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Polls are closing.

Vote counts rolling in.

Commentators in shock as the incumbent for mayor is still leading in the count over Susan Kobwash-Saturn. Despite the day starting with him being arrested and taken to jail.

“Are the people of this city this apathetic? An actual man arrested on election day is so far leading in the counts.” The reporter was of the old school variety on the television. Pragmatic not ideologue. Been through many election cycles, and seen many an upset, but has also managed to survive conglomeration and transformation into infotainment from information and critical thinking.

Susan stands on the front step.

“Starlight, star bright, first star I see tonight.” William McKay thought she was nuts not having an election night party, but she pulled the plug.
With the Siege, the arrests, the vanishing of the beacon of hope.

Her press conference announcing to get the vote out, but then to go home, hug your loved ones, and live into hope.

The old nursery rhyme tumbled from her lips as she looked up. The twins asleep. “I wish I may I wish I might.”

“Where ever you are Rick, know I love you and the porch light is on always.” She pulls the oversized hoody of her husband’s around her more as she watches the stars of the sky.

She twitches the corner of her eyes for she swears she sees the darkness ripple

In the pocket universe.

The darkness has wrapped itself around the form of the Bionic Knight. Rick feels it seeping through the seams of the armour, and clawing through to his orifices.

Mordred the living darkness cackles. The light of hope that his father wielded at Camelot finally being snuffed out. The great return prophesied for some many centuries by the Welsh crumbling.

Much of what history stated as they had abandoned the body of the field of valour.

Rick feels his left hand begin to tremble.

His eyes rapidly flutter.

The solid darkness filling his ears,

His nostrils,

His mouth.

He can taste the decay of death.

A faint voice breaking through.

Barely audible.

Something about a porchlight.

The voice.

Feels like it should be familiar.

But the darkness stripping away.

Why await. Why struggle. Simply give in and let it win.

A glimmer of light…like on a front porch.

“As more polls report in there has been a change in the wind. We were expecting 4/14 ward councillors to be new because incumbents were not running, but it is looking like what social media has hash-tagged Vote Hope has caused a massive shift in which we are seeing incumbents falling behind in all but the mayoralty race.”

                The reporter just shook his head. Trying to hide his astonishment that a mayor actually arrested on the morning news could still be leading in votes.

Susan watched the rippling darkness. The voice of the newscaster had become white noise, it was not looking hopeful for her chance to become mayor. Although maybe this is what Rick had been talking about as the PTSD set in.  That the heart may have hope, but the brain trips out and brings in hopelessness.

Which can the soul cling to?

“Follow the light my Knight.” That’s what she said.

The light.

Eyes flickering slowing.

Tremor in left hand slowing.

Gag reflex as the blackness goes down.

The words begin to ring in his head…waiting on a woman

Front porch light

His kids dressed like Superman…the song rings anew from when Christopher Reeve broke, by Hal Ketchum. Hang in there Superman


Rick closes his eyes. He sees Pen move into his heart.

The energy surges.

The darkness ripples

As the light rips through.

Susan watches the sky as light bursts out of the dark.

The old grizzled newscaster’s voice reaches her ears. “Quite a shock, with the final votes counted… The city voted for hope.”

The voice is raspy behind her with the scabbed hand touching her shoulder. “I love you.”

She turns

Blue energy sparks

As their lips touch.

Lightning rod.

The Adventure Begins Anew…





Suggested listening while reading Brad Paisley’s Love and War

The siege.

Blue energy.

A city about to awaken to a vote.

One that literally had a yin-yang decision to make. Could apathy overcome and overthrown the corrupt incumbent?

Could his lightning rod pull off the upset?

Gone from the fray into the unknown where the heart of the PenDragon took him and the heart of evil.

A pocket dimensions.

But a new trap for himself.

A flood of memories.

Where victories should be what he holds on to.

But within the heart of evil he comes to realize… it is not K or Mystery. It is something more sinister. The darkness that Morgan le Fey used to destroy Camelot.


The bastard son.

That is the heart of evil.

The pope of the Church of the Killer Face.

The heart of darkness pocket dimension that the PenDragon heir was now trapped in. Slowly humming the last time for everything

Trapped in the darkness.

Reliving each defeat.

Each life left unsaved.

Each one that died in his arms.

The family he watched executed from his hiding spot under the picnic table as a child.

As a reporter, a pastor a super hero…the lives lost. The battles that were launched, yet undone by those he thought was allies.

Those wounds were the deepest, those that were supposed to be allies, that he trusted yet when the time came to live into and destroy the shadows with the light, the other lights went out.

His hand tremors. His eyes move rapidly as his lids are closed. His body jerks. His head weaves. He cannot focus.

Memories flashback into reality. Conscience clicks out. Brain reboots.  The healing work done…does not always reboot.

The Mind Palace’s foundations are cracked in some spots, rotting in others.

As the pain moves from mental to physical to emotional.

Tears should heal, but not when they come on each time with nothing left to dam up the emotions. The old scar tissues that were fading are freshly gouged and bleeding.

The Heart of Evil cackles. The PenDragon is breaking.

The bastard son is on way to victory.

Rick rolls into a fetal position in the darkness whimpering and trying to roar.

But the crush of emotions is devastating.

The goal was to make his corner of the world a little bit better.

Unfortunately, those who march in the light tend to eat their own.

Battles for equality, death threats, assaults, deaths.  Suicides unable to stop. Friends lost.


Can’t even get a province to move completely from its eugenics past in seeing children with complex learning needs as fully deserving of getting to school on time, and having a full day of school that meets all their needs including educational. His twins.

His wife.

“Die father.” The Heart speaks.

The blackness crushes more.


That is the known losses that he has celebrated lives of personally.

His eyes see back into the siege.

The collapse.

Amid despair.

One word rises in his heart.

A tiny dragon crawls around his neck.

The word swells a bit more.

The word is still there.

His ears here the voice of his true soul.

Words more true never spoken.

“For hope.”

That word rings in his heart.


Mordred, the heart of evil laughs as his darkness overruns the heir of the PenDragon.

“Live the loss Rick Saturn.”

To Be Continued…

Susan Saturn nee Kobwash sat in silence in her living room watching the reformed Great Crime Fighters announce their return. Watching as Killer Face and K are loaded into a Calgary Police Services Van destined for the Remand Centre as they await trial. Watching as no one will say what happened to her husband.

Outside of her wedding and the birth of her children, the second happiest day of her life was at 16 years old shortly after the Bionic Knight premiered; Rick came to her and shared his secret.  The happiest was when he announced to her it was time to put the ring aside, although he constantly wore it as a reminder of who he once was.

For twenty years she lived in fear that each time she kissed him, said good bye, good night, good morning or I love you, it could be their last time. She had been lulled into a sense of security, this morning a ridiculous and fun argument as he had taken the last of the coffee without making more.

Now, all that remained was a gauntlet.

The Void: Much less poetic than its original name when it existed in the world of human history… Camelot. Now it is usually only accessible when the Lady of the Lake opens up the rift between existence, and Merlin welcomes you in.

The last time it was so readily accepting of visitors was when Rick Saturn turned 16 years old, and found himself in the landfill in Calgary (don’t ask, long story, and really does it matter?) and stumbled upon a ring that released the power of Arthur reincarnated through his life force. That was until today.

Merlin stepped into the empty Round Table room and awaited his visitors.

The ceiling opened and eight forms fall into chairs. The immortal wizard, who ages backwards and currently is experiencing his twenties again looks at the new arrivals. “Now how did you all fuck this one up?”

Rick scratched the stubble around his face as he peered through brown eyes at the golden, yet singed armour that is the Bionic Knight, and the boy King, Arthur, both existing outside of him. Filling five more seats are Gerklyn, Mordred, Morgan Le Faye, the silver and cracked armour of the Ionic Knight, and his twin, James.

“Long times no see Merlin, how’s interdimensional hermitism treating you?” Rick said.

Merlin looked at his protégé. “I prefer company of sanity, which is why I prefer my own company. Now what caused this?”

The centre of the Round Table opens; a shimmering white woman with very little clothing emerges out of the enchanted wood and floats in the air looking at Merlin. Her eyes move to James and Rick then back to Merlin.

It is Merlin that breaks the silence. “You’re right my dear, I should tell them.”

This time it is James that speaks. “Damn straight, for 20 years I lived with voices in my mind and then my brother almost kills me. What is going on?”

Morgan chuckles and flicks her long black locks back. “Yes Merlin, tell the lads the total game. Why at this point are we here.”

Gerklyn with his long white beard and long white hair, flowing robes of gray simply chuckled. Mordred was young as well, and lived with a permanent scowl. But then how could a young adult live knowing that your parents were brother and sister, and your mother had enchanted your father to rape him to produce him so that you could dispel him on the battlefield and end paradise.

Merlin laughed. “It is quite simple my dear twins, you were not meant to be twins. It was his fault.” The shimmering lady spins and white light launches from her fingers evaporating Gerklyn. “Gerklyn enchanted your mother at pregnancy and you came out as twins, two sides of the same coin, both incomplete which allowed for enchantment on your 16th birthdays. The year Arthur pulled Excalibur from the stone, and the year Mordred would slay Arthur.”

James looks to his armour and realizes that Chivalry his blade was left back on Earth. The cold chill moved from the top of his neck to the base of his spine. This was not an end game that was going to end well.

“I attempted to knit your souls and bodies back into one on the day of death,” the day that their family was massacred and both boys were taken to live with separate families, “but then she got in the way.” The shimmering lady twirled and from her eyes red rays vaporized Morgan La Faye.

“You are probably wondering why it is so easy to dispatch my enemies here, but you see within Camelot, this existence is mine and those I choose not to exist, simply cease.” Merlin states succinctly.

A flash of steel as Mordred leaps towards Merlin. “Die Warlock!” A young arm draws a sword, and there is another flash of steel blocks the blade inches from Merlin’s face, leaving the proclaimed Warlock to smirk at his good fortune.

Merlin looks at the two duellers. “Truly children this getting tiresome, you both need some Dr. Phil, but all I can do is offer peace and quiet in the respite of Tartarus.” Merlin mumbles some backwards words and both Arthur and Mordred shimmer into wood and retreat back into the mouldings of the table.

The centre of the Round Table opens and the shimmering lady in white vanishes. The table closes and Merlin faces both Rick and James. “Now, there is two, well actually four, but really the armour’s are simply empty husks.”

Rick pinches the bridge of his nose as he faces the young sorcerer that had gifted him his powers. “Okay so if you could clear up our soul confusion so easily why did we have to carry/gain all this baggage during our careers?”

“Simple Richard, I enjoy soap operas.” Merlin said.

James fist connects with the sorcerer’s jaw and sends him reeling back into a wall. Merlin chuckles “Ah James shall I end you now.”

Rick snatches the sword Excalibur from the sheath of his armour and directs it to the wizard’s heart. “Step back from my brother.”

“Haven’t you two been listening, you are not supposed to exist. You came to Camelot because of the breaking point your battle brought you too, when your fist shattered his helmet and you drew Excalibur in anger and thought of separating his head from his shoulders, well Rick, you channeled that piece of you that was missing.”

“So you are saying I am the brother that was a figment of Gerklyn’s mind?” James said.

“Really James,” Merlin wipes some blood from his lips, “I cannot say which of you was the figment, because neither of you should have existed. My dear brother, Gerkie had his own issues to overcome, and well; when it came to powers really you got the bastard kid from enchanted incest.”

Rick felt metal grip around his throat. James felt the same sensation. Merlin laughed. “Have you both forgotten that the armour was created by me, and as such in this realm I control it?”

Rick rolled his ring on his finger his eyes flashed to his brother’s ring as they both were feeling the air be choked out of them. James slipped his ring off and tossed it into Rick’s outstretched hand. The Ionic Ring and Bionic Ring connect as Rick whirls Excalibur around connecting with his armour.

Merlin’s eyes grow wide.

James lets out a guffaw as a bolt of lightning shoots through his crumbling armour. Oxygen rushes back into his lungs as Rick in the electrical energy swings Excalibur back towards the Round Table.

“No you’ll destroy us all!”

“Do it bro!” James yells.

The centre of the table opens and the white shimmering female form begins emerging as Excalibur slices through where her heart would be.

The Camelot earns its new name The Void as all goes black.

Susan feels a cold chill grow from the small of her back and moves up to the top of her neck.

Then a sensation of warmth that she cannot shake, that there is a reason for her to be in her backyard, as she moves through the living room to the kitchen and the back door. Susan steps out onto her deck and down the stairs onto the gravel by the fire pit, looking into the car park as the night descends upon the city of Calgary and her heart that feels empty, now has a sense of bewilderment.

A small spot of light appears in the dirt. The small spot of light grows bigger until Susan sees a form standing before her. Armoured in gold with sword in hand, the sword slides into the sheath. Then she hears two words which bring joy to her heart.

“Bionics off.”

Susan looks at the man before her. Scraggly greying beard, brown eyes, bald head, a few more wrinkles than the first time they met. And she knows it is a cliché from a 1990’s comic book, but she is in his arms faster than a speeding bullet.

He kisses her.

“You made it.”

“Susie, you’re my anchor and I will always come home to you.”

The Beginning