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It is interesting as one sits and ponders life. Some call it mindfulness, others prayer or meditation, still some rumination… what it really is though truthfully is being fully connected with your emotions and understanding the 5 W’s and H around them. This is a hard process when it comes to hard things in life that we face–illness, death, bankruptcy, finances, school, being a parent, being a support for parents, older life sibling strife/rivalry… Essentially any change small or major in life that then transforms into grief in our own life.

There are many ways to understand grief, their is the book Good Grief by Westberg; there is the U theory of changeĀ  or as anyone who has worked in life recovery knows the idea and practice of addiction is essentially a symptom of deeper issues so journeying with another while working on the 12 StepsĀ are some formal ways to work through one’s past and emerge into the now.

There is always the recommendations for Spiritual Direction; Counselling; Spiritual Mind Treatment (Affirmative Prayer), Reiki or other formalized spiritual praxis that deals with the spiritual gunk that clogs our energy systems that once released can unburden our physical, mental and emotional selves.

But it comes back to our own personal decisions to understand one major thing: We are perfect and divine already. We do not have to seek out anything to affirm that we deserve the best and highest good. It is a hard thing to understand, which is why Rev. Marjorie’s talk at Calgary Centre for Spiritual Living today inspired this post. To understand that spiritual practice is not about making ourselves perfect, but coming into an understanding that we already are. She shared a simple mantra to be able to live in the now that came from a newsletter from Dr. Carol Carnes:

I am here,

it is now,

all is well.

And so it is.