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I used to love the short lived Alien Nation t.v. show, but had never seen the movie, thanks to the bargain bins at Rogers (buy 1 get 2 free) I purchased it for the grand sum of $0. Shawna and I watched it last night, for the unitiated the series is set in 1991, an essentially an alien slave ship has crash landed in the U.S. of A under the Reagan Administration, the movie is placed one year after the 300,000 have come to earth and started to be assimilated into American Culture.

It is a traditional police procedural drama, much like Lethal Weapon or Beverly Hills Cop or Stake Out Vein.  The story is finding the murdered of Matthew Sykes’ partner, to do this he is partnered with the first Newcomer police detective Samuel Francisco or Sam Francisco, so Sykes dubs his partner George saying that the port authorities must have gotten quite punchy while handing out the 300, 000 monikkers. George, stipulates yes, unlike Sykes which in his language means cranium excrement, Sykes looked dumb founded to which George stated “Shit head in my language”.

So really what we may view as strange, is all a matter of perspective and context.