. Duclos, Hon. Hehr, Hon. Obhrai, and Hon. Angus:

October 2, 2017. That was 15 weeks ago when my employer filed for EI Medical coverage for me as I had to leave work due to stress induced unknown seizure disorder (40 noticeable events a day—that is someone else saw it happen to me) that was triggering neurological, physiological and post-traumatic stress disorder symptomology. It is only a 15-week program, so that is 15 weeks without income into my household. I am happily partnered with my wife who has health challenges; our two children (my daughter is termed “typically developing” and my son is blessed to experience life with tri-spastic cerebral palsy, legally blind, epileptic, and ADD with a global delay). We elected as a family to have one parent remain at home to aid with our son’s appointments and specialists, so yes, my wife is a stay-at-home Mum. But it was not my family’s personal stressors that brought me to need EI Medical (or even EI for the first time in my working life).

I serve in the non-profit sector attempting to eliminate homelessness within our great nation, have worked hard my entire life in peace, human rights, and poverty reduction—which has included work within dementia wards, youth outreaches, addictions/recovery, child sex trade (now called human trafficking) elimination on the front lines, emergency shelters, life and vocational skill coaching for persons with disabilities, and community and housing first housing programs. I have also taught post-secondary students from diploma through post-doctorate work and have mentored many a practicum student… I made a conscious choice to be on the frontlines in the working class to make change for those that fall between the cracks of our society….

How and why EI will not pay out what is owed? And they are unreachable (thanks to the CBC we know that 70% of calls go unanswered) …I await a prompt and positive resolution to my filing for EI Medical 15 weeks ago with the full back pay swiftly.


“You have an overinflated sense of responsibility for others”

            -Dix, Psychologist (Jesse Stone series)

            I have been journeying through neurologically triggered PTSD. Let me tell you it is not a fun set of events to relive the negative of one’s life. This journey is not about bragging or self-aggrandizement. It is for the 99.9% of times my brain reboots and says you have not made a difference in the little corner of your world, I have a critically laid out path to go maybe I did, maybe I didn’t but damn it brains the heart knows I tried.  Hence the walk through the idea of how many times experts/elites, whom we have defaulted to have told me not to bother, or I am wrong and my stubborn streak has gone in the vernacular of my redneck roots, “hold my beer bud and watch this.”

I point out the default to “elites/experts” because it is the shift society has made to the idea of quantitative data only, and zero-based budgeting which makes every person, every story something that must be quantified by a statistical number and/or cash pay out. Essentially a new way of doing the old pedagogy of worthy poor, worthy citizen for aid or elevation. Which I am sorry, if you enter the trenches, bash the knuckles, bloody the soul, wipe the tears away, hold the hand of the dying, cradle the body in the last gasps of the death rattle, these are things that you will always question.


Simple, we as people are not a statistical number, we are not a label. Our worth does not come from what we cost or save the system. Our worth comes from something very simple. Being human. Our worth is inherent because of whom we are, a human being regardless of whether it is a spiritual, religious or scientific path that brings you to that understanding.

How does that change the lens you view things through? Who are your experts/elites? Your gurus? Are they coaches? Clerics? Scientists? Ideologues? Celebrities? Who do you allow to shape your world view? Why do you allow them to shape your world view? The Stanford Experiments tried to prove why the horror of Nazism happened, and the outcome was the default for the human being to believe the man in the white coat. The expert or the elite. The one that has power. Sadly, nothing has changed except whom we give the power in our lives. We forget that behind every “white coat” there is a grass roots movement of support that has bestowed that power on them and can strip it away if we default back to the total truth that worth is inherent and we as a species are in this together interconnected through an eco-system of beautiful mystery.

My words of the struggle for a better world dreamed are throughout this site, with the oldest being found in the archives and through these meanderings you can see how even after decades simple battles for inclusion are still being battled. 31 years of my life have been given to this journey, and looking to enter the second decade of my 2/3 of life, I know the journey will continue. But it is a journey where story of the quest needs to re-emerge, where we as societies need to move beyond balance sheets, labels and metrics to understanding what/who is our neighbour. So what follows is some simple musings of issues facing us as a community:

“Don’t call me a saint, I do not want to be so easily dismissed.”

-Dorothy Day, Founder Catholic Worker’s Movement, Single Mum



I encourage you to buy Warren Kinsella’s first fiction work Recipe for Hate, based around true events in the Neo-Nazi-Punk world, for those more of the non-fiction type his seminal work Web of Hate on Canada’s neo-nazi movement in Canada (it inspired me int he `90’s to fight the good fight, and take stands against elites/experts that yes this was a necessary battle)…and why this hit me is seeing the fact that my own hood actually had to have an anti-racist walk yesterday…thank you for those that turned out (my heart was willing–the body and brain decided it was a no sadly)…we are the northeast, we are the world in a few city blocks, we are better than hate, because we know what it means to love your neighbour and be neighbourly. End sermon


I also encourage reflection for those ideological entrenched on recent Canadian political history as we prepare to repeat in Alberta. In the early 2000’s the PC Canada party was taken over by the Reform-Alliance in media mirrors of a merger vote that saw Red Tories left politically homeless. Some would say it was successful as the Harper Cons eventually won power with their first minority government in February 2006. But just reflect on that for a moment for a party trying to root out corruption, and build inclusion with our First Nations through the Kelowna Accord, lost to a party that sided with the separatists to shut down parliament and strip Canadians of our Constitutional right of Peace, Order and Good Governance. No one else may realize how it will be written by the historians, but also, I do still firmly believe Minority Parliaments are the healthiest forms of governance for our country for it forces the politicians out of ideological blinders to truly what is best for the citizens.


The fight over Harm Reduction versus abstinence in addiction treatment is just one of the false dichotomies we attempt to foist upon the public. Each treatment resonates with certain individuals (I can just hear the Twitter-soundbite politicos gasp) for it is about understanding the person in front of you and what works for them to be healthy.

It also moves into the idea that triage/silo health care does not always work. The human being is a holistic microcosm that does need to be treated as such. Yes, some things need to be prioritized within medical treatment, but somethings are interdependent, intertwined, co-dependent or simply co-existing. Ala addiction—the use of substance or behaviour creates the label, what causes it is rooted deeper whether you cease or stop the behaviour the actual cause whether emotional, physiological, neurological, etc (or all of the above) needs to be treated or we are setting the neighbour up for failure.


Housing. Our nation needs a strategy, I know several federal parties at certain points have had policies (as I have been part of writing groups for these parties). Yet what is missing is the fundamental of Housing First principle 1: Consumer choice. (or better yet, citizen choice). It needs to be a policy and action that looks at affordable spectrums of home ownership (types of homes-house, condo, mobile) to apartments to lodges without age restrictions to group homes to supportive housing to hotels (yes hotels, many of the chronically homeless have come to shelters because they lived in hotels that closed down, where some money could have seen these places brought up to code, and some extra monies to the owners could have curbed settling in of unsavoury elements) to name but a few. Also, the idea of rooming houses ran by seniors is also something to be looked at, or on-site living in convents/monastic communities, or in shops/warehouses, mini houses…secondary suites, laneway housing, converted garages, the list goes on and on.

Yet it takes a citizen will to force politicians to challenge city planning back to a community and citizen focus and away from money politics.


In the case of Health Care especially in Alberta we tend to forget that we were governed by a party set on Privatization (breaking the Health Act) through the Third Way that essentially created a system for failure, never forget history or we are doomed to repeat it. On an aside stating you never voted PC, or never voted does not remove your complicity from the state of our province now, for we are all citizens that allowed a party to run our province. Whether it is oil, health care, AB works or other social safety nets, are designed for those moments in life when you need them, not for when you do not. What we have done as a society is create a shame based system so those in need avoid and costs sky rocket for the person literally comes to the precipice of disaster before access and then is in a full cycle that is harder to get out of. And yes I was forced out of a job by taking a stance publicly for universal health care.

I still firmly believe active eugenics may have stopped in Alberta, but seeing how easily the Calgary Board of Education can blame special needs students for budget short falls, how hard it is to access AISH or lack of mental health supports, that passive eugenics is still practice.

And let us not forget the closure of the horrid institutions that if proper protocol was followed would have seen transition of those folks to proper home, group home or smaller care home placements in the community…but instead say nothing but shelter beds…because…eliminating the debt.


Calgary City Hall is looking to cut preventative programs for at risk youth and seniors while continuing the shadowy no firm numbers exploration of an Olympic bid. Makes you wonder where following the money trail would take you? Also makes you wonder in a generation with these policies how our city will be judged by the way we have treated our young and elders?

Yet this is not new practice at City Hall, for when the Child Sex trade exploded in our city in the mid-90’s what the response was—cover up, cutting vice unit budgets… hmmm…. Lip service, not actions. My high school law teacher asking me when presented with the facts about the child sex trade saying the assignment was to show what is controversial about it? My response led me to being kicked from class that day when I simply stated, “the only wanker that can’t see the controversy based on the facts is the one that goes to the pizza parlour back room in our hood and asks for the child.”


Political party vetting when I ran in 2006 that saw the questioner unable to comprehend how I could be pro-choice on abortion without using the buzzwords. Yes I believe in a woman’s control over their own body, yes I believe in the family, and I believe we need to build a world in which every child conceived should be wanted and until that happens then this needs to be free and open to all who desire, need or want.

I also believe that the government needs to invest in a system or pre- and post- procedure counselling and healing of the holistic person. I believe we need a freer adoption service. I also believe the pre- and post-procedure aid needs to be open to the one that gave the egg, the one that gave the sperm, and those that may be affected by the ripples within the family.

But I will never say I am anti-abortion for. Yes, this is after coming from a position where an ex who was so lost in addiction made the choice to abort and her only rationale was to inflict pain on me who chose to not come second to a chemical.

I also firmly state I am pro-life with dignity. Which is why I so easily can stand and argue that medically assisted death is a necessity within our system so human life is one with dignity, for it I would not let my fur baby suffer in such a way, why would I let my loved one.


The continual move away from city accessibility. In Calgary our at home garbage/recycle/compost system is designed for new communities with attached garages, and condos. Yet also falls short in understanding challenges of constantly carrying out buckets of compost in established neighbourhoods. The reduction in garbage pick up removing dignity of the person for those with continence challenges as their garbage output is not reduced but now the overflow is on view for the whole of their neighbours to see.

Yet with some thought, and work at a provincial wide level perhaps we could expand the recycle from house program, thus truly reducing garbage so the bi-weekly pick up can work. The expansion could shift as other provinces have done so the monies from recyclables pay for the program, thus  reducing costs to citizens. Then expand to multi-unit dwellings so it becomes cost neutral so this type of bylaw does not increase rents.


That at the end of World War 2 my Great-Granddad Lewis who was a veteran of both wars battled for the Commonwealth to care for its veterans appropriately, and during my tenure in the world I have fought the same battle in the 21st century. This is a staunch reminder, war needs to be the last resort, and one that we enter into realizing that we need to be prepared to care for those that give some, and those that give all…also this needs to carry through to those we send out to peace keep for they enter the hell mouth as well.


Look to the Alberta Government looking at removing age restrictions on housing stating it is a human rights issue. The realization is not understanding the complexity of the issue when it comes to congregate (condo/apartment living).

At the very least, if a person or couple have moved to a building believing it is kid free, and they chose to live there because of this a new family that moves in you are setting them up for harassment and complaints. A situation that may only end with one side or the other being evicted. Sadly, an eviction for whatever reason creates an issue on re-housing.

At the worst, you are setting up a place for predators. Sadly, those that abuse children and prey on them do not spend their life in jail. Upon release, they need to be housed, with this new legislation you are removing a housing option that keeps our communities’ safe…yet…

It is also short sighted, in that there are also many folks with the psychological predilection for children (due to trauma or neurology) that choose to work with Alberta Health to keep themselves and others safe. Using pharmaceuticals and other therapies, but also building a life that keeps them away from children as much as possible. Now comes this new bill…and…

Sound bites and twitter politics over critical thought of the best of the whole.


That over 20 years after I got my knuckles bloody defending my op-ed piece in the Calgary Sun over a person’s right to love and marry whom they choose (and multiple thousand death threats) …both our governing and Loyal Opposition parties still distract by fighting this battle over again thus distracting from more core issues. (yes, for those doing the math, my 18th birthday was when the editorial I wrote in support of marriage equality came out). Why did I write this? I remember sitting with my Nan, when US President Bill Clinton announced he was against it, and her tears and simple statement that maybe if our world were more accepting and Christian as Jesus taught her lovely cousin would not have taken his life. So I took a stand, and took the lumps that came with it.

I am going to be blunt, when it came to clubs I was a part of in public school, the only time my parents needed to be contacted was when we were leaving the school so both sides were creating news and not holding true to the sanctity of learning, growth and discovery of the child. The only time parents were contacted about school behaviours were when they put myself or another at risk.

For those that try to blind with extremism, ideology or religion, let the war bride’s words ring in your ears. If our world was more Christian…love would win, and whom you love would not matter.


The constant reminder that user fees are a flat tax on the working and poverty classes. A reminder that when political parties speak of the middle class, it is an innocuous term used to gain votes, but pragmatically roles out to households making over 100K a year, thus not the average Canadian.

A reminder that our natural resources do not belong to companies or politicians but to the citizens and need to be leveraged for OUR benefit above all else. That our Constitution Act 1982 does need to be re-opened, a social charter that was originally removed at the behest of Lougheed needs to be reinserted, and the division of powers in Section 91 & 92 needs to be looked at for the reality of Canada in a globalized world and things like Health Care and Education need to be in Federal jurisdiction as we are stabilized at about 30ish million people.

We need to take a serious look at the abolish of the reserve system and either incorporating into the Constitution territories of provinces for First Nations depending on population size (ala Nunavut).

We also need to realize that we only get the representation we are entitle to as Canadians, when we realize the local representative should hold the power of the vote. Party whips and Cult Leader politics are the Americanizing of our democracy to our detriment. As well, for it to work properly the elections acts need to be amended so the candidate needs to live in the electoral district at whichever level it is defined; PACS, union and corporate donations are abolished. Actually, all donations are. Each candidate must attend a set number of debates, public media must carry local candidate ads, interviews and discourses so that the public can be informed. If we really want a throw back perhaps the UFA system should be implemented in which a leader is not elected until all MP’s or MLA’s are elected (like the Constitution dictates) …but let’s take some giant baby steps first. Once the system functions the way it is laid out to, then we can look beyond a first past the post system to other voting systems.


These thoughts continue to crop in my mind like I said as I look back on a life of work to try and build a new world, then the reboot hits and the brain lies to the heart stating that it has all been for nought.

On the grand scale still seeing the pain that exists within our world, yes it may appear as failure. Yet the failure is in stopping to raise the issue that we are all in this together.

These are musings that rest on my heart and are leading me to another pragmatic spiritual work as I look back on history of the sector I have worked in. If one spends time with the writings of J.S. Woodsworth and how his shelter functioned in Winnipeg at the turn of the 20th century, and then look at our system today you can come to a simple conclusion, all that has changed is our mats are thicker. 100+ years on, what needs to change?

We still haven’t answered the core question of his work, for we still look at the person in need, in pain, in sickness, in jail and in our homes, communities’ and lives.

The central question?

The one I have spent a life attempting to unpack, and will be the focus of my next pragmatic memoir?

Who is My Neighbour?


Liberal Party logo, 2004-2009

Liberal Party logo, 2004-2009 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The leadership race for the third party in Parliament is heating up, here are some of the mass e-communiques from contenders trying to rally support. Join the party at:

» Cliquez ici pour le message en français


One month ago I stepped       up to enter the Liberal leadership race for one reason and one reason       only: you.

I stepped up because       all across our country, hard-working Canadians like you told me they       thought I could change the country for the better — better jobs for our       children, smarter investments in our people, and government and business       working together.

I stepped up because we       need a government that acts in our best interests – a government that       will provide a prosperous future for all Canadians, a stronger, more       diversified economy and a society where everyone has the opportunity to       succeed.

I stepped up. But I       can’t do it alone.

Take 60 seconds today       and help me do the work that needs to be done.

With your $25 we can keep fighting for the Canada we       believe in.

Together, we can let       Canadians know that the Liberal Party of Canada is listening to them.

I hope I can count on       you. Only together can we make the change we all seek.



Le mois       dernier, je me suis présenté comme candidat à la course à la chefferie du       Parti libéral du Canada à cause de gens comme vous.

Je me suis présenté parce qu’à travers le pays, les Canadiens et       Canadiennes m’ont dit qu’ils croyaient que je serais capable de changer       notre pays pour le mieux, avec de meilleurs emplois pour nos enfants, des       investissements plus efficaces pour appuyer la population canadienne, et       un gouvernement et des entreprises qui travaillent ensemble.

Je me suis présenté parce que nous avons besoin d’un gouvernement qui       défend nos intérêts, d’un gouvernement qui peut offrir un avenir prospère       pour tous les Canadiens, d’une économie plus forte et diversifiée et       d’une société où chacun a la possibilité de réaliser ses objectifs.

Je veux affronter les défis, mais pour ce faire, j’ai besoin de vous.

Je vous invite à prendre 60 secondes aujourd’hui pour m’aider à réaliser       cet important travail.

Avec votre don de 25 $, nous pouvons nous battre pour notre       Canada.

Ensemble, nous pouvons faire savoir au peuple canadien que le Parti       libéral du Canada est à l’écoute.

J’espère pouvoir compter sur vous. C’est ensemble que nous pouvons       changer les choses pour le mieux.


© 2012 Marc Garneau, all rights reserved.       Authorized by the Financial Agent
© 2012 Marc Garneau, tous droits réservés. Autorisé par l’Agent       financier.

Hello   Ty,

I   am honoured to put my name forward to become the next Leader of the Liberal   Party of Canada.

My vision is for a truly Sustainable Society in Canada –   one that is socially, environmentally, economically, and fiscally viable –   for the next seven generations, not just the next seven months of an economic   plan or the next seven minutes of a news cycle.

As a parent, an immigrant and a successful, woman entrepreneur, my experience is the Canadian experience. And as a former BC   MLA and Cabinet Minister as well as serving as the Member of Parliament for   Vancouver Quadra since 2008, I know how it feels to work hard and win. I know   what it takes to govern.

The Liberal Party needs a leader who embraces our diverse Canadian experience   in all regions of our country and is ready to take on the tough job of   uniting us in that diversity. A Leader with a proven track record and the   courage to persevere in the face of the current political, economic and   societal challenges facing Canada: the alarming erosion of our democratic   principles; growing debt and deficits – both public and private; income   inequality; uncertainty for our youth; climate change; and, the often   disrespectful place given to our aboriginal peoples.

Reforming our democratic institutions: It is clear that   our electoral system is in need of reform. Exaggerated seat counts that do   not relate to the percentage of votes obtained have been a feature of   Canadian politics for some time. To help us get there, for the 2015 election,   I will leave the door open to responding to local ridings who wish to engage   in electoral cooperation with other progressive parties.

Cannabis: Legalize, regulate, control, and tax it. The   evidence is clear. Many stakeholders agree. We can reduce crime. We can   protect our youth. We can save health care resources. We can take money away   from organized crime and put it into useful programs and the pockets of   citizens.

Transitioning to a Clean Energy Economy
: Putting a price on   carbon. Putting a price on carbon and investing in clean energy resources   will help Canada balance the need for a healthy environment and a thriving,   competitive economy.

Women’s leadership in public and private governance.   Women bring enormous strengths to public life. I will make having a critical   mass of women in leadership roles in Canada – in the House of Commons, the   executive branch of government, and on the boards of public corporations – a   public policy priority.

I urge you to investigate some of my proposals further at and see first-hand what others are saying   about me and my initiatives.

At you can also sign up to volunteer, to donate and to become a Liberal Party Supporter so that you can vote for me in April!

Please join me to make our shared vision of a healthy, prosperous and   generous Canada a reality once again.

Joyce Murray a besoin de votre aide aujourd’hui!

Bonjour   Ty,

J’ai l’honneur de poser ma   candidature à la direction du Parti libéral du Canada.

Ma vision pour le Canada est celle d’une société durable   – une société qui est socialement, écologiquement, économiquement et financièrement   viable – pour les sept générations à venir, et pas seulement les sept   prochains mois d’un plan économique ou les sept prochaines minutes des   nouvelles.

En tant que mère, immigrante et entrepreneuse, mon expérience est l’expérience Canadienne. Comme une   ancienne députée et ministre en C.-B. et députée actuelle de Vancouver   Quadra, je sais qu’il faut du travail acharné pour réussir. Je sais ce qu’il   faut pour gouverner.

Le Parti libéral a besoin d’un chef qui apprécie notre expérience Canadienne   diversifiée dans toutes les régions de notre pays et qui est prêt à nous unir   tout en respectant cette diversité. Il faut un chef qui a prouvé ses   capacités et qui a le courage de persévérer face aux défis politiques, sociales   et économiques d’aujourd’hui : l’érosion alarmante des principes   démocratiques; l’accroissement de la dette et des déficits; l’inégalité des   revenus et l’incertitude qui confronte nos jeunes; le changement climatique;   et, la place souvent irrespectueuse donnée à nos peuples autochtones.

La réforme de nos institutions démocratiques: Il est   évident que notre système électoral est en besoin de réforme. Le nombre de   sièges exagérés qui ne se rapporte pas au pourcentage de votes obtenues est   caractéristique de la politique canadienne pendant longtemps. Pour y   parvenir, je laisserai la porte ouverte pour répondre aux situations   particulières des circonscriptions locales durant l’élection de 2015.   J’engagerai la coopération électorale si demandée.

Le cannabis: La solution est de le légaliser,   réglementer, contrôler, et taxer. La preuve est claire. Plusieurs   intervenants la supporte. NOUS pouvons protéger nos jeunes. Nous pouvons   économiser les ressources de soin de santé. Nous pouvons enlever l’argent du   crime organisé et le mettre dans des programmes utiles et dans les poches des   citoyens.

La transition vers une économie de l’énergie propre
: Mettons un   prix sur le carbone. En mettant un prix sur le carbone et en investissant   dans les ressources d’énergie propre, le Canada pourrait concilier la   nécessité d’un environnement sain et une économie prospère et compétitive.

Le leadership des femmes   dans la gouvernance publique et privée: Les femmes apportent d’énormes   avantages à la vie publique. Je m’assurerais qu’avoir une masse critique de   femmes dans des positions dirigeantes – à la Chambre des communes, la branche   exécutive du gouvernement et sur les conseils d’administration des   entreprises publiques, est une priorité des politiques publiques.

Je vous invite à visiter pour explorer mes propositions d’avantage   et pour voir ce que les autres ont dit à propos de moi et mes initiatives.

À vous pouvez aussi vous inscrire à devenir bénévole, à faire un don et à devenir sympathisant du Parti libéral pour voter pour moi   en avril!

Je vous invite à vous joindre à moi pour s’assurer que notre vision partagée   d’un Canada sain, prospère et généreux redevient une réalité.





Faire un don

Être bénévole

Nous soutenir




(le français suit)

The   Liberal Party I will lead…


As you know, I am running for leadership of the Liberal Party of Canada (Check out my launch   video!).

The Liberal Party I will lead will bring our Canada back by having the   substance and the courage to stand up and fight for what we believe is right.

Stephen Harper is creating a smaller, meaner, divided world – a tarnished and   un-democratic version of our country. That’s not my Canada, nor is it yours.   The Liberal Party that I lead will say, “No more.” We will not wait   and react to attacks. We will take the fight to him. And we will win.

But to do that, I need your help.

* Please sign up as   a SUPPORTER to vote for me: It’s free, and   yes – every vote will count.
* Please
DONATE:   Your contribution of $20 – right up to the maximum of $1,200 – is critical.   The tax credits are very generous.

Many of you know that I ran for the leadership in 2006. Much was said at that   time about what Canada needed, what the Party needed. It all sounded very   good – there was indeed much to be done. But what has happened since then? We   lost two more elections, the last being our worst ever.

We can’t just keep saying the same things and hope our fortunes will change.   We must take action. There are no silver bullets. It will take a lot of hard   work, determination, substance, and courage – it will take real leadership –   to stand up and fight for what we believe.

That is why I’m running.

The best way to know what a person is capable of doing is to see what they   have already done – and how they did it. Here’s what I’ve accomplished so far. I have   also gathered together a sample of speeches, articles, op eds, and other   commentary I’ve done, to show my views and what I stand for. Please have a look.

If you have any questions, please contact us at

I need your help to bring our Canada back. Thank you for being a part of the   Liberal Party’s future success,
Martha   Hall Findlay



Le Parti libéral que   je dirigerai…


Comme vous le savez, j’ai posé ma candidature pour devenir chef du Parti   libéral du Canada. (Voir vidéo de l’annonce!)

Le Parti libéral que je dirigerai nous ramènera notre Canada, en ayant la   substance et le courage de prendre position et de se battre pour ce que nous   croyons.

Stephen Harper crée une version de notre pays qui plus petit, plus mesquin,   divisé, terni sur la scène internationale et à la fois anti-démocratique. Ce   n’est pas mon Canada, ni le vôtre. Le Parti libéral que je dirigerai dira:   ”C’est assez.” Nous n’attendrons plus, et nous ne réagirons pas aux   attaques. Nous le confronterons et nous gagnerons.

Mais pour y arriver, j’ai besoin de votre aide.

* Je vous invite à m’appuyer dans ma démarche en   votant pour moi. C’est gratuit. Et oui, chaque vote compte.
* Vos
contributions sont aussi importantes: votre contribution, jusqu’à   un maximum de 1200$, est essentiel à notre succès. Les crédits d’impôt sont   très généreux.

Pour plusieurs d’entre vous, vous vous   souvenez que je me suis présentée à la chefferie du parti en 2006. Beaucoup   avait été dit à l’époque en ce que le Canada avait besoin et aussi le parti.   Ceci était fort pertinent, car il y avait beaucoup à faire. Mais qu’est qui   est arrivé depuis? Nous avons perdu deux élections, et la dernière, la pire   de notre histoire.

Nous nous ne pouvons plus répéter les mêmes choses et de souhaiter un   changement de fortune. Nous devons agir. Il n’y a pas de recette magique.   Ceci va nécessiter un travail acharné, de la détermination, de la substance   ainsi que du courage. Le tout va aussi requérir du leadership pour se tenir   droit et de se battre en ce que nous croyons.

Et, ce sont pour ces raisons que je me présente.

Pour apprécier ce qu’un individu peut accomplir dans le futur, c’est de   pouvoir évaluer ses réalisations antérieures et de voir comment ils se sont   pris pour les réaliser. Voici mes réalisations à ce jour. De plus,   voici un sommaire de mes discours, articles, opinions et autres commentaires   publiés récemment. Ceci vous aidera à apprécier ma vision et ce pour lequel   je me défends. Je vous invite à consulter ce lien.

Si vous avez des questions, contactez-nous au

J’ai besoin de votre aide pour retrouver notre Canada. Merci de faire partie   de la réussite future du Parti libéral.
Martha Hall   Findlay





I have a plan to make sure that tomorrow’s jobs are waiting     when our children are ready for them, a plan that puts Canada’s most     valuable resource first – its people.

This plan is about recognizing our challenges and making the     bold changes needed to meet them.

It’s a plan about the Liberal values that you and I share     for Canada – and that Stephen Harper is trying to erase from the face of     our country.

I have a plan, but I need your help.

Please take     30 seconds right now to register your support and tell me what you think we     should be discussing in this leadership race.

Last week, I outlined my four-point economic plan to improve     Canadian productivity and innovation; invest in workplace skills; integrate     skilled new Canadians into the workforce; and tackle our unacceptably high     youth unemployment rate.

I have a plan. And that’s what leadership is all about.

– Marc


J’ai un     plan pour garantir la création des emplois nécessaires pour répondre aux     besoins des prochaines générations, un plan qui accorde la priorité à la     plus importante richesse du Canada – son peuple.

Ce plan     reconnaîtra nos défis et énoncera les changements audacieux à apporter pour     les relever.

C’est un     plan axé sur les valeurs libérales que nous partageons pour le Canada – et     que Stephen Harper essaie d’écarter de notre pays.

J’ai un     plan, mais j’ai besoin de votre aide.

S’il vous plaît, prenez 30 secondes maintenant pour     signaler votre appui et me donner votre avis sur les sujets à débattre au     cours de cette course à la direction.

La     semaine dernière, j’ai présenté mon plan en quatre points pour améliorer la     productivité et l’innovation au Canada; investir dans les compétences en     milieu de travail; intégrer les nouveaux Canadiens qualifiés dans la     population active et s’attaquer à notre taux trop élevé de chômage chez les     jeunes.

J’ai un     plan qui fait preuve de leadership.


– Marc

© 2012 Marc Garneau, all rights reserved.     Authorized by the Financial Agent
© 2012 Marc Garneau, tous droits réservés. Autorisé par l’Agent financier.



Deborah Coyne             for Liberal Leader

To learn more about Deborah, please visit her website »

Read Deborah’s Blog

Follow Deborah’s latest           news on her blog.

Support Deborah

Sign up as to support Deborah on our website.

Donate to           Deborah

You can make a donation           to Deborah’s campaign by cheque or credit card.

Connect with           Deborah

Follow her on Twitter, on Facebook, and           on YouTube.

Deborah En Français

Un Canada pour tous les           Canadiens
Au fur et à mesure que progresse ma campagne, mon objectif est de           vous proposer un site entièrement bilingue.

Dear friends,


Hello, and welcome to my first newsletter. I will be           providing regular updates on my campaign between now and April. It           has been quite a whirlwind so far.

I have traveled extensively by car, visiting communities throughout           British Columbia, and driven the Alaska Highway to Whitehorse. I have           toured Alberta and Saskatchewan, traveled through south and central           Ontario, and visited Winnipeg, Montreal, Yellowknife and Gander. And           I am just getting started.

Across the country, the response has been great. There is growing           agreement that Canadians need to get off the sidelines, and so does           our federal government. We need to once again begin working together           to solve the challenges that face our nation, and build One Canada           for All Canadians.

I hope I can earn your support for my candidacy. Please follow the           links in this newsletter for more information on my travels, my           upcoming events, my proposals, and my vision for One Canada. And           please consider making a donation today           to help me continue to bring this message to Canadians across this           great country.


Deborah Coyne

Chers amis,


Bonjour et bienvenue à la première édition de ma           lettre d’information. D’ici au mois d’avril, je vous proposerai des           mises à jour régulières au sujet de ma campagne. Jusqu’ici, ça a été           toute une aventure!

Je me suis déplacée un peu partout en voiture, visitant           des collectivités aux quatre coins de la Colombie-Britannique, et           empruntant l’autoroute de l’Alaska jusqu’à Whitehorse. J’ai parcouru           l’Alberta et la Saskatchewan, le sud et le centre de l’Ontario, sans           oublier Winnipeg, Montréal, Yellowknife et Gander. Et ce n’est que le           début!

D’un bout à l’autre du pays, la réaction a été           extraordinairement chaleureuse. De plus en plus de Canadiens           reconnaissent qu’il est temps de s’impliquer davantage. Nous croyons           qu’il doit en être de même du gouvernement fédéral. Il faut que nous           recommencions à travailler ensemble dans le but de relever les défis           auxquels notre pays est confronté, et de bâtir Un Canada pour tous           les Canadiens.

J’espère que vous appuierez ma candidature. Veuillez           suivre les liens se trouvant dans cette lettre d’information pour en           savoir davantage sur mes déplacements, mes événements futurs, mes           propositions et ma vision pour Un Canada. Et sachez qu’en faisant une contribution           à ma campagne dès aujourd’hui, vous m’aiderez à porter ce           message aux Canadiens d’un océan à l’autre.


Deborah Coyne

Un           Canada pour tous les Canadiens
Au fur et à mesure que progresse ma campagne, mon objectif est de           vous proposer un site entièrement bilingue. Entre-temps, vous y           trouverez une série de vidéos, de plateformes et de blogues           importants qui élaborent ma vision de Un Canada pour tous les           Canadiens.
[Cliquez pour en savoir           plus]

Deborah           in the National Post: China’s place in the oilpatch is too           complicated for simple answers
In this op/ed column published in the National Post, Deborah warns           against the search for simple answers on the Nexen acquisition, and           calls for a transparent framework to examine foreign takeovers in the           resource sector that puts Canada’s interests first.
[Deborah in the National           Post]

Deborah in the news

Deborah’s One Canada tour has received extensive media           coverage, including national television interviews on CTV’s Canada AM           and Question Period and interviews with newspapers across the           country, from Fort McMurray Today to the Brantford Expositor.

[Deborah in the press]


We must stand against omnibus changes to indigenous           rights

Canadians should take notice of the movement that has           emerged from indigenous communities over the past few weeks.
[Click here for more]

Nous           devons exprimer notre opposition aux changements proposés dans le           projet de loi omnibus en ce qui a trait aux droits des Autochtones
Les Canadiens doivent prendre conscience du mouvement ayant émergé           des collectivités autochtones au cours des dernières semaines.
[Cliquez pour en savoir           plus]

Meeting           Dr. Ewan Affleck, and working for health care comparability
I was fortunate during my trip to Yellowknife last month to have the           opportunity to meet with a real leader in the Canadian medical           community who is working to improve the health care system for all           Canadians.
[Click here for more]

Une           rencontre avec le Dr Ewan Affleck, et l’importance de soins de santé           comparables à l’échelle du pays
Lors de mon voyage du mois dernier à Yellowknife, j’ai eu la chance           de rencontrer un véritable leader de la communauté médicale           canadienne, qui ouvre pour l’amélioration du système de soins de           santé pour tous les Canadiens.
[Cliquez pour en savoir           plus]


Deborah           launches Roadmap to One Canada in Toronto

On December 8th,           Deborah presented her Roadmap to One Canada for All Canadians in           Toronto, and shared her vision for our nation and for our Liberal Party.
[Learn more about the Roadmap to One Canada for           All CanadiansUn Canada pour tous les           Canadiens : une feuille de route]
[View our campaign           brochure in English and French]
Alberta,           Saskatchewan and the Northwest Territories
In November, Deborah’s One Canada tour saw her fly to Yellowknife,           and drive for two weeks through Alberta and Saskatchewan. She           appeared on Edmonton’s Breakfast Television and CTV Saskatchewan’s           morning show, canvassed for Liberal by-election candidate Harvey           Locke in Calgary-Centre, and met with Liberals from Regina to           Canmore.
[Tweeting through Alberta,           Saskatchewan and the Northwest Territories]

BC and The           Yukon
In October, Deborah’s One Canada tour took her on a three-week           driving tour of British Columbia and the Yukon. She dodged buffalo on           the Alaska Highway, visited where the Northern Gateway Pipeline would           terminate in Kitimat, and canvassed with Paul Summerville, the           Liberal candidate in the Victoria by-election.
[BC & Yukon photos           and news]

Coyne FAQ

One question I’m frequently asked is my position on the           decriminalization or legalization of marijuana. I support the           legalization and regulation of marijuana in Canada. The recent ballot           propositions in Colorado and Washington simply confirm where public           sentiment is going, and shows that governments on both sides of the           border need to catch up with their citizens on this one. Legalizing           and regulating marijuana will reduce the burden on our criminal           justice system and decriminalize what is usually a recreational           activity.
[Read more about my policy           vision]

I need your help

If I’m going to make this a real, competitive race, I need your help           today. We need to create a fundamentally different Liberal Party. We           need to rebuild that grassroots coalition and re-earn the trust of           Canadians tired of the superficiality of modern politics, and the           focus on personalities over substance. Every donation helps, and your           support could make the difference. Please just take a moment to click           on the link to help us all rebuild the Liberal Party, and One Canada.
[Click here to make a           donation]

Authorized by the       Financial Agent.




English: Alison Redford

Image via Wikipedia

The CBC has done a poll of Albertans to rank the Leaders: Redford; Smith; Mason and Sherman (Poll Here). The results are a bit surprising:

Redford holds 60% ad rising confidence in her leadership. Sherman & Mason in the Mid to high 30’s and Smith in the 40’s. Yet as we noted yesterday confidence in the leader is not translating into confidence in the party as a whole as the only parties rising in the polls are the NDP (Mason) and the PC’s (Redford) while the Wildrose have stagnated for quite awhile and the Liberals are in a free fall.

So what does this reveal about the Alberta Voter heading into our first set election quarter?

Simple, leadership matters but it is also leaning more towards what the parties actually stand for, how this affects us on a day to day existence; and the character of the local candidates.

Could this be the end of the parachute/name on ballot blight that has corrupted first-past the post politics in our province? Will we actually get a strong 3 party system of choices with a strong opposition accountability to the governing party? Will Alberta finally achieve the Constitutional Promise of Peace, Order and Good Governance?

These questions will all be answered within the next four months…we are in a time of change within what was once a staunchly Conservative province that placed money ahead of people. Have we changed?


Dear friends,

I wanted to let you know about a half-hour TV special airing tomorrow Sunday, April 24, on Global TV and City TV (see below for local showtimes).

Michael Ignatieff‘s Town Hall for Canada” features an up-close-and-personal look at Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff and the Liberal Party’s plan to strengthen families and defend Canada’s health care system.

This is your chance to take a closer look at the Liberal Party and hear directly from Michael Ignatieff before May 2. Please visit to see a preview and then take a moment to share this email with family and friends.

Thank you.

[A Robin Hood’s Musing]

WHEN TO WATCH (all times are local)

    • Ontario on Global at 12:00 PM (except Thunder Bay) and CITY TV at 2 PM (covers Toronto, Ottawa, London, Wingham, Kitchener, Kingston and Barrie)
    • Montreal, Saskatoon and Regina on Global at 12:00 PM
    • Maritimes (covers Moncton, Halifax, Sydney and Charlottetown) on Global at 1:00 PM
    • Calgary (covers Lethbridge and Medicine Hat) and Edmonton (covers Red Deer and Lloydminster) and Winnipeg on Global, 12:00 Noon and CITY TV at 2:00 PM
    • Vancouver on CITY TV at 2:00 PM and on Global at 3:00 PM
    • British Columbia (covers Vancouver, Victoria, Prince George, Dawson Creek, Kelowna and Kamloops) on Global at 3:00 PM

This May 2, 2011 what is basically needed is for each and every Canadian 18 years of age and over to enter their local polling station and vote for the best local candidate.  To vote for a Canada, that echoes of Peace, Order, and Good Governance.

I have lived in Calgary Northeast my entire life, in 2006 I ran, and was unsuccessful, in defeating then incumbent Art Hangar (Reform, Alliance, Conservative).  This community has its struggles of culture, economics, addictions, and erosion of community just like any other community.

Entering the 2011 election the quesiton arises on whom would be best in understanding the need for unity in diversity, in building community, through community being proactive in ending youth crime.  At this juncture, I personally believe it is not Devinder Shorry, or Collette Singh (whom at this moment I can only see as running a name on ballot campaign, as I cannot find anything out about her).  The best choice is Cam Stewart, Liberal Party of Canada, for the people of Calgary Northeast.

May 2, please vote…….vote your beliefs…vote for your community.

The Liberal Party of Canada announces plans to help families, under this plan are two key points:

1) A new six month Family Care Employment Insurance Benefit, similair to EI parental leave benefit, s that more Canadians can care for gravely ill family members at home without having to quit their jobs.

2) A new Family Care Tax Benefit, modeled on the Child Tax Benefit to help low-and middle income family caregivers who provide essential care to a family member at home.

For those of us in the sandwich generation, I hope a Liberal Government does come to fruition, and both these programs come to bear alongside full Public Day Care.