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It is funny as both the former Official Opposition, NDP, try to secure candidates for leadership, and the current Official Opposition, Conservative Party of Canada have a robustness of anglophones running to lead a bi-lingual mosaic of a nation…both decry the Liberals who are currently forming the government.


How did Trudeau and his team win the government?

It was by changing the tone of rhetoric. Finally moving away from mudraking and playground bully sounds– to positivism. They chose a term that caught on as most Canadians, regardless of actual socio-economics latched onto as their truth “Middle Class”. It was the sound of something new, and yes there has been movement on some things, back tracking on others as what happens when new Governments begin within their first term, and their first quarter.

But this is not about whether or not I agree with Trudeau’s leadership. It is about what is missing from the public discourse in my country. We have given up expecting vision and excellence in leadership. If you have time, find the archives to listen to past leaders federal and provincial like Tommy Douglas, J.S. Woodshworth, Joe Clark, Pierre Trudeau, Robert Stanford, John Diefenbaker, Lester Pearson, William Aberhart to name but a few. Leaders that did not need soundbites. They had conviction, dreams and visions that were cast, worked on and fulfilled that created the Canada that became a benchmark for the world at large.

Then as a populace we began to accept less from our prospective leaders. And they met where we set the bar.

We have finally pushed it to a level of civility, let’s push it higher. Let’s expect our leaders to leave the sandbox and enter the podium of vision casters once more. CPC/NDP/Greens and the other 13ish available parties federally, are you listening?

Don’t choose the blusteriest person or settle– choose the one that sees the greatness that is the mosaic of Canada, the land of the Just Society, a home for all. Find the one that speaks from the heart, with conviction, and vision that excites to build forward from the foundation laid.

Your party in waiting wants to form the next government, it has to offer those steps beyond just positive politics…. so show us your vision. Show us your heart. Show us your conviction.

For the parties. Know who you are as a gathered community, and find the leader that resonates that outwards brightly, not the other way around.

So politically it is not what is your tweet or sound bite…but truly—

What is your heart for your nation?

One ponders how I cannot settle completely in one political party.  I have worked leadership races in the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada; wrote policy for them and the Alberta Liberals; protested the Alliance & PC Mergers; dabbled with the Green Party of Canada and the Alberta Greens; explored the Progressive Candian Party; worked to get Paul Martin elected Liberal Party of Canada leader.  Chatted with the Alberta Social Credit, new founders of the Reform Party of Canada.

Served on the NDP Calgary Metro Council, ran under their banner federally in Calgary Northeast; and was the editor of the Calgary Democrat for a season.

I have also debated the finer points of Marxism with the Communist Party of Canada (how religion and Marxism can exist together), and supported the Marxist Leninist Party and Alberta Communist Party respectively in the past few elections.

Currently I have put my two cents in on the Alberta Party Leadership Race (Vote Tammy Maloney); and that some political party needs to draft Paul Vargis to run in Calgary East.  I look back in awe and with reverance to politicians of the past, statesmen and women that grew up out of socialism and the social gospel movement focused on building a great nation, united in our grand diversity, individuals who cast dreams–true leaders.

And then I look at the current crop of managers striving to lead political monoliths that are more concerned with holding to power for personal perks, than for achieving the best for Canadians, and I wonder what would change in the political realm if people came first, if politics was about people, and caring for people, not power.

Where religion needs to move to collaboration for building a better world, so does politics, because political ideologies can be just as destructive and divisive as religious ones.

My pilgrimage has taken me through many ideologies and paths, I can firmly say I am a communist, with socialist tendencies, yet I can also say that I can work with authentic individuals attempting to serve the public good across the spectrum.

So let’s put aside the flash and bash sound bites, and get on with truly caring for Canada.

As one can note by my side bar I promote all the registered parties