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Editorial: Justice is overdue for Bountiful children.

Polygamy charges? Smoke and mirrors, each and every man that is married on this colony should be arrested and charged with sexual assault; emotional abuse; sexual interference; assualt; battery and the like… focus should be given to sexual assault charges on minors and coersion (you are to marry and produce children once you start menstrauting to get to heaven…that is coersive and abusive).

Basically it is a pedophile communion, each and every male in this colony is either guilty by association or transgression, we as a society need to quite soft pedalling what is happening and save the children.

These are not actions inspired or directed by any God other than the pedophile.

English: Pope Benedict XVI

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Sexual abuse by clergy, the most trusted in our journeys, not only strips us of innocence, it strips us of God.

The Profits of Religion

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Even if the statues of limitation have expired in the nations the cases have happened, the priests, monastics, and bishops/cardinals/popes linked to this atrocity need to be defrocked and excommunicated…if need be the buildings should be sold and the monies invested in non-profits that help in healing of those affected by sexual/spiritual abuse. End the Omerta…and let the renewal begin.

Polygamist leader convicted of child sex abuse – World – CBC News.

With the conviction of the “Prophet” perhaps this will lead the rest of the world to roust these sects from their countries and jail the leaders and get the children and “wives” into extensive therapy to free themselves from the cycle of physical, religious, spiritual and sexual abuse at the hands of these men. This is not polygamy, it is notĀ Mormonism, it is not Christ.

What it is is simply FUNDAMENTALIST PEDOPHILIA abusing not only God‘s children, but the name of God.

May this conviction be the first step of healing.

The answer is not as easy as one would think, it is a Yes and No.

If one defines the church as the denominational structure they are affiliated with, orĀ the political power base like the Religious Right or the Liberation Theology movement orĀ  an “anti” group that excludes people from knowing the love of God, or the building and the trappings that come with it, or the pursuit of the money to keep the building and structures afloat then my answer is a resounding NO, or to quote Spock from Star Trek VI, “I believe my answer would be, go to hell” and that is my sentiment.Ā 

For this structure was erected roughly 1700 years ago when Christendom was used to attempt to unify an empire that was dying and we have ravaged the world since.Ā  Yes there are pockets of good that has been accomplished, but let’s look at what the institute has done: Sexual Abuse, Emotional Abuse, Cultural Genocide, Wars, Crusades, Famines, Spiritual Abuse, disenfranchisement, oppression of and not recognizing as human beings such as women, aboriginals, LGBTTQ, etc., tearing apart of families, and drawing lines in the sand about who can and cannot know God. And before someone stands up and hollers that was such and such a church, scratch the historical (present, or past) of any Christian denomination, and you will find the epic cover up of any of these atrocities either on the macro or micro level (institutional or parish or all of the above).

The turn or burn mentality is still alive in hall within the complicity of Christian members not calling for, and implementing actual reform and healing by dismantling the structures that led to power that corrupts. Then I pray like the lost 10 Tribes, these become dust in the wind, a memory.

Now, however, if you are talking about Church as those that make up humanity, who strive to create a better world through peace work, human rights, political action, social justice, and building community that moves beyond labels into authentic living…then my answer is a resounding YES, Hell YEAH even, for Church is truly the people that work to change the world into the image of the Holy.