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Yup, for the past well over a year I had placed the adjective “used to” or “retired” in front of writer. Why? I simply needed to distance myself and rest, to rediscover the glimmer of joy as writing when done at a publishing level can sometimes sap a lot out of an individual (I find especially in smaller markets where money is not enough to live on) and when I let the project not the market shape my work.

Yet, I am slowly moving back into writing and speaking on my own terms, a little as my home church, Centennial Presbyterian, has invited me to take 2 services this summer, but also in part to the Calgary Public Library where I have been on a retro reading kick rediscovering the comics that shaped my fiction writing in my teens.

Currently rediscovering James Robinson and Tony Harris’ Starman run. The story of Jack Knight really aided me in reshaping the super hero universe I had been spinning stories out of for my friends since late elementary school, and became known as “The Verse” in High School where friends would eagerly await each new chapter (and even say a short story banned from publishing as a winner of a short story contest for the CBE due to LGBTQ content–a bi-sexual monk of all things).

Yes, the stories that saw characters that stayed with me well through college years and were a great stress release.  Some rejuvenated and in e-books shared on this sites, others lost to the mists of time. Ah technologies dying and losing saved files, hard copies vanishing there’s only so much one can save when they could write the equivalent of a book a month when one had free time when work was not 40 hours a week, when a term paper could easily be distracted from by pounding out another epic chapter…before the layers of life… for non-fiction writing when A&W still had an excellent and cheap breakfast before the advent of microwave bacon and the doubling of price…when there was space for quietness and reflection.

But life story morphs and as one reflects on building the writer’s space renewed in one’s home, family crisis leads to the space evaporating to aid an individual.

Now though, as I continue down the retro train, and rediscover old interests I ponder a renewal of the work.  Maybe not “The Verse” (for the longtime fan out there know it eventually got dubbed “The TyVerse”; ah the era’s of Johnny Power; Bionic Knight; Street Avenger and Hacker such wonderful times that the stories were told, and as any good story not to be revisited but for a few).

Where will this renewal lead, I do not know, but it is time to first work on discovering/crafting the space to create, to research, to spread out and be…

Thank you my loving wife for supporting the renewal of interest.


merry christmas '07

merry christmas ’07 (Photo credit: L0tUs2480)

From our family at Musings & Rainbow Chapel to yours this holiday season:

Merry Christmas !!!!!

Editor of…

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I am not only a freelance writer, I have worked on several projects on-line and in print as the editor:

On the Campaign Trail (my 2005-2006 Campaign Blog)

Musings of an Ol’ Broken Down Robin Hood (2003-2005)

The Calgary Democrat (2004-2006)

Franciscan Times (2005)

St. Mary‘s Fraternity SFO (Fall 2006)

Alberta Liberal Party Campaign Literature (2004)

The Hard Copy (A Youth Newsletter) (2005-07)

A Robin Hood’s Musings (Currently)

Also Taught my Urban Pilgrimage/Pilgrimage to the Heart of the Sacred at University of Calgary Continuing Education (2008) and Spiritual Directions (2007)

Robin Hood: The Legend of Sherwood

Robin Hood: The Legend of Sherwood (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Robin Shoots with Sir Guy

Robin Shoots with Sir Guy (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It is interesting as I read yet another novel of Robin Hood, this one by Angus Donald titled, Holy Warrior, I am once again reminded of what Christendom used to be like. And the question is whether or not we have changed much.

How does this arise? Well, this novel is being told from the perspective of Alan A. Dale. Robin Hood is a sceptic of the faith, distrustful of the institution that is used to oppress the people he has fought so hard to free. This novel is set post- Sherwood, once restored when Robin is living happily ever after with Marie-Anne and he is called back to be a Crusader, but without money needs to raise funds (imagine paying for the privilige to go and die in some godforsaken world).

One scene is when Robin and Alan go to the “Jews” who have control of the money. The corrupt lord of the town has spread lies that two missing lads (that he did away with) were kidnapped by them and are now leading a warring party to annihilate.

A scape goat if you will.

Why does this come up?

Simple. It comes up because when we lean on why people leave church we have to ask ourselves have we ever been like this? Austracized the skeptic. Make it feel like you must have to pay to be a member of Christendom.  Or simply put when situations arise who are those in the church that bear the brunt of the conflicts, are they the ones that actually cause the conflict, or are they the ones that because they are different or new or not part of the in crowd become the target to deflect the conflict and controversy to preserve the norm in the “sacred” community and if those who are different leave its no major loss.

So yes, we may be less bloody as a “churh family” since the Crusades but we are still practicing the same things: conversion by coercion, paying for privilige, scape goating, and ostracization.

So does your church play sacred roulette? Are we still living a Crusader mindset of conquer or eliminate?

What do you think?


Yip, here I sit in the living room still decorated for Christmas. The beauty part of my partner, Shawna, is that she has a Russian background so these wonderful decorations stay up until after Ukranian Christmas. But now it is two days beyond that and I still haven’t got the gumptiont o take them down. Why?

They do tend to brighten up the living room a might, yet it would be weird (and we all know there are many reasons that people have to sense my weirdom) to leave the decorations up year round. So here I sit, writing and procrastinating, rather than dismantling…perhaps next time you visit I will have mused about something more substantive for our world than the diminishment of Christmas decore.


Two latest works by Ty Ragan.  Clicking on the covers will take you to the order page.

Pilgrimage to the Heart is a journey of self-discovery for our true callings in life and how to realize them.

The Bard’s Spirit looks at the synergy between the Life of Jesus and the writings of Shakespeare in building a new world.

Both books are great for individual discovery or group work! And the author is available for speaking/teaching engagements.


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The Bard‘s Spirit is an exploration of the Social Gospel, sometimes called Liberation Theology or Theology of the Margin‘s through the work of Shakespeare.


A fun social justice pulp adventure in the tradition of Doc Savage and the Shadow, with a Tyverse twist!

street priezt

A Modern retelling of the Robin Hood Mythos.