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Tonight I was blessed to be asked to be a substitute facilitator for a book group exploring Valarie Kaur’s No Stranger, here are the notes. As well, my opening Land Acknowledgement, I have also attached a poster from Centennial College on things to consider in regards to Land Acknowledgements.

This week as we enter the love ourselves portion of the compass; it is about taking time to breathe. Which can be a triggering statement for many, yet at its core, is about centering in the holy presence within, through and without the interconnection of creation. The chapter, for those engaging, will see the personal and communal crisis that intersect, and how all these pieces interplay within our own holistic (mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health), as well, for the helper/advocate how easy it is to disengage from our own care to continue the struggle for a better world to our own detriment. 

Before this Thursday, take time to breathe. Engage in this body scan, to slow down, and reconnect the pieces of us we tend to keep separate: 

Mindfulness – Body Scan – Anxiety Canada 

As well, please note the attachment from Centennial College, some things to consider in regards to Land Acknowledgements, so it is not simply a passive exercise or words but can grow into more a point of engagement, reflection and reconciliation.

Now onto the questions: 

For Breathe from No Stranger: 

1.       When someone says to you, breathe, what do you feel? 

2.       When have we had an intersection of personal and communal crisis as Kaur was sharing? What were our perceived responsibilities (i.e., work, church, volunteer activities, etc.) that we continued to push through? What happened? What did you learn in the process? 

3.       It is easy for us to wonder into the USA context Kaur writes from, but what are communal crisis or changes in Calgary or Alberta that we need to practice breathe? Remember that change happens in life, what is usually forgotten in the process of change is that it brings grieving with it, it can be instantaneous such as our favourite brand of coffee is out of stock at the grocery store, or longer term with health, career changes, or loss of loved ones. But being present, through breathing can aid (for more on being present you may want to explore U Theory). 


A Psalm for my son

Posted: June 26, 2022 by Ty in Spirituality
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They said you shouldn’t live

You stepped into and through the Holy


was the response, as the numbers went up

They said, you’d never understand

They used your friends and you as an excuse why other kids could not be funded

you felt the anger and hate of friends parents

Supports roll back

We are told we decided to have “it” be happy with what you get

that you will fall between the cracks

there is no academic and therapeutic

We challenge the system,

they respond to fill the crack.

You thrive again,

Dacning, giggling, singing,

Loving on your elders

Curiousity of the world you live into.

Experiencing the Holy wherever you turn

if only all

would see the image you are created in.

Many tell how they know you

how you loved

how you were pastor

The only way, they knew

God’s love

was through your laugh

your hug

your joy

sharing your burger

Another adventure to help

to cheer to be in a parade

to help friends you have yet to meet

When your buddies

went to be at God’s Tea Party

they said you did not understand

you could not feel

it did not matter

you could not grieve

As you sobbed into me,

banged your fist in anger

cried into the void of the Holy

Why my buddies

Told me, I wasn’t your buddy

you didn’t want me to die

The experts did not want to listen

as white envelopes


then it stopped

diagnosis added

yet the dark time was yet to come

each year

when you mourned the losses

you simply want to go

Please wait to be with them,

the seizures roll

do you come back

slowly to who you are today

but where do you emerge in your timestream?

Can you hear us? As we softly encourage you home with us?

we want you here with us

one more adventure

Now they see

they witnessed,

they felt what you feel

and how SUDEP can roll… and they acted

but you cried

was it in joy?


Or simple release…

will this be a time of a turning corner

Sacred breathe caught in the throat…

will your eyes close tonight for sleep….

For tomorrow will be a new adventure?