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Tim Horton’s is the stereotypical cuppa for a Canadian, but for consistency one knows to go to McCafe at McDonalds. That was where this warm cup of double-double came from. Pen was snoring away in my inside coat pocket of a brown leather bomber. The Habs cap was pulled low, and my salt and pepper beard was giving away my age as I watched and waited across the road.

John’s voice from the cemetery still rings in my ears. Before it was silenced and vanished. So here I stand watching the old city hall and wondering if there is anything to be learned here from watching politicians’ do the shuffle. Another sip. And shuffle on into the square, past the statues of the Famous Five with theatre crowds letting out.

How do I explain the lost night to Susan? She who is the love of my life, since time immortal? She who would be putting the kids to bed again without me. I should’ve gone home sooner, not just standing in the street lit downtown waiting on what? Someone I know who is dead to walk out of City Hall? A mayor that died under weird circumstances, but still got a hero’s funeral because…well he was still a hero. The one who took the mask off to step in to true public service. Is that what the haunting voice is about? This time of sabbatical is to explore and learn about who I am, without the powers or is it to finally truly accept who I am as a powerful entity?

That is the fear. What if after all these years channeling the power I no longer have a human soul? Even though some would call Susan my lightning rod, she whose love pulled me back from the dark dimensions more time than nought.  The low rumble of sirens. Like a third eye flash—police—something—seriously?

“C’mon Ricky boy, let loose for a change.” That voice of familiarity ringing in my heart. Just like when we were teenagers, and I would always caution John, but he was willing to bounce right in to the fray.

A crack of thunder, and lightning flashes across the sky like a bolt from Zeus’ hands of Olympus.

The cars are coming up First Street SW by the convention centre, heading towards the Anglican Cathedral. Rounding the corner to see clearly with my own eyes.

The shriek is deafening. The horrible potato sack mask and the bad thrift store clown outfit. It can’t be. Can it?

I gulp the last of the coffee and move towards it. A family in trouble, the father is out, and the other dad is trying to shield the kid. And the sledge hammer is up for another strike from the original deal. The first supervillain I ever tussled with that spawned 26 sequels: Killer Face.

Exhale slowly. Looks like Johnny may get his wish. It’s been awhile since I needed the bravado, but for some reason I can’t switch at will. What is up with the power down? Going to need to talk to Pen about that later, but first. A simple whisper as I role my ring on my right hand’s ring finger. “Bionics on.”

The lightning strikes.

The potato sack covered head jerks at the sound of the boom.

To Be continued…



It is a question that is 30 years in the making. Okay not really, but that was a great intro line not to have used it.

But it is 30 years since a type writer first typed out the words “The Adventures of Rick Saturn: The Bionic Knight.” and history was made in my fiction writing as a whole super hero universe was birthed that in junior high became known as the Tyverse (Raganverse following the Reagan era of politics just seemed to pretentious). It saw a plethora of heroes and villains created with literally tens of thousands of pages written over the past 30 years on pulp adventure yarns. Some greats like the Agency, Street Avenger, Johnny Power, Speedster and the Great Crime Fighters and some not so great like Rock Dude, Tigorr, and the Rubber Guy (hey not all can be winners).

Yet the first was a hodge podge origin creation, the story of a teenage orphan being raised by an elderly foster parent couple, the Harumphs. A blonde girlfriend, Susan Kobwash, with a nerdy best friend from a wealthy family, John MacCurtis. Yes, this was Rick Saturn, the dweeb, the bullied who one night while escaping tormentors would stumble into a dump, and have Gerklyn the wise (Merlin’s crazy cousin) bestow upon him a ring of power.

What can I say, it was the late 1980’s. I was a child of the 6 Million Dollar man made for t.v. movies; a passion for knights in shining armour and the Arthur/Robin Hood legends; loved Spider-Man (n0te the story of the group); and a time of cartoons of the Bionic Six and Visionaries. It all became boiler plate for a teenage hero who with the “magic mantra” of “Bionics On!” was replaced with the golden armoured knight hero of Calgary…the Bionic Knight. Added a few years later to some angst of his back story was that his family was actually organized crime, killed in a rival shoot out.

But I digress. This character’s sidekick was John MacCurtis, who too would get a magic gift and become PinBall, and eventually Bionic Archer. As well as other identities…but Rick Saturn would centre on the B.K. identity throughout his career. At times a teenager, who aged, in other moments the elder statesman role of the superhero set like one would read in the Justice Society comics. But always holding to a code of a simpler time. Do right, no killing, good always wins.

A light in the dark. As bionics lost favour, I would drop it, and Knight would become his code name, later it would evolve into PenDragon, and the idea of Gerklyn would recede, to Merlin being his patron as the lineage tying directly back more to the mystical side of Arthurian legend reincarnated would become stronger.Perhaps it was due to tracing matrilineal lines back to Uther that led to this clarity. Each year, regardless of other writing there would be a Saturn story produced.

Which is unique, because in the creative process it was MacCurtis I tended to resonate with more. The sidekick, probably as a younger brother. Even to a time when MacCurtis on the page would act as a Tulpa to journey through a spiritual labyrinth.

Yet here I am re-introducing the Bionic Knight to the reader. For you see, part of the journey as well, is to realize that even though the sidekick may assume the helm (think Wally West as the Flash, even Dick Grayson becoming Batman for a time). There is a point in our own journeys, when it is no longer the younger or the sidekick that our life role identifies with.

There comes a time, when where we are in playing mentor to others we realize, we are not Wally (West, Kid Flash, Flash III) or even Barry (Allan, Flash II) but have become in our own journey Jay (Garrick, Flash I) and perhaps are a sidestep away from being Max Mercury (a sage not affiliated with role).

So this year, 30 years on, I begin to plot a new adventure of an old friend. The hair a little thinner and grayer, with a wife not a girlfriend, a family, mourning the loss of a close friend as seen in the last Speare adventure…

So it is time not for a rebirth or reborn moment for a hero. But a grail quest moment.

Watch closely over the next little bit, for it may not be an old manual type writer pecking away at keys, it may be a netbook onto a blog.

But soon…

the question of Who is the Bionic Knight? will be answered, here…when…

The Quest of Rick Saturn: The Bionic Knight debuts.

The First run at the prologue for the new book…a step in getting the dust out if you will:

For the past 24 months I have admittedly struggled in getting a book together. All that began to change in July of 2015 I entered into a course at the Calgary Centre for Spiritual Living. It was to be a fun summer course playing around with manifestation and energy. The course was based on Pam Grout’s 2013 book, E Squared. It was 9 do it yourself energy experiments. Experiment # 4 The Abracadabra Principle (pp. 67-88) is what birthed this book. For in it you are to manifest something simple in your mind.

Me being a man before reading the chapter was going to manifest the completely accessible bungalow home that my family needs, but then read the chapter and the instruction on starting small realized that as a book I was reading wound down and decided to try manifesting my wife, Shawna, getting me a new book without saying anything. A safe bet for these 48 hour experiments or so I thought, for the 48 hours came and almost went and no book.

Except—drum roll please—a new book. That is the volume you are currently holding and reading. See in conversations during those 2 days with Shawna, what was birthed was the title and outline for this little book.

Quite the thing, as it came about a year into my family’s new commitment into the New Thought movement. Each chapter will explore a different theme, and a metaphysical narrative for understanding and application for one’s life. Things rolled along quite well as the outline fleshed out, and kept going with the course, then hit two more experiments, one around weight loss and one around gardening.

Ooops. The greatest hurdle to energy work or in my case writing suddenly hit the bricks: P-R-O-C-R-A-S-T-I-N-A-T-I-O-N!

The procrastination tool to avoid homework for a course is what writing can look like, but when one has not been able to create a solid work for a while as a writer, well then you take the run when you can.

Let’s be honest that everyone has a key procrastination tool. For Ty Ragan, I am that procrastination tool, a character that has existed in one form or another through various incarnations within his fiction stories. These stories whether mystery, adventure, pulp, super hero or all the previous existed within the Tyverse as he so admirably dubbed it (most recent adventures available on his website: I have been a detective, a pastor, a sidekick, a super hero, a trans-dimensional mystic, a mentor and…

            I even manifested at one point as a Tulpa, as Ty was journeying through his Franciscan formation to aid him in reconciling his past, and working on bringing together his journey through multiple religious paths. Now I am introducing the new book. Why?

            Simple, there was a mystery-mystical story in the work that has stalled out several times for my new identity as John MacCurtis, mayor of the city, former sidekick, and dragged back into the life by a mass murderer targeting former teammates. Yet it could not get beyond the first 500 words. So I decided it was time to get into a published work after 28 years of kicking around and kicking butt, providing the odd spiritual guidance that brought together fractured pieces from a burnt out time of life, to fully accept who he was.

            Now this book is going to be another journey for the reader. A next step in the spiritual journey of wholeness by looking at powers within our being that when discovered, reflected and empowered upon can and will create a new spiritual self.

The new spiritual self. How do you get there? It is a constant process in working on yourself, but also outside yourself and with the other. Those around you, the community you exist in. Finding a safe community to grow in as well.

Community is the key piece that many forget within their spiritual journey. Especially in the Western World we have a hold on to individualism, the sad part being that by tying it to only us on our journey, not a “we” on the journey, the key piece from most of the master teachers: Buddha, Bahhaluah, Jesus, Mohammed, Moses, Francis of Assisi, Dalai Lama, Ghandhi, etc. is lost for they did not exist within a vacuum, they did not manifest and transform as individuals. They were full participating members of their society, they had connections with others, and were positive justice focused participants within their world for the better.

That is the journey of the book you now hold, looking at each power/emotion/energy there is a piece of the meta-narrative, the story of the Universe it is tied into, there is a piece tied into the weave of the threads of you, and then there is a way that you connect into your community.

By turning the page, you are accepting a step into learning this new reality and preparing to live out of this new reality to transform the world.

The question is simple;

Are you willing to create a new you and a new world?

There was a time in the four waves of Supra’s that it became slightly darker than normal. Where villains stood united towards world domination and almost triumphed as heroic egos kept away from the concept of team. Then the unthinkable happened to the United Villainy, for you see the heroic ego was put aside so a team could arise, its light so bright that it beat back the shadows, the Great Crime Fighters were born and villainy was caged.

Years wore on, and silently the Great Crime Fighters faded into the shadows they once fought to remove. The fourth wave was silenced and vanished; a new more violent era of heroism was born. That era came to an explosive end with the powerful PenDragon being destroyed by the now revealed Ionic Knight’s return to supremacy, and a call to rule Calgary.

It was in that moment, when former fourth wave hero, John MacCurtis, turned mayor was threatened that Rick Saturn stepped into the breach of heroism once more returning to battle evil as the Bionic Knight. One gutsy move, two words uttered and one shoulder lifting the Ionic Knight up from Olympic Plaza into the sky as John MacCurtis is hustled into City Hall by the Police.

Mystery’s eyes narrow as he watches the two forms streak into the sky on the store display window’s flat screen. The Bionic Knight was back in action. Not only back in action but fighting his nemesis, what about the next step? What did it mean for him as the Chinook wind started dying down? Mystery wrapped the thinning winter coat around him.

Perhaps the time had come; perhaps it was a new dawn.

The Ionic Knight’s eyes focused on the Bionic Knight’s back as they ascended higher in the sky.  A grin formed underneath the helmet of the Ionic Knight as he brought both his fists down onto the small of his opponents back breaking the hold as the two went past the roof of City Hall, where an electrically charged whip flies out and loops around the Bionic Knight.

From the shadows is the maniacal man with the wooden face. Killer Face.

John MacCurtis looks out the window of his office from old City Hall to the new steel and glass one across the way. He watches his friend being pummelled by the two greatest villains he had ever faced. The heroic rust showing through, he slumps behind his desk and opens up the top drawer. John’s eyes fall onto a ring box.

In Olympic Plaza, in rumpled suit and trench coat looks to the sky, he smiles. After years of serving the agency that tracked supra normal occurrences, it had been too quiet, with nothing happening for the new ones but watching body counts. The fun was back in now. Agent Louie Regis, bungler, secret agent, and all around mystery solver. Reaching into his holster he draws his .38 and heads towards the new City Hall, he needed to get to the roof to aid the Bionic Knight.

As the agent’s black dress shoes hit the cement outside of the city hall, a sonic boom shakes the glass of surrounding buildings. Killer Face whirls around as a black gloved face smashes into his wooden head sending splinters flying.

The Bionic Knight feels new power course through him as he flexes and snaps the depowered whip. The Ionic Knight’s sword slams into the Bionic Knights chest as the mayor’s office window in old City Hall explodes outwards.

To Be Continued

Next: Are these the Great Crime Fighters?

Rick’s thumb moves across the inscription. Maybe John had been right to lock the ring away from temptation of transformation. The promises made to Susan not to step back into the breach, he has the children to think of now. Yet there is his twin, his nemesis, the reincarnation of Mordred. The one that is supposed to be in the void again, the one sucked into the void by Morgan Le Faye and it appeared two had been one and then none.

Yet here was the Ionic Knight standing mere feet away from John MacCurtis, his alleged best friend since he was adopted by the Harumphs and raised as their son from elementary school onwards. Who a scant six months after Merlin visited him, revealed the sky effect had turned him into a living ball of kinetic energy, which three years after and a visit to the mystical realm of Camelot would see John discovered the second ring and the energy of Herne the Hunter, the Celtic God tied into the Robin Hood mythos took symbiotic life within him, but now he is the Mayor, no powers, no demigod. And very close to dying at the hands of ultimate evil and yet a promise to Rick’s soul mate has him hesitate a fraction of a second.

“Bionics On!” the lightning cascades out of the sky and up from the ground shaking Olympic Plaza. The energy courses through, Rick feels the armour form around him. The gold shimmering armour with the sword Excalibur in his hilt as he draws it and it stops the other blade mere inches away from John. His left gauntleted hand crashes into the silver armoured jaw of his opponent sending him careening backwards.

Cameras and phones are going off; older talking heads note the armour and realize what has happened. John looks up at his once friend. It had been too long since they had talked, had coffee, he had played with his God kids or talked to Susan. But he lets out a laugh realizing the situation “hope you like the couch B.K.”

The Bionic Knight looks down at John and whispers, “tell you after I finish off this chump.”

The silver armoured knight stands up and sheaths his sword. His red eyes glow and spark as he makes notes of the golden armoured hero. “You are supposed to be dead.”

The Bionic Knight laughs out loud. “To quote Mark Twain, reports of my demise have been highly exaggerated. Oh and don’t believe everything you read on Twitter.” The Bionic Knight flies his left shoulder catches the Ionic Knight in the midsection as he veers upwards into the sky holding on his opponent. The Ionic Knight’s fists pummel his back producing dents in the armour that B.K. knows will leave bruising when he changes back, but he needs to clear his opponent from innocent bystanders.

John watches the two take launch as police swarm around him. They begin moving him back towards city hall. John can’t take his eyes off the two leaving forms. A smile crosses his face. And he thinks to himself…where’s my ring?

In a living room of a split level, a stay at home mum with blonde hair watches the City T.V. news break from the mayor’s press conference. She drops the remote and feels her jaw slacken at the sight before her.

“Rick…” Susan gasps as she watches her husband launch at the one foe he was never able to beat. “come home to me.”

To Be Continued

Next: What awaits beyond the void?

  1. That was the number that was splashed across television, social media, news media, and break ins on radio stations across the country, but centred in Calgary, AB. It was where PenDragon’s death toll of criminals was halted by his latest “villain”. The talking heads came out of the woodwork to dialogue on the loss of heroism, and what ifs the fourth wave of heroes had stayed around to train the new violent ones would the outcome have been different yesterday.

Rick scratches the greying stubble around his chin as he looked down at the Metro headline, the image of the electricity tearing through the darkness. The form in the middle of it was familiar, and sent a cold chill up and down his spine as he awaited his c-train. The Chinook was turning the roads to slush puppies, and creating a mixture of slush/ice around the sidewalks creating treacherousness for the average pedestrian.

The follow up of the story stated that City Council would be holding a press conference about the downtown incident and what their response was to be. Mayor MacCurtis was not standing for this level of violence any more was the vibe being given off. Rick had to chuckle, how long had it been since they had stood side by side saving the world, and now here John was running the city, and no one was the wiser as to where he had come from. John had been a local Guidance Counsellor in a S.E. high school when he tossed his hat into the ring to be mayor.

Two years into a four year term was when PenDragon emerged. One year in, and 226 alleged criminals had been executed by this supposed hero. The citizens of Calgary were split much on this new breed of hero that had emerged five years after the fourth wave went silent, they were more violent, took no prisoners, and yet the world did not feel safer with the darker world view.

Maybe Rick would go by city hall on his way into work at the college to hear the news conference, how long had it been since he had talked to John? Four years? Three? Time was slipping away from them, especially since he technically was Rick’s kids’ godfather. How things had gone sideways between Rick & Susan and John & Nathan.

But it was when the cancer struck Nathan, it was progressive and fast moving, in less than six months his life was claimed, and then the scandal of money laundering hit city hall and the incumbents were all jailed. The John coming through his grief made the decision to run, and work from his secret identity. He knew he could have just disclosed who he was, but was fearful then with the new technology of the other’s being revealed, always a team player, and now the sidekick was the leader.

John MacCurtis stood at the podium as the cool and warming Chinook wind blew through at Olympic Plaza. A brick structure in the middle of a park down town Calgary across from City Hall. It was created for giving out the medals during the 1988 winter Olympics, had hosted Stanley Cup, NLL Championship and Grey Cup celebrations, and in the summer was a splash park and the winter an ice rink. John had chosen this location for the press conference as a rally point for the city.

Rick watched as John ascended to the podium, the slow breath into the microphone to ensure it was on. The John started. “Yesterday, the horror that was unstoppable within our city was ended. PenDragon is gone; now all that remains is to bring his murderer to justice. The mysterious armoured man is wanted; our Chief of Police has just released a Canada wide warrant for this unknown Supra.”

John started fielding questions. Rick scratched his brow as he walked away from the conference, but then the air crackled. An all too familiar sound as the hairs on the back of his neck stood up. It couldn’t be. Pundits were saying it was, but Rick did not want to believe the news. “He’s supposed to be imprisoned.” A mystical imprisonment of inescapable means if you will.

John’s eyes move from the reporter’s to the sky. Rick notes the crinkling in the eye. His former partner knows who it is as well. A loud boom as the shimmering silver armoured figure touches down in the centre of the swarm of people, knocking civilians over.  Rick steps back and gasps as the red eyes sweep, and he feels the energy given off, the hilt of the sword. Rick whispers, “My brother.”

John grips the podium a bit tighter. His mind flashes back to his sock drawer at home, where the mystical ring is. A lifetime ago when he put it there, and Nathan and him decided it was time to have a life that did not involve him risking his life, first as the teen sidekick PinBall, but then earning his own stripes with the sorcerer Merlin, and becoming the Bionic Archer.

A full partner to stand beside his best friend, Rick Saturn, who Merlin had called in his adolescence to become the Bionic Knight, a mystical science reincarnation of Arthur Pendragon to defend the world. It was a time of fun, adventure and magic. Mordred, Arthur’s son with his sister Morgan le Faye had reincarnated thanks to Merlin’s student, Gerklyn, and was a mix of mystical science known as…

“Ionic Knight.” John MacCurtis, Mayor of Calgary, captain obvious, said. The red eyes flash to the podium, the air crackles with red energy as John dives out of the way, and the stage erupts in fire and debris.

The police draw their weapons as the armoured form advances towards John. The mechanical voice speaks. “I claim this city.”

John brushes ash off his clothes and stares at the villain. “You and what army chump?”

The Ionic Knight’s sword clears its sheath and arcs towards John.

Rick thumbs his wedding band; his hand traces the Welsh words of incantation. The world did not want heroes, they came to speak that PenDragon’s way was what they wanted. Not the adventure and challenge. He slowly rolls the ring as he watches the sword arc out and up, it begins to slow down in his mind. John had put the ring away completely stating the power held within was too much for anyone to wield. The Supra’s had to step out of the limelight and let humanity choose their own path. The magic, the mysticism, the science, and the weird UFOology sky effect that had created the fourth wave had to be given up.

All this rolled through Rick’s mind at a rapid pace. If he was to do this to save his friend, it would open up the chasm again. Yet, it would save a life.

That is what the choice came down to. Two simple words and the world could be better or worse, but that is the challenge of free will.

Rick steps forward, “…”

To Be Continued

Next: Does John Live? Is a hero reborn? What do these choices hold for a new era in heroism?