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Posted: May 9, 2020 by Ty in Spirituality
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On the eve of Mother’s Day



for the wonderful Mum that taught me kindness, shared love, opened here family to all

A woman that many would come to see as Mum,

a blessing in our world,

and my life

and the life of my kids

whose spirit lives on in their own lives and acts of kindness

Happy Mother’s/Mum’s/Nana’s Day! May the tea party in paradise be sweeter, and the treats shareable, Mum. Not a day goes by we don’t talk, and I think of you, and see your wisdom, wonder, love and kindness in the eyes and hearts of my beautiful children, those that you shared so many laughs, and adventures with and shaped their understanding of faith beyond you will ever know, in the to short earthly time you were able to journey with us all, may the man I am today make you proud for all the heart, tears, laughs and prayers you invested in my walk

and to celebrate my Nan, my Mum’s Mum at this time as well:

Celebrating those my kids knew for a spark on their journey that aided in shaping them this Mother’s Day Weekend, like my Mum, many knew my Nan, as either Mrs. May, Nan or Granny to them and knew the love shared, laughs, and joy. For my kids I will always remember her in church with Leland helping him form the sounds to go with “Jesus Loves me” and Justina and her always taking some time together to get “done up” before tea time that we would have in the common areas of her apartment and lodges, inviting others to join as she shared how wonderful it was that her grandkids and great grandkids came for a day of fun, and the fun has never stopped with the joy shared, I still remember the day in Kindergarten when you went to the tea party in paradise Nan, and Justy came home to tell us it was all good, Granny flew down to the play ground in her airplane for tea and play time like we always do.

Celebrate tomorrow, and let your kids listen to the words of our Prime Minister

May during this C-Tine, you find your safe Mum to love and to love you, just the way you are.

mum & Nan


Sunday, May 13, 2012
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Religious Institute
Dear Tyler,

Please consider using your congregational gatherings near Mother’s Day (May 13) to make a powerful statement on behalf of women and girls everywhere with the Rachel Sabbath Initiative. Participation is as simple as reading the prayer provided at the right during your time of worship. (Other prayers are available here.) Voicing concerns for mothers worldwide during a time of prayer, lighting a candle on behalf of women everywhere; all of these raise up the  needs of women this Mother’s Day as part of a Rachel Sabbath.

No woman should die giving birth to the next generation. Yet more than 350,000 women and girls die every year as a result of preventable complications of pregnancy and childbirth, most of them in developing countries. Improving maternal health and universal access to family planning could prevent up to one third of these deaths.

We need you to speak up for the world’s women and children. Our faith traditions call us to justice and to caring for the most vulnerable among us. Women in the developing world should have the same access to lifesaving family planning information, services and supplies as those in the developed world.

ONE LAST THING: Click here and tell us how your congregation will lift up the needs of women this Mother’s Day. The more people tell us they are participating, the better we can demonstrate strong religious support for the needs of women everywhere.

Prayers and Petitions

We give thanks for the sacredness of humanity. We pray this day for peace, justice, and equality for women throughout the world.

We pray that the sacred potential of the world and its women will be fulfilled, and we pledge to participate in that creative work.

Click here for the rest of the prayers and petitions along with other worship resources.

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