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It has been awhile since I have written a mass recommendation for group change theory work. The last time was Irshad Manji’s (2005) The Trouble with Islam where I encouraged groups of all stripes to read this memoir calling for transformation, and then compare/contrast it to their own journeys—that is replace Islam with whatever belief system one held and see where growth and transformation was needed no matter how regressive or progressive the system was.

There is a cancer in the city’s corridors of power. It is a cancer that is spreading…a system that is corrupt as it is incompetent.

The cancer is a toxic mix of neo-Nazism, white supremacy and a hate group that literally seeks to wipe away everything that is modern and urban, and start all over again in a primitive, Far Right nirvana that will only accept so called “Aryans”. And the organization that is supposed to be preventing this? The organization that is, instead indifferent to this spreading Cancer—or, perhaps, even secretly assisting it?

                                                                                               -(Kinsella, A Recipe for Hate,  p.241)

Today I finally completed Warren Kinsella’s (Dundurn, 2017) A Recipe for Hate is a downright masterful, mystery allegory weaving a mystery tale form the 1977-79 Portland, Maine growing Punk scene, into an allegory for our world today. Yes, I wish I could say it was simply a timepiece mystery, but Nazism and systematic hate appear to be harder to exterminate than 21st century bed bugs.

This is a book I encourage people to read. If you can only read it by yourself, fine, read and process the story. Listen to the rhythm of its soul and what it means for us today. Which character (s) resonate with you? Why? Which do not? Why not? When does this happen in your own life? What instincts may this tell you about yourself in knowing whom to trust? Who has darker secrets at play?

If you can read it in a book group even better, explore the character and system dynamics laid out. If the book group is part of a broader ideology or belief system even better. For the conversation can even deepen:

  • When is our organization like the Punk scene?
  • When do we become the organization (police, schools) that is supposed to stop the spreading cancer? Do we succeed or fail? Or are we frozen?
  • When are we the hate? Or, like the history of the skins, do we allow a segment to be co-opted by the hate?
  • What old hates still fester in community? What new ones go unsaid?

At the root, it is a well written mystery, that will keep you turning the pages. Which is what good fiction is supposed to be. I am not going to reveal many plot points outside of the broad strokes, because I want you to experience the roller coaster with unfiltered eyes.

Truly though, when you enter the story and reflect on any or all the questions, individually or better in a group conversation over coffee my hope is that it becomes the tiny ripples in the pond that change…change our trajectory at this point in history where we are secretly and quietly feeding the cancer once more. Change it to where we finally are the chemo that destroys it and the system moves to recovery and rebuilding in healthier ways.

Basically, know that hate exists. It permeates between what we have seen in the past. It exists across all ideologies and belief systems. It needs to be destroyed. Full stop. We are in this together, neighbours and family.

Let love win, and if it is only this once against systematic cancer hate…then it has won big.

Submitted by Paul Vargis:

Our City, Our Streets! Nazis Out! Anti-
Racism Rally
Saturday, March 19 · 10:00am – 1:00pm

Location Steps of Calgary City Hall

Created By

More Info
Say No to Racism! Confront neo-Nazis!

On Saturday March 19, Calgarians will be gathering to show that we will not stand for racism or any other kind of oppression in our community.

Our rally last year was successful and was held to commemorate the International Day for the Elimination of Racism, to denounce the continued presence of racist gangs in our community, to bring attention to systemic racism, and finally to celebrate our …diversity. Since that day many events have occurred here in Calgary, events which have shown that the struggle against the neo-Nazi movement in Calgary is far from over.

W.E.B. (White European Bloodline) is still here.

The Aryan Guard have re-organised and re-branded itself as Blood & Honour/Combat 18 (B&H).

A new neo-Nazi gang, Volksfront (VF) has moved into Calgary. Originating in the U.S.A. they have set up shop in British Columbia, and now seek to organise in Calgary.

In November, 2010 the residence of Bonnie and Jason Devine, both spokespersons for ARA Calgary, was invaded in the early morning by five individuals armed with hammers and pipes. Besides damaging property, they savagely attacked Jon T, also a member of ARA Calgary, and swarmed Jason, repeatedly beating him in the head in an attempt to kill him.

Neo-Nazis have now announced that they intend to hold a ‘White Pride‘ march on March 19th in downtown Calgary.

It cannot be denied or ignored: the neo-Nazi movement in Calgary is alive and growing, with three groups now actively organising. But we cannot give into fear!

The day will start with a celebration of our community’s cultural diversity in recognition of the International Day for the Elimination of Racism. Should B&H (Aryan Guard), VF or W.E.B. march in the afternoon, we encourage all who are willing to confront them.

This event is open to all and is intended to be confrontational but non-violent.

Follow us on Twitter – before and during the event at