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Many have wondered why Star Trek? It has always been a meta-narrative in my life, from the original series in re-runs on CBC that allowed me to stay up late on Tuesday nights, to the animated series to all the 24th century fun. Lately on Netflix, I have been revisiting the prequel series, Enterprise, as regular readers can see. The reason it holds is the wisdom found in good stories that challenge the status quo meta-narrative, allow for conversation and contemplation, but also just for fun.


Opening to Bennett’s (2014) Star Trek Enterprise Rise of the Federation: Tower of Babel

This brings us to the newest novel I have picked up. Christopher L. Bennett’s (2014) Star Trek Enterprise Rise of the Federation Tower of Babel which has one of the most profound opening statements on intent, action and outcomes I have read in a while.

It speaks to the fear that stopped us from accomplishing. But fear exists in other quotes of our lives and cliches whether we realize it or not. The fear of the other, the fear that to accomplish our goals, the other must exist, there must always be an enemy. It is the metaphor of Babel on Trek, being the planet where the many once divided came together to become one. To move beyond fear, beyond hate, beyond that which separates.

The ends justify the means.


By any means necessary.

Beyond the assumption  that as long as the outcome is in our own good or what we perceive as warranted it does not matter how we go there. The stripping away of fear if you will. But it is not. It shows where true intent lies. Is the intent for own glory and prestige? Is the intent destructive for neighbour (community) and/or the interior castle in the long run? Essentially the how and why of what we want, matter just as much as the achievement.

It is like the myth mentioned here, the intent behind the tower was not communal health. It was about proving power over others (Read the original myth here).

As you enter into any journey, alone or communally. Ask yourself:

What is the intent?

What are the action steps?

Do they maintain the heart of the intent?

What is the primary/true outcome?

Will your tower crumble under fear? Or rise in true interdependent love?

Does it show true concern and positive intent for self, and through self, neighbour?

What is your Babel narrative?