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It is a unique thing to be working through a prosperity course and not being focused on “getting rich quick” or quick rich scheme or ponzi scheme if you will. Mary Morrissey is a decent enough speaker and teacher. Yes they focus heavily on “tithing” of money, which never has sat well with me in general.

Yet they also tie into other points of tithing that I still remember learning from Father Bob in my Roman Catholic days, of not only money but of time and talent as well. For as my patron saint, Francis of Assisi was fond of singing, it is in giving that we receive. We are entering our seventh week of this ten week journey, and a question posed in the homework is around what has been gained by this?

Gained, a renewal of spiritual practice of self-examin, which always happened for me daily, beginning and end of the day: what is working, what needs to be changed, roads of creativity, yet this course (and since entering the New Thought fold) has become more structured once more.

There is also the “clearing” as they dub it, which is a renewal of my vow of simplicity, removing the excess of life to bless others or create the space for the energy that unites us all to move, grow and create within spacial realms.

Then there is the giving of our time, and finding a way to connect beyond ourselves.

So has there been a profound, AHA! or even a “money money I am in the money” moment? No. But there is a weight that has lifted from the family home through releasing that spiritual sludge which can become oppressive within our energy, the sludge that hardens like a plaque and creates disunity with the Holy. Removing and coming back in sync as a family unit is the blessing.

The next is walking towards into the renewed vision of an open, barrier free home, a place of gathering free of labels to discover how to live out in our communities, the answer to a very simple yet profound question:

What would Love do?

The first step is : poster

The next step and question is simply to ask, is there a reality where the Rainbow Chapel needs to be renewed?

New Gathering

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Ah readers, for those who have been following my family’s journey for community, you know it has been a winding road. It has involved and evolved out of our home, and a journey through many types of Christendom, that did see movie nights, games nights, play nights, bible studies and potlucks.

Yet the goal has been simple, an open space where all are welcome to explore what it is we believe, why we believe it and how it makes our lives, and the lives of others better. This is the piece of the journey we are hoping to renew through our involvement with the Calgary Centre for Spiritual Living, we have launched a book group in our home that has seen us meet to discuss two books so far: Wizard of Us by Jean Houston and As We Think so we are By James Allen. Both were excellent metaphysical life books, but we realize purchasing a book can be a barrier for some, hence the next step.

Ernest Holmes’ text “Science of Mind” is a foundation text in New Thought, and one that can be heard and discussed wherever you are on your spiritual quest. So here we are, with a potluck brunch on Saturday mornings, and what is taking shape is a reading from Science of Mind and wherever the discussion will lead us.

What’s missing?


Excerpt from Introduction:

Leaving Churchdom

My journey is at a crossroads, where I am done fighting the same battle for all to be loved and heard within institutions that are more concerned with money, history, dogmatic and doctrines. This work is not a collection of “ohh you’re so wrong” but rather reflections on what love can do, what can it open up, why I have come here. It is sharing personal anecdotes, gospel stories, and meta-narratives I love to enhance the reflections and let them resonate in your soul. For me leaving churchdom is not a negative connotation within this work, it is as my beloved Shawna would say, stepping out in love, no buts attached. For leaving churchdom is throwing off a burden and simply letting four words and a punctuation mark be a guide in life: What Would Love Do? (WWLD?).

I hope you enjoy this collection of reflections, every so often I raise a challenge for you to do your own personal work and reflection, and I look forward to hearing how this may or may not have helped you. The one thing about the chapel, all types came, all types shared, and all knew that bread would be broken, a cuppa drunk, kids and animals would play, and we would discover the common ground of our diversity of spiritualities that fed us, created a unity of spirit to step back out into our world in love.  Continue Reading the e-book: Rainbow Chapel Unplugged Leaving Churchdom

Call to Worship:

Lord, make us instruments of your peace.

Where there is hatred, let us sow love,

Where there is injury, pardon

Where there is discord, union

Where there is doubt, faith

Where there is despair, hope

Where there is darkness, light

Where there is sadness, joy

Grant that we may not so much seek to be consoled as to console,

Seek to be understood as to understand

Seek to be loved as to love

For it is in pardoning that we are pardoned,

And it is in dying that we are born to eternal life.

Alleluia! Alleluia!

Dancing the Circle Wider (speaking notes, but the spirit does lead)

July 20, 2014 @ Centennial Presbyterian Church (10:30 a.m.)

Ezekial 16:49

Matthew 25: 31-46

quote for sermon 2

And with those two scriptures, and the quote I just shared to open, everyone lets out a groan thinking, oh there goes the poverty worker again preaching on about helping the needy and trying to make those haves feel bad…

Or not. For if you were here last week we discovered our voice through the story of a peasant girl of some note, Mary, Mother of Jesus. So this week, we hear her son’s words.

For you see when I hear these words, I reflect on these stories I truly think about the heart they are speaking too, the spirit of the words, not the letter of the words. Literal reading of holy stories is such a late 19th to 20th century phenomenon; we miss the true mysticism of these words.

Who are the poor? What were the deeper sins of Sodom and Gomorrah? Who are the least of these?

Jesus said his life fulfilled The Law & The Prophets, Ezekiel’s words challenge the institutional church to actually live their faith, not hide behind words. Jesus’ calls us out of our comfort zone. The true depth wasn’t the “sin of the week” that one can target to make themselves feel good, na, and it wasn’t even speaking about have and have not’s, although that is a part of it. These speak to the heart of community, family, and something that needs to be challenged within our faith, we are not a community hierarchy, and we are a circle with a heart beating in the centre called Jesus. Why a circle? Because it speaks to the equality of all.

Think about it, when you boil Sodom and Gomorrah down, the true sin was inhospitality, brutality, and exertion of power not love. Who have we ever made feel unwelcome? Personally? Communally? Who do we need to open the circle wide to so Ezekiel will not be speaking to our institution?

Yet even more challenging is this teaching of Jesus. Where he points to those that if the community, their family, that which the church says we are with humanity, do not choose to care for then we are not doing our faith. Who are the least of these for us in the 21st century church?

There’s the big meta issues, the Drop-In Centre has a banner on it inviting one inside to meet the other 1%; we can talk of those trafficked into human slavery of all brutalities; former prisoners and addicts. These are the easy ones for a person of faith to name of because, well they are sort of already named on the page. But who are those that truly need an uplifting and loving community to exist?

I could share the experience my family had running the Rainbow Chapel out of our living room in Rundle, where we became a hub of love if you will. Where neighbours say no problem, and some still do, to knock on the door, many times where we would sit down for a meal and be throwing on extras because our door was a rotating experience of who was going to be at family dinner that night. Our kids made many friends and discovered many new aunts and uncles and being loved on from what some would say is the fringes.

But why?

Simple, our circle was drawn wide. As an aside, at my Mum’s funeral I discovered she had opened our home on the block when first built running a free food Hubbard for neighbours in need.

Who should draw your circle wide? Who are you comfortable with coming into your home and being friends with?

Is it a young adult recently out of prison attempting to turn their life around? Widowers? Seniors? A family whose loved one is in prison and needs support? A single teenage mother or father? That couple not married, but living together in a deeper love than most married couples? Differently abled persons? Those so spiritually abused they have no desire to know the loving God, until they come to a family and discover through the lives of others? Someone in the process of transitioning genders? An older gay couple struggling to adopt their first children? An older woman coming into her sexuality and love of women for the first time in her life? Someone throwing off the patriarchal shackles of their Christianity and learning to dance the circle of a loving God? Children gleefully playing and discovering together, teenagers seeking a safe space to be themselves and for many it simply is a place they do not have to be the label their school community has placed on them. New Canadians struggling wit the immigration process, awaiting for years their family members, admitting they left to come here when their child was born and now their child back home is almost school age, sharing joy when word comes of the reunification. Watching language barriers melt away through the youngest members. It is letting the abused in, and not judging or pushing, but just giving a space they can exist and rediscover themselves.  Someone struggling to be seen beyond their previous labels of addict, nerd, sex worker, pimp, criminal and just wanting to be their name for once….

Who are those you feel God calling you to draw the circle wide to include?

(Leave a space of silence for congregation to respond)

A church that draws the circle wide is one, as Pope Francis said, that has gone outside of itself into the streets of its community and taken its lumps to get to know its neighbours. It is one that has celebrated triumphs, wept and grieved with those in crisis, had their hearts fall a little when someone embraced continues a negative choice of life… yet you stand awaiting a possible good outcome or just a shoulder for the tears.

Are we ready to heed Jesus words’ a seek those others may class as least, others may state are “sinner”, others or even ourselves may cast a label on to keep them outside the circle, are we ready to widen the circle and welcome them in?

Will we dance with God today and meet Jesus in each person and welcome them as such into our circle?

English: The photo was taken by Joe Murray, an...

English: The photo was taken by Joe Murray, and it is used internationally as the symbol for the Rainbow Sash Movement (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I know, someday I should really get around to making the Rainbow Chapel an “official” non-profit religious entity, but then, I fear, we would be easily set aside.

What do you mean? It’s kind of like being classed as a saint, people will look and go, oh isn’t that nice, but then ignore the idea(l). And what is the dream of the chapel?

Simple to enter Day Light…that is to live out the promise of John 1, where we as living Christ‘s shine brightly into our community and confound the darkness.  This is why we are not caught up on money, or whom plants a chapel.

We are inspired. My personal dream is much like the organic nature of the early Catholic Worker‘s Movement ( that Dorothy Day and Peter Maurin started, that the Rainbow Chapel becomes a place of welcome, service, and discipleship.

Day Light to me is simply living these principles and I encourage anyone who wants to join our little movement to embrace the Rainbow (and know that you do not need to be Christian, we embrace the beauty of all God‘s Children):

*Reflect on the sacred teaching you want to centre your life on discovering how to truly live.

* Announce proudly that your home is a Rainbow Chapel (and please join us on facebook, start your own blog or website so we can spread the word), and that you will gather for discussion, meals to grow together in creating a new world.

*Never ask for donations for your chapel, instead encourage people to share their gifts within their communities and circles of influence, whether this is time, talent or treasure, or all of the above.

*Always have an welcoming heart and home.

Simple we know…let the Day Light shine through so that Rainbow is bright.


English: Anthony of Pedua with child Jesus

English: Anthony of Pedua with child Jesus (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Bane's redesigned appearance in The New Batman...

Bane’s redesigned appearance in The New Batman Adventures episode, “Over The Edge”. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Some may use the term “intentional” or “missional” or “seeker” or “liberation” or “social gospel” or “Red Letter Christian” or any of the new catchy euphenisms for church being church that is out there today in response to the dichotomy of chasm that is the church today. That chasm being between what we term as the “Christian Right” & “Christian Left” or “Evangelical” & “Mainline” or “Fundamentalist” & “Progressive” or whatever two tags one wants to stick on the current theological chasm that breaks the body of Christ better than Batman across Bane‘s knee.

Yet I prefer a term that is nearly 800 Years old an except for a hiccup or two (those pesky inquisitions and colonizations where the order sold their souls out for temporal authority) has always caused a stir in the church, that being “Franciscan“. See as I continue this journey of sabbatical reflection I keep coming back to this core charism.

One of a gospel life lived out. One that brings into harmony my helping ways, my justice mindset, my constant prayer, a life of simplicity, and a desire to shine Christ brightly.  See for a Franciscan there is no one reformation or restoration, rather it is a calling to constantly be a refining force throughout time within the Cosmic Christ.

So why title this Franciscan Communities when I have earlier stated that I am no longer affiliated with any of the secular orders? Simple, because it is within reflection that I have come to realize that I am still affiliated with Franciscan communities. Those communities of believers that reach out into the darkness and provide hope, that serve and build community, pray with and for one another and simply live life together in simple ways.

One of these communities is our small house gathering the Rainbow Chapel, and the other is the church my family currently attends Cornerstone Christian Assembly/King of Glory Lutheran Brethren Church.

I continue this journery of becoming a non-sectarian Franciscan, and within this journey I am discovering that which I have yearned for I may have simply over looked for the label affixed.


JUNE 4 (MONDAY) @ 5:30 P.M.


Logo of the United Apostolic Church Europe

Logo of the United Apostolic Church Europe (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I know we have heard that piece from so many who want to be able to waffle, or not make a decision…that being “I will pray about it”.  Yet this is not the purpose of prayer within the Rainbow Chapel’s  practice. It is a time spent communing with God, listening for the Holy Mystery as we go about our day.
What was this time of contemplation about?

Simple, do we as a home parish wish to connect with a larger body?

We obviously would not wish to affiliate with a traditional mainline or evangelical traditional Christian movement, as that creates many barriers for quite a few brothers and sisters to join.  We were leaning towards the Universal Anglican Church (UAC). Yet the simple act of affiliation even with this inclusive of a “tradition” could still create a barrier to those who would like to join us, but have a negative connotation to this style of branding.

So here we sit pondering with the Holy Mystery, if we are meant to be “branded”; to be apart of a larger community so we simply do not become the “weird” (those who know me, please keep your comments to yourself) house on the block. I have spoken with the Bishop of the UAC and it seemed like a good fit, but was it a God fit??? Were we as a group meant to be apart of a larger community thats major hub was in Milwaukee, USA?

Reflecting with God on what we are called into intentionallity within our local neighbourhood, to be a house of welcome to all God’s beloved children… what came through resounding was, your will God not mine be done.

So shall we affiliate or not?

The answer is Not.

Until God says otherwise.

Christmas ball - Christianity

Christmas ball – Christianity (Photo credit: nabeel_yoosuf)

Quadruple combination opened to the Book of Is...

Quadruple combination opened to the Book of Isaiah – note the cross references between Biblical and Latter-day Saint scripture in the footnotes (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Icon for Wikimedia project´s LGBT portal (Port...

Icon for Wikimedia project´s LGBT portal (Portal:LGBT). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Seems a bit jarring to read the words of an apology when one has not idea what it is for.

It is simply the Rainbow Chapel’s statement of apology on behalf of Christianities and the horrors we have visited upon this world in the name of God.

We are sorry for:

Misogyny: promoting that women are inferior, that you are nothing more than property, that you cannot be called by God to the priesthood/pastorate… These have never been the Chapel’s beliefs, but we know the pain that these beliefs have created in the world and the scriptures of hate used to promote them and we are sorry.

Homophobia/Hetersexism: H-A-T-E if you will. We are sorry that if you are a member of the LGBTTQ communities you have felt that you need to seek out an “affirming” or “welcoming” church, that you have been called an abomination, bullied, had scripture thrown at you, told that God hates you, pushed to the brink and over the brink, beaten– all from narrow minded hatred for individuals to feel that they are alright. We as a member of the heritage of Christianities, apologize.

Racism: whether it took the form of eugenics, aryan superiority, slavery, coloniazation, reservation schools… all things where Western European Christianities used scripture and God to make you feel less than, to justify wars, genocides (active, passive, cultural, etc) just trying to eliminate you for being how the Creator created you in love. We are sorry.

Abuse: Whether it is because we have not protected our flocks from sexual predators; pedophiles; promoted that corporal punishment (beating our children) was okay, or that if you are trapped in the cycle of domestic abuse that you cannot divorce— these are wrong, contrary to God, not promoted by scripture when used as a tool to nurture the journey with God… and for all those that have suffered there is no way to undo the pain, but at the Chapel, We are sorry.

Differently Abled: We are sorry as the Christianities for making you feel less than human; for stipulating you are from Satan; for working to eliminate you from existence… the only scripture that holds around those that are differently abled is from Jesus— You are beloved of God created as we all are to glorify our loving creator. We at the chapel, are sorry the Christianities have been such righteous abusers to you.

Hell-Mongering: For making brothers and sisters of other faiths historically converting at the point of the sword; spiritually abusing you; calling you inferior… on behalf of the Christianities the tradition we come from, we apologize.

2016 years ago a peasant child was born to a teenage unwed mother. Some believe he was the Son of God. Just shy of 2,000 years ago he was hung from a cross for trying to transform a society based on money, power, and seperation. To craft the world back into the heart of God where all are cared for, where hope, joy, peace and love reign.  Where all knew that they were the beloved and blessed children of God. Where there was no limits on who can be called by God, used by God, or loved by God.

This was so radical that it led the religious authorities and Empire to conspire to kill this peasant rabbi.

His death should have been the end of it.

It wasn’t.

His death was simply the beginning…

A life resurrected…

A movement continued…

An original blessing renewed…

Turned astray by original sin, we apologize for the horrors committed upon this world in the name of God the Father, Jesus the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

We invite you to join the journey a new. A journey centered in God’s justice. God’s inclusion. God’s Love. God’s peace. God’s Joy. Live into God’s Hope.

Welcome to the Rainbow Chapel, our little attempt to shine God’s light.