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Former MLA questions need for Alberta Party

Dave Taylor wonders if its time to ‘fold the tent’

CBC News

Posted: May 25, 2012 8:46 PM MT

Last Updated: May 25, 2012 8:51 PM MT

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The only person to ever sit as an Alberta Party MLA is raising questions about its future now that the Progressive Conservatives under Premier Alison Redford share the centre of the political spectrum.

“The Alberta Party’s values are now the Redford PC government’s values,” Dave Taylor wrote in a blog posting on Friday. “They stand for everything we stand for — and they’re in power. Who needs us?”

Former Alberta Party MLA Dave Taylor decided not to run in last month's provincial election. Former Alberta Party MLA Dave Taylor decided not to run in last month’s provincial election. (CBC)Taylor, a former Calgary Liberal MLA who joined the Alberta Party after spending time as an independent, decided not to run in the April 23 election, where the party failed to win any seats. He is calling on the party executive to let members have a free discussion about its future.

Now that the party no longer has an MLA in the Alberta legislature, it has lost a platform for building support, Taylor writes. He adds the party lacks the political knowledge and experience to convince Albertans to vote for them instead of the Tories.

“The Alberta Party has a big decision to make: Should we ‘fold the tent,’ or can we find a way to differentiate ourselves from the PCs?”

Taylor went public with his feelings one day before the party holds an event in Edmonton to thank candidates, volunteers and supporters for their efforts during the campaign.

Sue Huff ran for the Alberta Party in Edmonton-Glenora. She said Taylor is simply putting the issue out there for discussion.

“Dave is provocative. He always has been,” she said. “You know I think it’s good to ask yourselves the hard questions. We’re a party that has always embraced the hard questions and not shied away from that so I think that’s a perfectly legitimate question to ask.”.

As for Taylor, he writes that isn’t attending the event in Edmonton as he will be in Seattle on Saturday.

Musings Two Bits: This would be an excellent opportunity for the infrastructure and passion of these individuals to open talks to join in a merger with either the Alberta Liberals or Alberta NDP to strengthen the opposition/accountability voice of the government.