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Even confined to the wheel chair, Natan looked like he was about to keel over. Sax had the not so impressed face a spouse gets when the other life partner does what is not in their health’s best interest. But here Natan was, had wheeled himself through the tunnel that connected the shop to the back yard double wide trailer they called home. Speare notes it is one other home he had never been in, much like this being the first time he had ever actually met Natan.

Sax moves from the seat and kisses his soul on the forehead tenderly, he doesn’t even have to ask simply grabs a tumbler and pours three fingers of scotch into the glass. Natan takes it in his long fingers, his skin tone is literally red, not racist red as when one spoke of Aboriginals back at colonizations, no – this was fire truck red or Satan red that his skin was toned as. Speare had always assumed that Sax had been joking when he would call his husband the son of Satan or sprung from the loins of Lucifer.

With the new information Speare was still processing the not necessarily new information, but confirmation of things he had believed around alien contact and governmental conspiracy up to this point on this case.

“You want to know about the borderland.” Natan rasped out.

Speare simply nodded, not wanting to have to extend anything more than necessary. Natan sipped on his drink, and from the little grin Sax gave his spouse, Speare could’ve sworn the red skinned man pinched his husband’s butt.

“It was a crazy time in the bunker, and then I noted the sparks behind MacCurtis’ eyes, the false mask coming off in a split second as he went insane. It was time.” Natan went on as he nursed his drink to walk through the psychic battle. Believing he was battling an alien entity that had presented as a Norse God, only to discover on the borderlands. “It was not about pushing him back into Valhalla, or a wormhole so he could go home. But rather it was a Nephilim, those that many ancient races had risen up to do away with. This soul had hidden away on the Ark, the storehouse of DNA samples before the great catastrophe.”

Speare noted that he needed to catch up on Ancient Aliens to be able to follow this case better. “Yet this parasite had lodged itself in MacCurtis and needed to be rooted out. Took all I had to exorcise if you prefer that word, as the gate to Valhalla was closing.”

“You pulled the Nehilim out and tossed it in?” Speare asked.

Natan’s dry lips cracked a smile as he finished off his drink. “I put his head into the portal before it closed.” A very cold chill ran down Speare’s spine, like a full body brain freeze realizing what Natan had stated. This youngish man had essentially wielded the power to destroy and ancient entity. “At which point MacCurtis who was already de-aging, and myself crashed back into the bunker. Slick had hot wired himself and a rescue team back in. We were flown back to The Agency’s HQ in Winnipeg, debriefed, and I guess to keep with the religious tones of Martyrs, de-frocked.”

“We were decommissioned, and pensioned off back into civilian life at that point Speare. I stayed with Natan until he was discharged from the hospital and we used our monies to buy this piece of paradise.” Sax said. “You already know what happened to MacCurtis, Malcolm vanished. Far as we knew Daemon and Reesa vanished off the grid to wed and pop out babies.”

Speare stroked his whiskers, as he looked at the man in the wheel chair. Chalk white hair down to his shoulders, Vulcan like ears. “What’s your story that seems almost unbelievable what you pulled off within the borderland?”

“My story is simple, I am part-alien, part-human. My mother mated with what the Hebrew Bible would reference as Lucifer. And that is why I was able to tap into the cosmic power to deal with the Nephilim.” Natan stated as one would list their monthly bills to be paid.

Speare nodded, let out a low whistle. Somehow this didn’t seem to shock anymore, he was getting used to rolling with the reveals, like a bad reality television show trying to stave off cancellation.

“So the Slick that saved you, that was Jacqueline’s dad?” Speare asked.

Sax and Natan exchanged quizzical looks and it was Sax that spoke. “Jake “Shades” Slick, was a man-whore, but he never produced a child. The only Jacqueline we knew was…”

“Reesa. It was her first na—“ Natan could not finish the sentence before the fist slammed into the back of his head.

Christmas ball - Christianity

Christmas ball – Christianity (Photo credit: nabeel_yoosuf)

Quadruple combination opened to the Book of Is...

Quadruple combination opened to the Book of Isaiah – note the cross references between Biblical and Latter-day Saint scripture in the footnotes (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Icon for Wikimedia project´s LGBT portal (Portal:LGBT). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Seems a bit jarring to read the words of an apology when one has not idea what it is for.

It is simply the Rainbow Chapel’s statement of apology on behalf of Christianities and the horrors we have visited upon this world in the name of God.

We are sorry for:

Misogyny: promoting that women are inferior, that you are nothing more than property, that you cannot be called by God to the priesthood/pastorate… These have never been the Chapel’s beliefs, but we know the pain that these beliefs have created in the world and the scriptures of hate used to promote them and we are sorry.

Homophobia/Hetersexism: H-A-T-E if you will. We are sorry that if you are a member of the LGBTTQ communities you have felt that you need to seek out an “affirming” or “welcoming” church, that you have been called an abomination, bullied, had scripture thrown at you, told that God hates you, pushed to the brink and over the brink, beaten– all from narrow minded hatred for individuals to feel that they are alright. We as a member of the heritage of Christianities, apologize.

Racism: whether it took the form of eugenics, aryan superiority, slavery, coloniazation, reservation schools… all things where Western European Christianities used scripture and God to make you feel less than, to justify wars, genocides (active, passive, cultural, etc) just trying to eliminate you for being how the Creator created you in love. We are sorry.

Abuse: Whether it is because we have not protected our flocks from sexual predators; pedophiles; promoted that corporal punishment (beating our children) was okay, or that if you are trapped in the cycle of domestic abuse that you cannot divorce— these are wrong, contrary to God, not promoted by scripture when used as a tool to nurture the journey with God… and for all those that have suffered there is no way to undo the pain, but at the Chapel, We are sorry.

Differently Abled: We are sorry as the Christianities for making you feel less than human; for stipulating you are from Satan; for working to eliminate you from existence… the only scripture that holds around those that are differently abled is from Jesus— You are beloved of God created as we all are to glorify our loving creator. We at the chapel, are sorry the Christianities have been such righteous abusers to you.

Hell-Mongering: For making brothers and sisters of other faiths historically converting at the point of the sword; spiritually abusing you; calling you inferior… on behalf of the Christianities the tradition we come from, we apologize.

2016 years ago a peasant child was born to a teenage unwed mother. Some believe he was the Son of God. Just shy of 2,000 years ago he was hung from a cross for trying to transform a society based on money, power, and seperation. To craft the world back into the heart of God where all are cared for, where hope, joy, peace and love reign.  Where all knew that they were the beloved and blessed children of God. Where there was no limits on who can be called by God, used by God, or loved by God.

This was so radical that it led the religious authorities and Empire to conspire to kill this peasant rabbi.

His death should have been the end of it.

It wasn’t.

His death was simply the beginning…

A life resurrected…

A movement continued…

An original blessing renewed…

Turned astray by original sin, we apologize for the horrors committed upon this world in the name of God the Father, Jesus the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

We invite you to join the journey a new. A journey centered in God’s justice. God’s inclusion. God’s Love. God’s peace. God’s Joy. Live into God’s Hope.

Welcome to the Rainbow Chapel, our little attempt to shine God’s light.


An excellent thought from Rev. Todd of Shoreline Gathering Point:

Pay It Forward Ever have one of those days...

Todd MacDonald 15 May 19:35
Pay It Forward

Ever have one of those days that just started off kind of “meh” and kept on until something shook you out of it? I had that yesterday. While preparing for a funeral service at St. John the Baptist Roman Catholic Church in New Glasgow, I was having a “meh” day even though I was really looking forward to seeing my friend Father Gary MacPherson. Every time I get together with Father Gary, my spirit lightens…he calls me his little protty buddy and I try to convince him that he is more evangelical than I am. Father Garry is a wonderful man of God and a very faithful servant but Monday, I saw how deep his love ran at the service.

The Mass of Christian Burial has several readings and one particular reading was to be done by a family member. The reading was out of the Book of Lamentations and can be, at the best of times, very powerful but add to it the loss of a loved one and the words can bring the best of us to tears…and that is exactly what happened. I was in the foyer watching as the poor gal who was reading break down and I fought the temptation to go up to the front to help. That is when I saw Father Gary come down from where he was sitting and offer comfort and strength to her. Father Gary did not take the reading and finish it for her, rather he wrapped his arm around her and spoke softly to her in a way so calm and reassuring that I was almost embarrassed to be listening in on the conversation because it felt like I was intruding on a private discussion (his microphone was still on during the conversation). She was able to start the reading once again but Father Gary did not leave her side until the reading was done and, even then, he made sure she was well on her way back to her chair before he turned to go back to his own place on the platform.

That was the turning point of the day for me. It was a side of my friend I had not seen before. I have heard him speak in the past and had the opportunity to share and kibitz with him but what I saw brought a tear to my eye. I never doubted for a moment that Father Gary was a wonderful man of God but the depth of caring overwhelmed me. As I said in my last post, not a single church or denomination has the monopoly on salvation…the more I look for God’s love in this world the more I find it. The more I see people like Father Gary leading with his heart or Pastor Jerry loving on a community with all he has or Pastor Keith opening up an empty basement to help the less fortunate and so many others in this world who reflect that love to their fellow brothers and sisters; the more I thank God for His message of love and compassion. If we stop and take a look around us at the good being done within His world, we find there is a lot less time to seek out or even point out the faults of others in our society.

My hockey coach in college believed that the best defense was a strong offense. The more time you spent in the opponent’s zone, the less time you spent defending. Satan plays in the negative zone of our society and if we can put the pressure on, that is resist the urge to tear down another individual or group and instead take the battle to him by coming alongside in love and compassion to those who are in need, then the Kingdom will benefit. Yes, it does take a greater effort to reach out than it does to sit by idle but, in the end, the rewards are worth it.

To Father Gary, thanks for taking my “meh” day and transforming it into a very wonderful day and for all the rest of you who have chosen to make a difference in someone’s day with a selfless act of compassion, may God bless you richly. My prayer is that God will place in each of your paths an opportunity to bless someone everyday and that you may be that someone special to change another’s “meh” day into a wonderful day…pay it forward.



(If you wish to read more of his stuff follow his Take it or Leave it Facebook page)


The Gospel of Luke is an intriguing political statement (taken of course from the concept that Gospels were political edicts from the office of Emperor).  There is a new way to look at the Temptation in the wilderness.

See the wilderness story is to bring the hearer back to the story of the Exodus, the wanderings for 40 years in the wilderness, the times of scarcity of resources, and most importantly the removal of civilization from  and all its trappings from the people so it was only you and God. This is what the hearer would recollect in these 40 days, for the modern hearer what would equate to a fast that would truly renew our relationship with God and remind us of wilderness wanderings? Truly a vacation from work where we unplug from the office, the fast from busyness.

This then enters into specific temptations that when looked as poetic devices reveal a deeper telling.

At the moment of being parched and hungry, when in the Exodus the people whined to go back to Egypt (their challenge of faith), Satan (the Adversary, the Temptor, Lucifer, The Devil) the fallen angel who works for God/was created by God, not as we like to believe God’s equal in godhood…comes upon Jesus in the wilderness and lays out the temptations.

The first being to turn stones to bread. What is in this challenge? You are hungry Jesus, take the easy way out. Use the power you have, you are more important than even the Emperor of Earth, use that power and do what is right within you power, never asking why or should I, just be black and white in your logic.

Jesus answer is simple, he reminds himself, the hearer and the Devil (much like Job in the Book of Job) that there is more to life than material fulfillment and true contentment does not come from bread, the true meaning of Manna from Heaven is revealed as the Christ within.

The next time Devil takes Jesus up to the highest point to look at the collective Kingdoms of the World. The short line from A to B, and the wrong line. For the hearer a proposal reminiscient in the Garden of the Serpent to Eve, “Did God really say…”  What Devil presents is the false argument of power…Worship me Jesus and all of this will be yours.

But Jesus is an astute one and remembers the story of humanity leaving the Garden in their original blessing. Clothed by God, warned o real life, and then given the world–dominion (authority/care) so why would Jesus need to worship the Devil to gain what God had already given? He wouldn’t and he responds with Love God with your everything, the first part of the Shema. The answer is to direct them to the breath of life and the promise held within that.

The final temptation of this round. The Shrewd snake comes back with a practice the righteous used then and today, the ability to use the name of God in Vein, misquote scripture to shatter the hope someone carries within them, to have them not acknowledge the Spirit within and the hope within and to make irrational choices of death.

As Devil asks Jesus to throw himself down for the angels will save him. Jesus response is simple, do not test God. Simple? Percisely, why do we play parlour games with faith, if you do this then I will believe, rather than just look at inherent created nature.

The story ends stating that Devil will be back again. Some historians have said this happend when Christ was on the cross or in Gethsemane, I challenge that. I think it happened each time Jesus was rejected, cursed, spat on, beaten, with each healing, miracle, when Judas sold him out, each time he prayed, and every breath he took. For you see in those moments-each life moment we have choices to make in our eternal struggle of God/Devil and who we elect to serve, true love or false power. And with each thing that happens to us, our choice is how to respond. That is the key of the story, that it is not events when challenges confront our beliefs, but when we live our lives authentically.