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Sunday Action

Posted: January 30, 2022 by Ty in Current Events
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A wisened holy person once said, first you pray, then you act. That is how it works, here is a thought to percolate, dive into the topic, and then reach out to Calgary City Hall (Mayor & Councillors). If your prayer, leads to action, contact them to advocate for a love of neighbour response, and remind them the heat of summer is coming:

Sunday Thought:

If the city’s response to our houseless neighbours requiring shelter in the cold of winter, is to shutter the c-train stations (Erlton to Anderson) for all instead of ensuring there is 2 outreach workers per station to aid in referrals and connecting– what is going to happen in the heat and smoke of summer, when there are less options than having warming centres opened in various communities via religious buildings and empty retail? It does look like the early 2000’s crisis again, with less compassion.