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emblem of the Papacy: Triple tiara and keys Français : emblème pontifical Italiano: emblema del Papato Português: Emblema papal. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Okay so I admit it, I loved my time in ministry within the Catholic Church. The Basillian Fathers and Sisters I served with totally got what it meant to live Christ in their community.  By now, everyone has probably heard/read the resignation that shook the globe, he has become one of five, and the first in 600 years to abdicate (royal head of state don’tcha know); resign from the Holy See due to ill health. Pope Benedict XVI is about to go back to being just theologian (retired) Josef Ratzinger. Setting aside all the questions regarding what it will mean to have a living ex-pope and newly minted new pope before Easter 2013 for the almost 1.2 billion catholics awaiting their new Holy Father

Let’s see what this man of God could do to transform the world’s perception of his corporation:

1) Announce an open vote for parishes instead of a conclave, this motion made ex-cathedra could not be revoked and be truly transformative for the Body of Christ, where Palm Sunday parishners could vote and on Easter Sunday the new holder of the Seat of Peter can be celebrated.

2) Decentralize/close and liquidate the Vatican making the monies available as a living micro-finance venture/affordable housing/free medical care faculty for the world truly transforming our globe and showing what the selflessness of Christ’s miracles were truly about.

3) Release all sealed/secret papers, files and books from all Diocessan offices and the Vatican. Truly shine the light of the Holy brightly to illuminate all the evil, and all the good this body has done for the world, and let the chips fall where they may.

4) End mandatory celibacy, allow marrieds and singles, male or female (or any other blooming label humanity wishes to use to divide us) to answer the vocational call of the Holy Mystery to ordination.

5) Issue a decree for all Catholic Diocese/churches to surrender their charitable- tax-exempt statuses to breath a renewed soul through manna into society.

Pope Benedict, you still have time to radically let the Holy Spirit work to create a legacy for Christ within this world…17 days for a pope is a long time…


It is time to gather as the collective body of Christ and pray for our brothers and sisters in the Roman Catholic Church, as their leader has abandoned them, and their cardinals will gather end of the month to choose a new successor to Peter…perhaps the Spirit will once again move and the work started at Vatican II will be completed…



English: PORTRAIT OF JOHN XXIII Español: IMAGEN DE JUAN XXIII (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Pope Benedictus XVI

Pope Benedictus XVI (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Pope's Blessing

Pope’s Blessing (Photo credit: alykat)

Pope Pius XII called Pastor Angelicus, was the...

Pope Pius XII called Pastor Angelicus, was the most Marian Pope in Church history. Bäumer, Marienlexikon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What does the Catholic Church need today?  A renewal of the papacy, Benedict XVI is not just getting it. I have been enjoying reading a tomb of secular church history by a reporter, Barrett McGurn (1962) A Reporter Looks at the Vatican where he writes at the change of papacy from Pius XII (sadly dubbed Hitler‘s Pope) to John XXIII.

There are some gems in here aside from the joviality, and personability that we have seen in the papacy of John Paul II, as well as the compassion.

There is Pius XII decision not to deride Hitler, which some saw as ascenting to what the Nazi’s were doing, but was part of a plan possibly to keep the Nazi’s from looking to closely at the Catholic Church in Germany so they could act to aid the citizens under extermination orders. Or that early in his papacy noting the hungry, he began to sell the jewels of the Vatican to feed them (Note: Benedict, perhaps it is time to liquidate some assets to aid in ending world hunger, releasing the archives to start up universities in the developing world, and art treasures to launch museusm in the same areas, the world will change when we live out of our mendicant status).

Or John XXIII, the peasant pope, who renewed the practice of walking the stations of the cross with church members, but not in the artistocratic churches, but rather the slums. Or a pope that would sneak out for walkabouts, would encourage others to take hold of the power of their positions to get things done, and who blessed the workers on May Day celebrations by celebrating along with them.

It is time for the church to truly renew their ties to the peoples of the world, to descend into the depths of poverty, so that those in poverty may ascend and build the reign of God…

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Which of the following statements comes closest to your views on the origin and development of human beings?

1) Human beings have developed over millions of years from less advanced forms of life, but God guided this process,

2) Human beings have developed over millions of years from less advanced forms of life, but God had no part in this process,

3) God created human beings pretty much in their present form at one time within the last 10,000 years or so.

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The Profits of Religion

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Even if the statues of limitation have expired in the nations the cases have happened, the priests, monastics, and bishops/cardinals/popes linked to this atrocity need to be defrocked and excommunicated…if need be the buildings should be sold and the monies invested in non-profits that help in healing of those affected by sexual/spiritual abuse. End the Omerta…and let the renewal begin.

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Hmmm…so someone threatens the life of the head of your spiritual community and it is not to be taken seriously? I wonder what would happen if the members of the church called for the removal of all Cardinals and the Pope, for the vatican to be sold and the bank closed and all monies used to pay off the debts of the poorest nations as a true statement of the Life of Christ lived today?

St Peter's Basilica and Vatican City, in Rome ...

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Deutsch: Emblem des Pontifikats English: emble...
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Hmmm…When church is a state, or is it simply that the loss of true authority in the world leaves the Vatican reeling? A true reformation of Roman Catholicism would be the collapse of the vatican and letting the Spirit change the institution to a true collective of parish as they are meant to be…thoughts?

I must admit when Shawna and I first decided to see the Rite, I was expecting Hopkins to do his usual Hannibal carricature, and for this to be another sad attempt at redoing the Exorcist, but knew it would be a fun ride.

What was it? None of the above. Hopkins was in A form as an aging Exorcist struggling with the granddaddy of all Demons in Rome.  His protege Michael Kovak, is a man running away from his father and being a mortician by joining the Priesthood, his mentor in America sees the struggle of faith, and signs Michael up for the Vatican‘s Exorcist training program.  It is in this journey to fight the Devil, and become aware of the existance of Demons that Michael discovers he actually believes in the Holy Mystery.

Why was this movie so good?  Aside from the fact I love the current and past history of exorcists, and the reality of the spiritual warfare, energy battles existing in our own world.  It reminded me of the 3 times in my life I have performed exorcisms from less than kind spirits.

Yes I am a rational man, yes I am trained in psychology, anthropology, and ministry.  Yet there is a pracgmatic determinant when science can no longer explain what is happening, and once all the probable has been eliminated no atter how improbable what remains is the truth, and it is the existence within this improbability, but the experiental reality that tells me however we describe it, there is a choice to allow good energy or negative and whether you use the term exorcism, energy healing, chakra cleanse…it amounts to knowing that what we allow to exist within us can either draw us into and out of the heart of the Holy Mystery, or into and out of the heart of selfishness that leads to destruction.