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800 years ago, give or take a few years St. Francis of Assisi, the Patron of my Spiritual Charism, cast a new order to go beyond Order of Friars Minor (think Robin Hood’s Friar Tuck) and the Poor Clares (think Nun’s with Feminism dashed in, kind of like Sister Act with Whoopi Goldberg if you will)…

Yet. Much better than a but, Y-E-T- as Francis’ mendicants (insult meaning beggar) travelled spreading the gospel message of poverty, charity, love, and justice for all the interconnected of creation many who were married wanted to forsake their vows and join the celibate orders and…

Yup plus an A-N-D- there was some friars and sisters that well, let’s be honest humanity like every species on the planet is designed for procreation. Francis was an astute spiritual guide in that he realized this and blessed those that are called to be together, to make babies, to populate the world for that is the original commission within the Hebrew Scriptures go forth and out of the indwelling love of Spirit populate the world in love.

This is what birthed the Third, Lay or Secular Order. It was a work by one of these Franciscan’s 19 years into my journey of trying to remember paradise, discover the Spirit within, that working in a bookstore I stumbled upon John Michael Talbot’s (1998) The Life Lessons of St. Francis: How to bring Simplicity and Spirituality into your Daily Life. For someone who had journeyed through many Eastern, Celtic, Pagan, Western and Alien spiritual paths finding myself back in the Christian Church as a Sunday School teacher, this little volume showed me how my beliefs around love and inclusion worked together with belief and living out of God’s love, from the divine spark, the star dust that we are created from.

So dear reader, you are probably wondering what this 800 year history lesson has to do with anything? Especially the book you have picked up to read on different centering values to create a fuller you?

Simple, it is part of the formation of the writer of this book, it has influenced my understanding and shaped any bias within the stories to be found within. Also, when in the mid-2000’s I took the Munay-Ki Shamanic Rites, I was blessed to be labelled a Wisdom Keeper, one that holds the truths of the ancient stories for today.

In the Franciscan story there are many truths for today, but the one to remember as we move through these pages is perhaps the simplest lesson of all:

Within Francsicanism there is no historical Reformation (where the Protestant Church split from the Roman Catholic Church) rather it is a moment by moment reformation of one’s own heart, soul, spirit and community that one is called into.

So thank you for stepping into this new journey, it is a collection of values for all ages. To prepare for this spend time cleansing your energy, exhaling out the negative, and opening your heart to seeing things in a new light. There may be terms that are unfamiliar or may not resonate with you, this is due to my family’s Judeo-Christian Heritage, simply as you are reading replace them with terms that resonate with you.

I encourage you to find the best time of day to do the soul work with these values, take along a prepared kit:

Monk’s Bag of Tricks

  1. A simple bag, back pack or attache case
  2. Place within pens, pencils, crayons, pencil crayons, pastels,
  3. A fidget toy (perhaps a koosh, some Lego, a slinky, mystery box figures, something to play with to clear your mind when you get stumped).
  4. A journal
  5. A book of Wisdom teachings that you can read a snippet of each day.

Armed with this bag in your daily life, either identify a place in your community or your home that you can use as a retreat space to commune deeper within yourself.

So are you ready? This will not be your traditional spiritual formation journey, I mean the book is called Left Field, which for any sports metaphor you know it is usually the unusual team members that do not fit anywhere else.

That is us, those that are seeking the personal ongoing moment by moment reformation of St. Francis of Assisi, not only for ourselves but for our community and out world. So the question is now in your hands, close the book and walk away…

Or turn the page, step into left field with gusto and accept the challenge to create a new you.

Left Field


It has been awhile.

Okay every morning I spend time reflecting, meditating and renewing my energy to keep the soul sludge in check.

Evenings before bed spend some time ruminating what needs to begin anew, and what went well.

Follow through on the vows of justice, simplicity and love within my Franciscanism–yes I realize I am no longer with an official order, but this mystic path is the easiest way to explain why I do what I do without the spiritual baggage for others the name of the Master Teacher brings.

But there is sludge that underlies even our sub conscious, down into the soul chakra level that we are unaware of that takes time to remove, cleanse, essenetially burn away for a fresh start. These are the things that I hold to from my Munay-Ki rites, and the Wisdom Keeper I opened up.

It is this level that will be healed or the journey of renewal to begin this Sunday afternoon at the Calgary Centre for Spiritual Living at “Awakening the Heart” at 1:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. Satsang with Brian Lottman.

What types of things need to be released for a new beginning one may ask from my end?

  • Transitions and transformation within vocational calling
  • The fact we are still storing the accuser’s belongings within our home and all the negative energy that brings into our sanctuary over the past few months and how to get rid of it.
  • A possible new opportuntiy but needing to shed the conditioning of Christendom of being “too old” to do that anymore. Really allowing the spark of a passion to fully fan to life.
  • The shattering of the shadow overlay that blocks the creative flow for the mystery novel setting on the cuspicious of my creative self, the crown chakra.
  • De-fractioning the soul pieces from the losses of Spiritual Matriarch’s within my own journey.

Just a few to bring to the Satsang, and to allow the Spirit that is everything, and in everything, that is me and I it, to be able to move through and be the One that is true for living the calling of love. Simply by moving beyond the labels of society to live a new.

So if you are free this Sunday c’mon over to the Calgary Centre for Spiritual Living. If you cannot make it this Sunday, Brian Lottman has three other stops in Calgary:

June 14, 2015
Unity of Calgary
Calgary, Alberta
1pm to 3pm
(as well as service talk at 10:30am)

June 6, 2015
Spiritus Meetup
6514 Ranchview Dr. NW
Calgary, Alberta
7pm to 9pm

June 4, 2015
Calgary First Spiritualist Church
Calgary, Alberta
7:30pm to 9:30pm

-30- for now.

Soul Sludge

Posted: February 6, 2015 by Ty in New Thought Journal
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The Journey of Forgiveness

It is a step of release

Yes without it

Negative energy consumes the soul

Creates negative energy around

But one must be ready

To release the sting of lies

The sting of attack

The sting of destructive rot through

Actions, words and deeds

Upon a loving home

Yet unable to release



Unable to keep out

Constant reminder

Ignorance on the part of the other

To the destructiveness of words

And the other not taking responsibility

Yet holding onto the anger

Liked drinking poison

And expecting the other to die

But will the anger be released?

For one’s own sanity

It must

And the sludge leaks out of the chakras

The energy renews

The bright light bursts

The darkness recedes

The heart heals

The body exhausts

The mind elevates

A new day

To begin again

But releasing the grip of control

Of the hurt

The pain

Let the flames consume the actions of the past

And know to move forward

The person’s manipulations closed off

To move forward

To preserve

The love





Of a family home.

Forever more

And so it is.

As you can see gentle reader, I have been spiritually formed by drinking deeply of all the wells that connect to the one source river that is the Holy Mystery.  Through Aikido between SAIT and MRU I renewed a discipline of connection, full body.

This got blotted out and bogged down as I moved through life, and it was a few years ago I realized that a spiritual director would be beneficial to help me, this was after a serious crash and burn (more on that later).  This brought me to Spiritual Directions in Calgary and John Griffiths their director and founder, who was an excellent spiritual companion through a time in my life.  He affirmed that one discovers sacred practice that resonates regardless of the tradition, and then how to bring that to their own belief structure.

This is the curiousity that brought me into Munay-Ki, where I learned about Chakras, energy healing, and removing the grudge and gunk of regular life that bogged down the spirit.  These exercises, contemplations, and meditations cleansed out a lifetime up to that point of junk that was tearing me up inside (and so yes I refer anyone who wants a truly deep cleanse to seek out the type of energy healing that resonates with you).  It was also during this training, when it came to light, or rather affirmed a gift in me and a call as a “wisdom keeper”.  The ones to keep and tell the stories to guide and counsel the community…hmmm…sounds like a fit to me.

Also, other very non-Christian practices that have resonated in my healing, and deeper communion with the Holy Mystery that I call God for short hand, has been Tai Chi, Yoga and Laughing Yoga, through the full body focus and concentration comes release and peace.

So, the moral of this little ramble is simple, we speak of prayer, we speak of devotions, yet what both those mean is essentially sacred practice, what helps you connect with the Holy Mystery, and for the true love of God throw out the labels and seek that which speaks to you.