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We tend to want to believe in Canada that we function under a “presidential” style system where we are literally casting votes for the leader of the party to become Premier or Prime Minister.  This is not the case, to be a voter in a Canadian riding is an important responsibility, one to be informed on 4 fronts at least:

1) The needs of your community

2) The character and values of the individuals running in your riding or electoral district

3) the platform, core beliefs and values of the party (do you hold to 50+1% and is the other 49% what you can live with being brought onto your neighbours and self).

4) Lastly, the character of the leader who will become the First Minister (unless we got back to the United Farmers of Alberta time, where individuals ran and then they voted for the leader from the elected caucus).

So as we head towards April 23, 2012 in Alberta, I encourage each and every Albertan to truly make an informed decision through their own conscience.


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Dear R. Hon. Stephen Harper:

With stories like this breaking everyday:click here it is apparent that the Conservative Governing party whether in a minority or majority is unable to produce our promises in the constitution of Peace, Order, and Good Governance. Due to this scandal and the fact you have not acted on behalf of Canadians, but rather on behalf of your party…I call upon you to be a true leader and resign.

If you will not resign I call upon our Governor General to remove you from office, and to declare bi-elections in the almost 50 ridings effected by this scandal… the root cause needs to be found this is true, the fact that as Prime Minister you have been frozen in decisive action to uncover the truth and rebuild the trust of Canadians in our government, is unforgiveable.


Rev. Dr. Tyler Ragan

Calgary East