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Buddy Jesus bobblehead

Buddy Jesus bobblehead (Photo credit: _escalade328s_)

Some would say during this Sabbatical I was to learn about relying on God. For those who say that, they have never really known me, my life or ministry. Others would say that it is time to reflect on what has come before. The unfortunate part of the contemplative walk is that we spend so much time looking and grieving at where we’ve been that we sometimes miss the blessing in the now or yet to come.

For many in the interview process look at my professional life and say that I could run this agency, why do I want this, what they mistakenly or crassly class, as entry level position. What they miss is the idea of getting to know the culture of an agency, but also there is more to the why answer.

Simply put, it is my wife & kids, my family. Yes titled leadership in a healthy non-profit is awesome, but it can also destroy one’s personal life, and control one’s home life (actually much like being a pastor if one does not create solid boundaries). And is this worth it with my children so young? This loss of the blessing of now with my family, for a title, for a minor remuneration increase?

For my kids to become part of many generations of helping parents who look at their parents and state, you cared more about those you served than us…a statement I never want them to think.

Lent for me, this whole sabbatical life, has been reflecting on the rise  of the religion/spirituality of compassion in all its manifestations, yet like the Shema presented by Brother Jesus, it all falls apart if it does not begin with compassion for yourself, your family, friends, and community…then grows our from there.


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Okay so it is more like night one, and how you ask gentle reader did I wind up at Alberta Bible College‘s Emerge Youth Conference (Little known fact, I am actually an ABC Alumni shocking isn’t it?). But I actually wound up at the conference with my hunny, because I made a usual smart alec comment (astounding coming from Ty I know) to my colleague who was planning the event, and well she called my bluff so tomorrow I am speaking on walking and serving with God based on the Shema in Deuteronomy.

But I digress, tonight was the kick off and how my Alma Mater has changed… there was an electric energy from the students, an energy that maybe I wasn’t aware of, or did not want to be aware of while attending. The night kicked off with a high powered worship dance montage, then went into excellent worship provided by Grand Prairie Church of Christ’s worship band. The first speaker was Storm Moore from Kelowna, BC speaking on fearing and loving God another good set of worship, then small groups for those in attendance and by the looks of it the night will end with sumo suit wrestling.

So what is my reflection as I prayerfully prepare to do theology with high school kids and their pastors? Simple, that upon reflection too often we look at the age of someone and think we don’t need to go deep…yet for a true spirit of living life with God to “emerge” we need to take the opportunity to go deep with the youngest in our midst and affirm the calls God is placing on their hearts.

So what can be expected tomorrow? Another amazing day where I pray the spirit moves…

As for my chat, well we are going to do theology on the Shema…take life experience (and to be honest my ink and scars (interior/exterior) relate more to a life that equates to HBO than CW) add in one’s learnings in academia, crack open the bible and become open to the Holy Spirit for all this to work together to discover God’s will…

So take a swing by Alberta Bible College on Northmount Drive Tomorrow and see if there’s still room to register, and join the journey to Emerge into the love of God and living life out of this love…Let’s discover our call.