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Seeing is believing, but feeling is the truth.

-Thomas Fuller

In the journey of spiritual home finding, it was looking like the UCM-Alberta group had floundered–yet–it had not. It is a group of metaphysical-spiritualists on a journey of discovery. Quite unique when you think about it as the wife and I stumbled upon them as they had lost their worship time, and were existing as a spiritual book study at the end of summer 2016.

The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus Christ  is the text we are exploring, a universalist take on the life and teachings of Jesus of Nazareth. Now there are articles and spiritual practices on this blog taken from this work and inspired by the study. Yet, this quote came out during our bi-weekly discussion this past Wednesday night, around our kitchen table that for many years hosted our Rainbow Chapel, and now as the Christ light was lit, hosted UCM.

Anyways I digress, it happens for us writer types. It is a famous quote that opened this post. A quote that we usually only hold to the first part of, as it rings of St. Thomas, the one known as the doubter, who would not accept the resurrection without probing the holes on the body of the risen Jesus. Yet there is a pause, for the 1 that asked for proof, there was 13 whose emotions drove their belief. For it is in the feeling of the 13 that another truth is known. It is that truth that speaks to the Cosmic Christ that resonates within each one of us.

The Holy spark that connects each of us together with all of creation and creator. Not an old man in the sky, but rather a permeating universal energy that binds everything. That’s manifestation is L-O-V-E.

A love light filled their souls, and all the people were amazed.

-Aquarian Gospel 83:26

And what does all this same old, same old matter?  As those who are regular readers will note similar themes of living out of love, channeling that which is pure to make our world a better place.

Some may say it is the reinventing of Christianity, for some it is a new form of spirituality, yet for some it may be getting back to a pre-Constantine or an authentic Gospel life.

Yet it is intriguing this conversation happened after the last 4 weeks of release.

See, four weeks ago…something happened for my family in our journey of finding a spiritual home. We wound up in a local United Church Congregation. There has been emotional struggles over the weeks I will not lie, especially the Sunday we were asked to pray for the church that I forced a choice between vocation and my son.

Yet there is much that reflects from Wednesday’s discussion in subtle ways. A Sunday School that affirms those whom are differently abled and my son for the first time in many years feeling safe and welcomed fully enough to participate. Also not only participate, but to shoo parents away and not want us there. Yes it was only one week, but it was a week that spoke of his own heart change.

So the contemplation continues, for there needs to be more release of old pain. Allowing scars to fade some more. Yet seeing a place where my kids are welcomed for the time, is relaxing. As written before it is one of 2 places so far, and if we are to include our book study that is 3.

So what does love light filled souls look like?

It looks like the women at the empty tomb.

The disciples who left the upper room no longer afraid.

It was the moment when Jesus sat by the Samaritan Woman at the well.

The moment the Good Samaritan aided the man beaten by robbers.

When a member of our book group said she enjoys moving between houses to see our children.

Or a Sunday School teacher coming up on a Sunday Morning when I was still ill at ease by re-entering a denomination I had much history with (and not always the most healthy)…to speak directly to my son if he wanted to come to Wonder Kids.

Sometimes the love light that shines through, is in the simplest words or actions of life.

So how are you going to let your soul’s love light shine this week?


This is the first of a series of reflections coming from a book study that we are involved in with the Universal Church of the Master Alberta. It is an exploration of the 1908 metaphysical text The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ


  1. That naught can make them one but Love; that God so loved the world that he has clothed his son in flesh that man may comprehend.
    21.The only Saviour of the world is love, and Jesus, son of Mary, comes to manifest that love to men.

                                                -Aquarian Gospel 7:20-21

There is a golden cord that resonates throughout this Gospel, that ties through the sacred texts of eternity, and for long time readers of this site will recognize the word as a basis for my faith: L-O-V-E.

Please ignore the term “men” or “man” it is not about only one gender being saved or mattering, it is the terminology of 1908, and we cannot let that hold us up for these terms were used universally for all humanity (and this is a universal teaching).

It is true in each cycle of life on this planet there is a prophet/apostle/teacher that emerges to lead the way back to the one true source of life, that being love. Think of the ancient mystics, the shamans, the medicine people, clerics, heroes of lore, and current spiritual masters… which ones can you name and why?

Mother Teresa. Clare & Francis of Assisi. Dalai Lama. Martin Luther King Jr. Louis Riel. Desmond Tutu. To name but a few.

This was laying out that within this cycle of teachers came Jesus and his Mum. I say Mary, as mentioned in earlier e-books and talks, Mary since her ascension, has had many appearances that shatter ideological and divisive ways of the name Jesus, to point people back to the true source of Love. This cumulative work that shows a take on the life of Jesus—a story, allegory, metaphor, that ties everything together in love points us to what the Gospels were saying in the New Testament and Gnostics, not to mention other texts. Strip away the cultural laws, to the core message and that is the core message that works, not necessarily the literal black and white words on the page.

So with this golden cord, what are you choosing today?

What is love lived in you going to look like?