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It is official, the Wildrose Party and Progressive Conservative Association of Alberta have a betrothal agreement.  I am going to avoid soap boxing about allusions to the McKay-Harper merger fiasco federally that put centrists out of the party structure and those not wanting the merger unable to vote. Even though under 60% of eligible voters for each party (55-PC; 57ish-WRP) voted to give the 95% YES for both parties (and ignoring the WRP PIN issuing issues).

But the membership that did vote, much like any election the citizens that did vote, carry the mandate and form the government–or in this case the new party.

Yes it does alter the landscape politically whether or not one wants to admit it. Much like the fall of the 44 year dynasty (though I stretch that conservative control back further to Ernest Manning’s So-Creds after Aberhart’s transition, but very few historians back my opinion) fell to Rachel Notley’s NDP. We are 2ish years into a 4 year mandate for what could be another dynasty, a transitional pivot, or a course correction for Albertans where we allow our compassion, rationality and pragmatism to enter fully into our voting so we no longer elect dynasties (minority government anyone? Just for a few terms to correct much of the muck that is our money eating bureaucracy?).

But is the UCP the utopia that will accomplish this? One cannot say as they are a vote tally, and a name. What is being seen, much like the federal vote of merger is an exodus by Red Tories seeking a new political home–this federally gave bumps to Greens, Liberals and NDP, but also the formation of smaller parties like the Progressive Canadian Party as these centrists searched for political home.

That is the story of Alberta currently. The Alberta NDP is calling on them to take out a membership, so is the Alberta Party and Alberta Liberal Party (just look at the Centre Together movement that meets in Red Deer).  There is an open call, and a caution. Slow down when seeking the new home, or the first home. Really explore all options on the table. Contemplate, meet your local associations and members (for it is not just policy, but those members in your area you will be a apart of)…and simply see where you fit?  It may surprise you.  Also remember a strong party regardless of size allows members to speak into all aspects, and craft the policies that shape the party.

The landscape is re-shaping in Alberta. It is our time as Albertans to put out there we no longer want decisions made by blind ideology, rather we want solid Peace, Order and Good Governance that has citizens, not PACS-lobbyists or politicians, best interests at heart.

Begin your party search here (for those with websites simply click on the name, otherwise office contact is listed):

Alberta First Party:

Alberta Liberal Party

Alberta New Democratic Party

Alberta Party

Communist Party Alberta

Green Party of Alberta

Pro-Life Alberta Political Association (Formerly Social Credit)

United Conservative Party (UCP-PCAA & UCP-WRP)

Reform Party of Alberta

I also encourage you to keep your ears open for local Independent candidates in your riding that you resonate with to support. For every voice in the legislature matters for crafting the best social contract.

…We’re practical and generous and open and bold. We want responsible and accountable spending. At the same time we’re willing to pay fair value for efficient and effective government services, but we want to know each and every dollar is put to good use…

-Greg Clark, Alberta Party Leader excerpt from Facebook Post July 22, 2017


This is an open letter to the Minister of Education David Eggen, and to the Calgary Board of Education from a father of a special needs child.

This is not a letter focused on the unconstitutionality of school fees; or the ridiculousness and injustness of paying busing fees when a coding system makes my son a number, and I have no choice where to send him because his local school cannot support him, although those are pieces of a system not seeing a full child.

This is from a father grieving with his young son over the loss of a best bud. Think of when you were in elementary school and your partner in shenanigans and adventures? Now think back to what would happen if they died?

What happens in the CBE special needs world?

A form letter home to parents and then nothing. You as a parent are left to tell your child that their friend will no longer be in school, or coming over.

What I know in the typically developing stream of public schools a death of a classmate, a school shooting would result in deployment of grief counsellors to support staff and students in the process moving forward.

But, the special needs world it is crickets we are met with. Silence, not even personal phone calls to the actual classmates families (c’mon you are looking at classes of smaller than 14); and then staff who are suffering in an abnormality of a child not out living their parents, and expected to still do their jobs same day and moving forward.

Speak of trauma? When the response is: well death is a normal part of this community. Pardon my language but Bollocks. This is about kids, pure and simple, that are there one day, and gone the next never to come back, and adults and students left to process or not process.

So this is one father’s plea. Please quit reducing my child to not a full person, he hurts, he cries, he can use support. When any child (regardless of coding) passes away in the school system, please please please, bring the resources around that community to heal and move forward. So staff, students, and in case of financial stresses, parents–can access on site support to help them grieve and heal healthily.

Because silence just perpetuates silence and silence is pain, and yes silence is neglect, and silence can be abuse.

We are better than this.

Thank you.


One Father who has shed far to many tears with his son for such a short life time.

Pic for WikiProject Political parties and poli...

Pic for WikiProject Political parties and politicians in Canada (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It was an epic 28 days that looked like true change was going to a dynasty in Alberta (that I for one was praying for, though for us to go Left, not Wildrose).  We say pollsters pump up the new Wildrose Party, we saw a party stumbling out of the blocks and hurting their chances. But this was a depth issue, not a vote breaker.

Both PC/Wildrose slung mud, fear mongered…etc in regards to what a majority of the other would mean for the province. Yet Redford rose up and showed leadership with her campaign’s guffaws with swift accountable actions.The En Masse defection as polls closed Monday by Rod Love & backers actually caused a renewal that left the PC’s as one of 3 centrist party options in our province over the next 4 years.

There were other parties in the horse race: The Alberta NDP, The Alberta Party, Alberta Liberals, Evergreen Party, Social Credit Party and the Seperatist Party plus a spattering of independents. Unfortunately mass and social media led us to believe in Alberta it was a choice of “lesser evils”.

What a damnation for democracy. There were a few things that hurt this election:

1) Strategic voting –  to be honest, what a farce. With the 2 week in implosion of Smith & Co. it was obvious we were looking at a minority or slim majority for either of the Cons, yet the “Progressive” voter believed they had to give up their values and conscience and vote PC to stop this “levianth” creature. What would have made a true difference— if the strategic voters actually voted for the candidates and parties they truly believed in sending MLA’s of all stripes to the Legislative Assembly, but also showing a true reflection of where Alberta’s values lie.

2) Name on Ballot/Flag bearer Candidates – – every political party has these. Those people that let their names be placed on a ballot just so the party can brag it filled so many nominations… they waste electoral money if the candidate isn’t willing to run, don’t let them be on the ballot.

3) Inactive Candidates – – yes I seperate this from the NOB/FBC because these are even worse, at least a NOB/FBC will answer the phone every so often or have a volunteer too…the inactive candidate/campaign simply has nothing happening and creates a false sense that this party isn’t a serious contender (NDP in Calgary I am writing about you…let’s step up our game on infrastructural volunteers brothers and sisters).

4) Two Choice Mindset- –  I am soooo tired of hearing of the PC v. WRP…people we are in a democracy with a multitude of choices–educate yourselves!!!! Don’t trust everything the media, your friends, neighbours, twitter feeds, etc say.

5) Understand our electoral system. We are to be active 24-7-365 not just for the one day every four years we vote. Write, tweet, or facebook your MLA’s this is the person elected by our first past the post system to represent you and your community, get to know them, they are here to serve you. PLEASE quit saying I voted for Redford, Sherman, Mason, Smith, etc… Unless you lived in the actual riding they live in YOU DID NOT VOTE FOR THEM!!! Your local candidate has a name, value set, and they matter so please honour them enough for how they have chosen to serve our province whether they won or lost by simply running by knowing who they are as they attempted to get to know you. The party that achieves the most seats it is their leader that becomes Premier (First Minister). BUT it is the Lieutenant Governor appointed by the PMO in Ottawa that is our true head of state under our Constitution Act 1982.

6) It is the 30th anniversary of our Charter of Rights and Freedoms and Constitution, please before you start quoting rights etc… read the damn thing.

Thank you may this four years of renewal be a time of true citizen engagement so that the 43% that opted not to vote know that with 100% of voters voting and 100% of polls reporting we can truly achieve a government of the people. Or as the line preceding the first line of the Constitution Act 1982 (Under God) reminds us we have a guaranteed right of Peace, Order and Good Governance. The last piece YOU play the biggest role in achieving Good Governance by engaging, creating community, and holding representatives accountable.

Who has more common sense?

Newly elected MLA Gary Bickman says rural voters have more common sense than city dwellers.Newly elected MLA Gary Bickman says rural voters have more common sense than city dwellers.

Updated: Wed Apr. 25 2012 17:51:56

Just days after the election, a victorious southern Alberta Wildrose candidate is stirring up controversy by criticizing voters in the province’s cities.

Gary Bickman says rural voters have more common sense.

“I think they possess more common sense, a least that’s my experience. The people who make their living off the land really seem to understand the way nature really works,” said Bickman.

He went on to say that city dwellers just don’t understand the issues.

“I think that these social issues that came up during the last week and the PCs ability to exploit them, caused some concern in the voters within urban areas, at least, because they didn’t really understand the issues, they didn’t really understand that there was an aspect of free speech, ” said the Cardston-Taber-Warner MLA-Elect.

Most of the support for the Tories came from the urban areas and they won 41 seats in Alberta cities.

The Wildrose only won three urban seats but they fared much better in the rural parts of the province where they won 14 seats compared to the PCs 20.

Political experts say Bickman’s comments won’t help the Wildrose in Alberta’s urban centres.

“That’s pitting one region off against another and that may be good local politics in Cardson-Taber. It is disastrous province-wide,” said MRU Political Scientist, Duane Bratt.

Wildrose Leader Danielle Smith was not willing to address the issue on Wednesday and said she could not comment on a question that was not sent to her before the interview.

“I think if you want me to comment on something, you have to share it before hand. I don’t know the context of the statement so I’m going to have to look at the context of the statement,” said Smith.

Bickman is very popular in his riding and won his seat by one of the largest margins in the province.


P.S. to the Wildrose we are not America, please read and actually understand our Charter of Rights and Freedoms as Canadians and the Constitution Act 1982. The public libraries have copies or go to Queen’s Press and purchase a copy. For if you had read and understood these documents you would know Freedom of Speech does not exist within Canada, we have Freedom of Expression–much different right, allows for free speech up until you promote hatred against a group or supremacy of one group over another.

Wildrose written in Wildrose Party green, as s...

Wildrose written in Wildrose Party green, as seen on Français : Wildrose écrit en Parti de Wildrose vert. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Wildrose Alliance leader Danielle Smith reacts...

Wildrose Alliance leader Danielle Smith reacts to Premier Ed Stelmach's resignation announcement on January 25, 2011. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Please Note this article contains something known as sarcasm in the title:

Allan Hunsperger, a pastor who’s running as a Wildrose candidate in Edmonton South, in which he warned against accepting gays and lesbians for who they are.

Ron Leech speaks for ALL Albertans because he’s white of course

Danielle Smith & Climate Change not yet proven

Happy Mann & Real Estate Fraud

Who Said it Wildrose or PC?

The Unspun Danielle Smith

Danielle NOT campaigning last week 21 days and she’s too tired to meet electorate

So why a Wildrose Government?

To reverse the Enlightenment of Course 🙂


Thin-skinned Wildrose bullies attack the media, again.

The Wildrose Party is proving to be more thin skinned, and bullish than the Klein Government of 1993-2006 that saw a decimation of social programs; health care; etc (any historian or Poli worth their salt knows the tale). Klein dissasociated many reporters (rumour being me among the black listed while I was still in High School).

Yet here the WRP is lashing out at journalists attempting to discover truth in their sound bite vote buying platform planks. My dialogues on twitter with their supporters veers very closely into confusion, as the party’s policy writers do not seem to understand the Canadian Constitution Act 1982 (or the BNA Act 1867 for that matter) or the Health Act; the Charter of Rights and Freedoms (and what our rights actually are as Canadians–sorry we are not Americans);the history or character of our province, the diversity of our citizenry in culture, religion, age and socio-economics or the basics of capacity issues when it comes to growing social sectors; the impact of privatization. The fact that school fees are actually illegal and not just a financial impediment to the family.

But why do one’s homework in regards to those you are seeking to lead? Why not just blow smoke and mirrors… this is the result, motions to eliminate communication, and the ability to create accountability and transparency. The question is not just eliminating those things they view as ineffective, but truly understanding why they exist (much like the Human Rights Commission and legislation they want to abolish) and how to make them actually work properly.

But the question does arise, how do they hope to make this all happen? Let’s be honest, it is not the first time a Conservative Party has sold Albertans a “golden ticket solution” to our problems. Sic Klein and Harper’s $100 a month cheque for child care.

Just sayin’ before voting this April 23, scratch the surface, ask the questions, and find the answers…

English: Alison Redford

Image via Wikipedia

The CBC has done a poll of Albertans to rank the Leaders: Redford; Smith; Mason and Sherman (Poll Here). The results are a bit surprising:

Redford holds 60% ad rising confidence in her leadership. Sherman & Mason in the Mid to high 30’s and Smith in the 40’s. Yet as we noted yesterday confidence in the leader is not translating into confidence in the party as a whole as the only parties rising in the polls are the NDP (Mason) and the PC’s (Redford) while the Wildrose have stagnated for quite awhile and the Liberals are in a free fall.

So what does this reveal about the Alberta Voter heading into our first set election quarter?

Simple, leadership matters but it is also leaning more towards what the parties actually stand for, how this affects us on a day to day existence; and the character of the local candidates.

Could this be the end of the parachute/name on ballot blight that has corrupted first-past the post politics in our province? Will we actually get a strong 3 party system of choices with a strong opposition accountability to the governing party? Will Alberta finally achieve the Constitutional Promise of Peace, Order and Good Governance?

These questions will all be answered within the next four months…we are in a time of change within what was once a staunchly Conservative province that placed money ahead of people. Have we changed?

So a disaffected PC became leader of the Alberta Liberals, and now a Liberal has become a PC…and how many PC’s became Wildrose? And one Liberal became Alberta Party…quite a quagmire or similair ideologies that perhaps it is time for a political family reunion under one tent to clean up the landscape a little?

or more simply;

Many of these are like the other…