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Wednesday, May 9, 2012
At least 32 Roman Catholic priests have fled the country to avoid prosecution since 1985 and only five have returned to face trial, reports the Chicago Tribune.
Getting On The Right Side of History For LGBT Rights
Possible Hate Crime As Historic Church Is Vandalized
An Intellectual Journey To Islam
Buddhist Abbey
A Dream Fulfilled For U.S. Nuns
Rosa Parks Gets Statue In National Cathedral
Brad Hirschfield: Missing Maurice Sendak
Sendack knew that we should never pretend about the potential danger of human rampaging, but neither should we lose hope about the possibility of returning home. We don’t, as Reb Maurice teaches, escape to a better place, as much as we return to where we came from.
Arnold M. Eisen: Holiness After the Death of 6 Million
Holiness is meant to pervade all of daily behavior, not to inhabit the high points of experience only. Love means reaching out toward neighbors and the world with the same care, regard and generosity we normally reserve for ourselves and those closest to us.
Charles Redfern: What Would Happen if Environmentalists Learned to Laugh and Play Cards?
Can we schmooze and trade business cards and crack jokes and slap backs and form partnerships? Or will we keep alienating potential collaborators with a brand of green fundamentalism?
Robert P. Jones, Ph.D.: Why Are Millennials Leaving the Church?
Pastors and priests seeking to fill their pews with young churchgoers have a tough task ahead. Many younger Millennials have already moved away from the religion in which they were raised, mostly joining the growing ranks of the religiously unaffiliated.
Anat Biletzki: Why I Am Not a Liberal Zionist: A Response to Liberal Zionists Speak Out
If Zionism has been based on a set of values — any values — that “override whatever injustices statehood has brought,” then it has taken us as far as one can get from the set of values that undergird liberal democracy.