End of a Flippin’ Era

Posted: December 27, 2022 by Ty in Musings
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Yes some tongue in cheek, as people ever wondered if I would give up the last bastion of 3G flippery (c’mon Trekkie’s it was like having a communicator from TOS). But I digress, yes I used to be one of keeping up with the latest phone, even had a blackberry until y’know, Telus’ customer service did that in when it died, and I wound up going to Rogers and starting the run of the “burner phone”, always stating I would upgrade to a smart phone, but things would happen.

Unexpected bills.

Health crisis where I could not use touch screens.

Loss of savings to keep a household going during health crisis.

About to get a Smart Phone when my career pivoted and relaunched, only to, y’know have a pandemic hit.

And then, well why bother, emerging out of, thinking of, but other costs and matters took precedent.

Really, it was kinda nice to have a phone that could only call and text.

Not available to socials or emails 24-7, I could choose when I wanted to engage.

A simplicity era.

Simpler times, as one friend noted, a reminder of when people actually had to call you to reach you (or market to you).

But today at 4 p.m.

The era came to an end.

Flippin’ no more.

The final bastions of my time in the homeless sector.

The final physical reminder of my unchosen tranistion time.

A simcard that now reads

No longer registered.


how we mark change, not as makign life simpler, but in tranistioning away from simplicity.

A new era,

as one era flippin’ ends,

with one final flip

to close.


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