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The Next Crisis

Posted: February 16, 2022 by Ty in Current Events
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Oh what a nebulus time we are in within my Province. Leaning into what UK and Denmark did in ripping the “band aid off”, that they have now had to re-apply not only the band-aid but gauze and tape to. Yet, in true `Berta fashion we are holding the line after making a decision, not letting anything change our trajectory (just read your latest utility bill for the legacy character on this story). Now we are cementing a new legacy character–

If by some miracle we avoid wave 6, and the manifestation level of religious science tells us that covid actually ends March 1 there are a few outside challenges that are not being addressed:

  1. WCB for long covid haulers who contracted while on the job. With the end of PCR testing in our provicne and moving to rapid testing, it does create a huge loop hole of denying claims. In other news, the ending of emergency measures, creates challenges for workers accessing Federal entitlements to help out.
  2. Shows the problem with Majority governments. We got the citizen support, not necessarily because it was a Liberal government federally, but I hold it was a minority goverment, so more than one political ideology needed to be heard in the devision making process for Peace, Order and Good Governance of Citizens.
  3. Public eduction in Alberta needing to be reinvested in, and to teach critical thought, but also history of our species in such a way that builds compassion and empathy (so tired of the reductionist to outright denial of Holocaust, Residential Schools my kid is standing against).
  4. Mental Health- it has been the rallying cry as children have been used as proxies and trojan horses in the logistical gymnastics that led the five waves. But many do not understand the term beyond the Twitter sound byte. What does it mean to go beyond the mental health tweet?

What does it mean to go beyond the mental health tweet?

It is needing to understand we have travelled through a communal trauma. Previously I wrote about who will be missing in the pew when the tape comes off, but this is something that is going to hit those who have invested so much time/anger and definition of person in being anti-vax/anti-mask. What happens, when there is no longer that collective drive? Collective anger? When they have to face reality of who in their personal circles of supports, loved ones and family have long covid? Have died? Or quietly disconnected, and having seen the worst of a person exposed no longer want relationship?

Is our mental health system robust enough for 15% of the population in mass grieiving?

And that does not even touch upon the fact, that we have fixated so long on what was lost in c-tine for those who followed mandates, and got vaccinated, that we have not taken time to celebrate the joys and triumphs. There is many, as the normal was paused and crumbled, and we were able to be differently. It is in engaging in this work that we renew and grow resilience as the battle ends.

Then there is the guilt and shame and grieving. Even if you are the one that disconnected the relationship it is change, and change brings grieving. Taking time as we reset, to acknowledge the loss. Even if work has changed, housing has shifted. Take time to abide and feel, process, reach out and engae with mental health support. Even if you think there is nothing there, and you are okay, treat your mental and emotional health like your physical. Have that annual check up, check in, be heard, affirm what works, and see what other tools you can add to your tool box.

This doesn’t even touch on the kiddos, who have carried even more of a burden of the possibility of bringing this to thier grandparents, their medically complex siblings, or other family. Have we supported them in processing their grief and emotions through the rolling changes? Have we helped them see the joys and serenity that truly builds their resilience?

What of those who have clearly heard the eugenics message from society, like myself, existing with pre-existing conditions, like my son, that the rock was rolled away, and we heard society say clearly–

You are expendable for my wing night?

March 1, will be what it will be, but do not hide behind mental health as a hashtag for rationale unless you support a robust government investment in the system of support.


Mental health and letting kids be kids are the buzzwords the government is using for removing masking on Monday in schools. And yes, they are as empty as any buzzwords of our era or before when spoken at this province’s covid briefings. Let a Doctor of Psychology ramble for a bit to you:

1) Kids being Kids. Kids are always kids. The bubble wrap popped, and that is where the problem lies, there was no ability to effectively control and schedule every single minute of your child’s life so they could not be bored and discover curiousity and imagination. Was there troubles during this shift change? yes. But there was also amazing blessings, older neighbours getting to know the kids on the block as we were all outside. Taking time to get to know the families your kid’s friends exist in, so collectively we can make decisions for health and safety. Intentional relationship cultivation, and after years of existing in a social media world that perpetuated relationships beyond where they would naturally end, it provided space for that end.

2) Kids being kids. It got kids off the hyper-adulting treadmill we as society had placed them on. It was great to hear the giggling and laughter again.

3) Reilience is the ability for the good to outweigh the bad in short form. Resilience is an overused buzzword to basically not invest in communities, schools and our children by governance. One of the blessings from c-tine, is there was authentic resilience if you took time to engage and cultivate where the gratefulness was and why daily, and to aid in processing through the change/grieving (and yes part of growing healthy resilience is understanding healthy grieivng when change happens).

4) Metnal Health- empty words. Where is the true investment in growing the system? Investing in expanding public libraries? Free community youth and children arts & sports programs? Robust investment back in public schools so they can offer courses beyond the core? Where are community healthy nurses? School nurses? Mental health workers-counsellors-psychologists? No mental health ward should ever be full, yet they are, as a by product of a mishandled situation that allowed the bully to use the pulpit, and continue to use the pulpit, with no understanding of social or human psychology and how to navigate change in healthy ways, and allow for proper grieiving and mourning from the loss of life collectively with covid, opioiod poisonings, and the cancelled care due to the health care war the provincial government inflicted before March 2020 and continued…

So no, kids being kids, and mental health, are not the reasons this is happening, for if it was, this would not be simply a stroke of the pen, but many spending, recruitment and build announcements… That is if the provincial government invested in our communities and children as the constitution states they are to.

Ah, it is astounding how many will flock to a political party or ideology because they state it supports their religious beliefs and freedoms. Regardless of the morals or ethical character demonstrated by the leaders or elected representatives when it comes to behaviours, abuses, bullying, frauds, etc. It does give clear case study examples of the last gasps of Christendom with the ventilator removed in the Christianities if you want a visual. Truly the Quiet Revolution of ending Empire Christianities is rolling nicely, and for those who are not driven by power but the Holy Call to love, it is renewing communities on what is important.

These last gasps are becoming evident and clearly on display as Covid restrictions to lockdowns are levied across the world, and what effect it has on worship gatherings. We are living in a time of real-time scientific learning and discovery, with a virus (and its mutations) that is doing what virus’ do, thrive for survival. This is why we are seeing push back. Too many have bought into the fact the church should have and/or still has power, is not bound by worldly laws, or that freedom of religion and gathering are no couched in corporate/communal responsibilities. This is also tied in with a rampant selfish individualism, and sadly, a perpetuated idea that the church building is God’s House. That is one point and place in time to connect with the Holy.

Now, pause. For, as everything else has to close, and churches (religious centres) were allowed to remain open (though with a less than 15% occupancy), is a political move from our government to set them up as a scape goat, and in some instances it is working. Sadly, the Shepherds and Sheep within the congregations living into this are not seeing it. Across Canada we have seen certain church’s flout the laws (and yes Health Orders are laws, and the way our system functions they supersede every other law). We have seen in Manitoba churches break gathering restrictions, here in Alberta two have joined a lawsuit, and one, Fairview Baptist, is just not getting it (and the local community schools are now having battles with the virus…) note how we do not exist in isolation. Decisions and choices matter. Though the attitude within some does not shock me, there is sociological, social psychology and theological reasons as to why. We have churches that exist on a spectrum that fall into 3 large categories: 1) completely online, 2) hybrid (online, with booked in person attendance in line with protocols) and 3) the law breakers. Sadly, the third category so far appear to not being held to full account within our province.

There is a key thing at play though that needs to be addressed for these communities, and one that is difficult. See it is not about the things alluded too around freedoms, or conscience, or individualism…the key cornerstone issue that needs to be addressed in our transfiguring Christianities as Christendom is finally placed in the grave, is the building.

Which is why I love the song shared earlier, some may say it is a song about rampant individualism and not getting the Gospel. Whereas I look at it as the circle being drawn wide, for the show, theatrics, false prophets are thrown aside, our numbers may be small, but it is authentic in US LIVING HOLY LOVE in our world and community, gathering in places and embracing them Holy. Not simply because it was purposed as a church. Now I am not against buildings, they are wonderful tools (same as money, same as our vote) to create a better world. To allow Courageous Safe Spaces for people to grow, serve, learn and discover.

BUT it can’t all be about the building. Too many wonderful faith family’s are on life support because the albatross of the building. Whether it has been deemed a historic site, and now they cannot pivot with it for needed modernization or simply the socio-economics of members have shifted and the ability to keep up with preventative maintenance has lagged. Yet it is amazing when you connect to discuss options, a congregation would rather disperse than lose their building and continue in a different way in community.

Let that settle in when we cannot understand why some cannot understand worshipping online or in other ways. It is that change is hard, change brings grieving, and hard conversations and discovery. It is easier to push back on the shift, than live into the shift. It is about discovering what each congregation is called to be, and it is not about the sin checklist, or about the smoke and mirror issues that politics uses to create block voting. It is simply about the Great Commandments- Love God, Love Neighbour, Love Self. True holy interdependence. One cannot exist in a healthy way, without the others. When understood a religious community’s response to their C-tine life shifts as well.

Now, with this understanding, that it is about people not buildings (or power or money, all useful tools but the love of each of these three corrupt and lead to evil) how does one’s heart shift on mission and life in c-tine?

As you hear the words of a new version of Tom T. Hall’s Me and Jesus is there something in there for your faith family wherever you are, however you gather, and live out your faith?