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Bishop John Shelby Spong

I’ll save you dear reader the joke when I was in the RCIA program as a lay minister in the RC church that my priest joked he didn’t have enough time in his week to take my first confession…na…this is not a musing on that confession, rather it is on the book: Confessions: Making of a Post-Denominational Priest by Matthew Fox.

His coming of enlightened into the creative spirituality movement of Christianity. I am only half way through but am enjoying it as I have other works by Fox, and other memoirs in the same vein (Hear I Stand by John Shelby Spong).  But during the reading he raised to good questions for a believer to contemplate:

1) What is prayer?

2) What is worship?

I would like to add a third, What is scripture?

I would like to further define Fox’s idea of prayer as life, prayer is essentially life with God.

Worship for me, is what we do with our life, each and everything is an act of worship.

What is scripture? That which we can come to with our life with God (prayer), our life lived our in ministry (worship) and the Holy Spirit flows into to breathe life and understanding of the nature of God in us, and us in God (panentheism) and how we are to transform this world (salvation) and ourselves.