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It was an epic 28 days that looked like true change was going to a dynasty in Alberta (that I for one was praying for, though for us to go Left, not Wildrose).  We say pollsters pump up the new Wildrose Party, we saw a party stumbling out of the blocks and hurting their chances. But this was a depth issue, not a vote breaker.

Both PC/Wildrose slung mud, fear mongered…etc in regards to what a majority of the other would mean for the province. Yet Redford rose up and showed leadership with her campaign’s guffaws with swift accountable actions.The En Masse defection as polls closed Monday by Rod Love & backers actually caused a renewal that left the PC’s as one of 3 centrist party options in our province over the next 4 years.

There were other parties in the horse race: The Alberta NDP, The Alberta Party, Alberta Liberals, Evergreen Party, Social Credit Party and the Seperatist Party plus a spattering of independents. Unfortunately mass and social media led us to believe in Alberta it was a choice of “lesser evils”.

What a damnation for democracy. There were a few things that hurt this election:

1) Strategic voting –  to be honest, what a farce. With the 2 week in implosion of Smith & Co. it was obvious we were looking at a minority or slim majority for either of the Cons, yet the “Progressive” voter believed they had to give up their values and conscience and vote PC to stop this “levianth” creature. What would have made a true difference— if the strategic voters actually voted for the candidates and parties they truly believed in sending MLA’s of all stripes to the Legislative Assembly, but also showing a true reflection of where Alberta’s values lie.

2) Name on Ballot/Flag bearer Candidates – – every political party has these. Those people that let their names be placed on a ballot just so the party can brag it filled so many nominations… they waste electoral money if the candidate isn’t willing to run, don’t let them be on the ballot.

3) Inactive Candidates – – yes I seperate this from the NOB/FBC because these are even worse, at least a NOB/FBC will answer the phone every so often or have a volunteer too…the inactive candidate/campaign simply has nothing happening and creates a false sense that this party isn’t a serious contender (NDP in Calgary I am writing about you…let’s step up our game on infrastructural volunteers brothers and sisters).

4) Two Choice Mindset- –  I am soooo tired of hearing of the PC v. WRP…people we are in a democracy with a multitude of choices–educate yourselves!!!! Don’t trust everything the media, your friends, neighbours, twitter feeds, etc say.

5) Understand our electoral system. We are to be active 24-7-365 not just for the one day every four years we vote. Write, tweet, or facebook your MLA’s this is the person elected by our first past the post system to represent you and your community, get to know them, they are here to serve you. PLEASE quit saying I voted for Redford, Sherman, Mason, Smith, etc… Unless you lived in the actual riding they live in YOU DID NOT VOTE FOR THEM!!! Your local candidate has a name, value set, and they matter so please honour them enough for how they have chosen to serve our province whether they won or lost by simply running by knowing who they are as they attempted to get to know you. The party that achieves the most seats it is their leader that becomes Premier (First Minister). BUT it is the Lieutenant Governor appointed by the PMO in Ottawa that is our true head of state under our Constitution Act 1982.

6) It is the 30th anniversary of our Charter of Rights and Freedoms and Constitution, please before you start quoting rights etc… read the damn thing.

Thank you may this four years of renewal be a time of true citizen engagement so that the 43% that opted not to vote know that with 100% of voters voting and 100% of polls reporting we can truly achieve a government of the people. Or as the line preceding the first line of the Constitution Act 1982 (Under God) reminds us we have a guaranteed right of Peace, Order and Good Governance. The last piece YOU play the biggest role in achieving Good Governance by engaging, creating community, and holding representatives accountable.