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Reverberate the soul?

It is a staple in life coaching, that if you get the client to move their body they can shift their mind. It is a tactile use of oneself to move into the new reality. This can be done for rolling with resistance, shifting perspectives, or learning new realities.

Yet it is not some new age wonder, na, it is as ancient as well the ancients (aliens or otherwise). Within my monastic teachings and learning this is a reality. Think of the holy pilgrimage where you wander into new realities to discover a new vocation or call; same as the vision quest, or the labyrinth.

The Labyrinth is the most microcosmic look at this concept, one way in and one way out. As you walk towards the centre you hold onto your old reality; and in the centre sit with the grief of the release of the old, and welcoming in the new, then holding onto the new as you walk out and allow it to take root into your being.

So from the wisdom of the ancients to the knowledge of today, if you want to discover the true you…get moving 🙂



…Before I stand in an empty white void.

Okay something is terribly tripping weird. The flap of
feathers and a Robin lands on my shoulder. “Uther, I told you a new guide would

“I am Uther.” Wait, back up, that was supposed to be I’m
not Uther. Yet it came out that way. The white void is being filled in. The
stereotypical fantasy novel tavern setting. I feel the chair form underneath
me, as I move to a seated position. The Robin is flying around the tavern
trying to appear non-chalant. This is the weirdest vision quest I have ever
been a part of. Okay so it is the only vision quest I have ever been a part of,
but still.

Why would I be here?

“So that hopefully you will
be listening with your true essence and not just your human ears.” The Gray has
returned to the scene. Great, now not only am I followed by a talking Robin,
add to the hallucinations a talking alien. When did my life get so messed up? “About
17 years ago Uther, when you triggered your true self by taking on the gem.”

“My true self? What the hell does that mean?”

The Robin lands on my shoulder, “it means you stop
running from who you truly are. The king that unified the tribes of old, laid
the foundation stones for Camelot.”

Great now the bird thinks I actually want this trip, when
all I want is to be back home. Alone. No not alone, with Susan, my true love.
Since our first kiss all the way back in pre-school. Yup we are that lame.

I feel the laminate smack against my face. What the?
Laminate, rolled off a cushioned pew. I’m in Susan’s chapel. The lone candle is
flickering in the darkness, what is it she calls it? The Christ Candle, how we
centre on the divine within each one of us.    The
flame is dancing, lilting, the puffs of smoke seem to be creating a shape…a
griffin’s head with a mangled arm inside…the sign of the Lewis Family, the
coat of arms that dates back to the time of Uther PenDragon. My chest burns,
the gem is glowing hot in response.

Standing alone in the chapel there is a crack of thunder
and a flash of lightning that illuminates the area. An ankh hangs. Let me
remember my ancient mythologies class, it was actually a symbol adopted by
Coptic Christianity, but there was a deeper meaning within it…renewal of
life. That was the symbol the renewal of life.

I run my hand over the jade artwork. Interesting that I
should see this now, another flash of illumination. Grit my teeth as my gem
burns my chest, my left eye locks on the ankh glowing hot…a flash…