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Mystery could read the expressions on the bruised vestiges of his teammates. Never had a Street Avenger had the control of their telekinesis to bind someone never mind bind a godling. How would it be explained? In the energy flow, shedding all the soul sludge as his soul mate came into looking for him. Healing the fractured being, allowing the Chakras to take in the rites and to become whole. Whole finally, being able to be who he is, love he is meant to love, no labels, and no boundaries.

Mystery for the first time since he had been resurrected, and the first time in his memory since the day he held his nephew Jack as a baby, Mystery smiled genuinely. He even gave himself permission for a little giggle when he noted PinBall crawling over.

If this was Herne, then John had been his Avatar here on earth, much like Rick had served as Arthur’s. He felt a little blood trickle from his nose, but wasn’t going to lose focus until PinBall put this guy down. Just like old times, before the warehouse explosion took him.

PinBall’s orange hand touched the tip of Herne’s boot. “Bionic’s on.” Barely a gasp, but enough to bring the lightning. . .

Only the lightning went into the house.

Then a second bolt.

Herne attempts to flex his chest. Mystery closes his eyes to focus more to keep the hold. The lightning was coming, and if electricity and energy physics was to be believed this is going to be painful.

The burst hit Herne square in the heart, a fork slammed into PinBall and Mystery’s energy sphere exploded sending him reeling backwards into the garage, actually through the wall hitting the mini-van hard on the hood. Hopefully Calgary insurance companies still offered Supra insurance for instances like this.

Herne moves to his waist to try to grab for a sword.

A glint of steel and Herne’s hand leaves its wrist. The godling cries out as he shrinks and collapses. PinBall stumbles up to his feet. The armoured figure stood over the dissipating godling.

PinBall noted that the greyish armour had a silver tinge, not the way Rick had returned from Camelot. “Rick?”

The Bionic Knight nods. But in the helmet there is two coloured eyes, mud brown and blue? “Susan?”

Another nod.

Regis stepped out from behind the poplar, as Herne completed vanishing. The air was cooler, it had been messy, but it was a win on the first wave.

Zed walked up beside the agent, Mystery’s hand slipped into the immortal monk’s. “This was just the first wave.”

Regis nodded. “Yup, we angered the Hunt by cleaning up the putzes that liked blood. “

The Bionic Knight looked at his gathered teammates. Friends. Susan felt the surge of power, even this with the de-powered version, the rush of saving lives and the world. Is this what its like to live the call?

                You got it baby. And you just sliced off the big bad’s hand.

Yea, not my finest moment, but he did break my house, my van.

                So what’s it going to be?

We stand with our family.

                “Great Crime Fighters,” a light from a camera, of course the media was already here. “and people of Canada, this monster was Herne of the Wild Hunt from ancient mythology. At one time, he provided the power to the hero The Bionic Archer. Tonight he showed that was a guise, as he wants power. Tonight we sent him back, and we are ready for when they try again.”

The End?!

MacCurtis’ suit fades away as the orange energy surrounds his body, his hair flames out as he launches through kinetic energy towards the form standing outside of his friends’ house. Were Rick and Susan still alive? PinBall closes the distance ready to rebound the form into the stratosphere.

The form’s massive arm straight armed with open palm catching PinBall by the throat. The hero dangled as the fingers compressed around PinBall’s throat. “Really feeble child, you were my Avatar here on earth. You are nothing.”

PinBall tried to form the words, but he felt his windpipe being crushed.

Inside the kitchen. Susan moves broken bits of table off of her. She felt the warmth of blood on her legs and arms, she tasted the iron taste in her mouth. Rick was unconscious. Laying in what was the kitchen wall separating it from the living room. His right hand was close, she could see the celtic cross ring that held his power.

Her eyes fell on a protruding 2 x 4 stud, only it had snapped and was jutting out through his abdomen. Blood was running down. Susan remembered how the change would heal him. “Damn it Rick.”

Her fingers brushed the cross of the ring. She whispers quietly “Bionics On.” And winces as the lightning comes. . .

The chopper was metres away. Agent Regis motioned to Johnny Power to launch. Johnny Power could not fly, but he could leap far distances and this was one of those moments. Speedster could move her legs fast enough to vibrate to ground and followed her godfather out of the chopper.

Shotgun hung out the side and aimed. “Great Crime Fighters Unite!”

The form has huge stag horns coming from his head. He drops the unconscious PinBall, blue energy crackles around his eyes.

Johnny Power’s shoulder slams into the standing form’s abdomen. Blue energy shoots out at the chopper vaporizing the pilot, Regis and MacKay leap out. Herne’s elbow slams into the base of Power’s neck knocking the hero to the ground as Speedster is clotheslined.

Regis looks to McKay as they land.

Herne smiles. He had just taken apart the Great Crime Fighters without breaking a sweat.

McKay levels his shotgun at the godling. “Now you die monster.”

Herne simply laughs.

“You are mistaken human.”

McKay pulls the trigger as buckshot explodes. Regis covers his ears and dives behind a poplar tree.

A sandal catches Herne in the back of the head, and a molecular shift in the air redirects blue energy back at Herne.

The godling slams hard into the ground. Johnny Power stumbles back up to his feet. McKay smiles. “Zed, Street Avenger took ya long enough.”

Zed smiles, as the one called Street Avenger straightens his gray tie. “I am Mystery.” He kisses Zed on the cheek. “The Street Avenger legacy ended with my nephew, to be healed a new trail needed to be blazed, and that trail begins today by sending this mutt back to nowhere.” Mystery shifts the air molecules more wrapping Herne in a field of telekinesis and closing it around him.

PinBall reaches out and touches the godling’s foot. It was time to see if how to send him out of the realm of this earth still worked. He gasped for air, but the kinetic energy that fuelled him was working overtime to re-knit his throat back together. This thing had killed Rick and Susan.

“Bionics on.” Barely a whisper. The lightning flashed. . .

and Herne laughed?

To Be Continued


Zed massaged the temples of the unconscious Mystery. At one point and time, the connection between the two was not needed the telepathic nudge of his enlightened mind. Douglas Katz, was the Street Avenger between Doug’s father, Kevin, and his nephew Jack Wulf. Believed killed by one of the K.

If he resurrected, yes the memory of Doug returning to life, his body reforming from the ashes, in the burnt out husk of the warehouse he was believed to have died in. Zed probes deeper. His mantra is simple, “Open the lotus, open your heart.” Letting the heart and essence energy from his heart space, to open into the heart space that is Doug Katz’s the man now calling himself mystery.

Zed’s breath moves into sync with Mystery’s. He feels the crown chakra energy open to his heart chakra energy. Some would call it telepathy, but it is energy work. Where once there was two, now the energy becomes one. The rainbow energy begins to surround the room.

Regis stands in the doorway, across his iPhone is the message out of Calgary of the targeted attack at Rick and Susan’s house. The team was not together yet. He came to get Zed to be able to deploy who was here, but the energy was flowing, the rites were happening, it was time to heal Mystery and bring the team fully together. Regis backs up and lets the door close.

He taps the intercom on the wall. “Johnny Power. Speedster. McKay. Meet in Hangar 6.” Regis releases the button, as he dials MacCurtis on his phone heading down the hallway.

“John, Louis here. Get to the Saturn’s. It’s begun.” Regis curses under his breath on reaching a voicemail.

Zed exhales slowly again. Mystery’s essence was opening to him.

Zed felt the next spiritual plane, his astral projection forming. Yet the essence that is Mystery is fractured into multiple images, none complete. The first step, to step out and trust. A slow exhale in his astral form as Zed expanded his energy aura to catch the fractures, now it was time to see if what people say about soul mates was true.

“I know it hurts Doug. You were dead when they hunted and killed your family, by the time you made your way back, you felt a failure, and I was nowhere either. I am sorry. I should have been there for you. I love you Doug Katz, my Street Avenger.”

The aura’s flare. Tendrils begin to extend and wrap, as an astral projection pulls together to form Douglas Katz, floating. A hand outstretched, Doug’s hand slips into Zed’s and the energy flares.

  • * * * * *

John MacCurtis watched the lightning fly through the kitchen window. They were here.

To Be Continued. . .

Susan sipped her coffee. There was graying to her blonde hair. Rick knew he was the cause of it. Or rather his over 20 years as the Bionic Knight. The last few with the Knight away she had been able to relax, they were able to enjoy their children. Be able to not worry if her husband would come home each night. A simple 40 hour work week, nothing more, and nothing less with the occasional overtime.
But now it was different. The last year since the city hall incident, had been different. She had seen the worse outcome possible with his death reported, she mourned, until he came back.
One last time was what he had told her then that was all. There was the true heroes back, he was not needed. And how does he tell his soul mate, that he had lied to knowing that he had tasted the adventure again. He was addicted to it. The flight of heroics, a danger junky if you were. He had missed it. John was giving him a way back in.
But she was the gate keeper. Rick’s thumb played with his wedding band. Susan still sipped on the coffee. Her steel blue eyes boring into him.
“So that’s it. Another godling wanting to destroy the world.” Susan let the sentence dangle.
“Yes. They need me.” Rick said.
“They need you. You are less powerful. They have most of the G.C.F. you served with, and yet they need you? Or do you need them?”
And there it was, the truth of the statement. Rick wasn’t sure that they needed him inspite of what MacCurtis said. It wasn’t about their need was it, was it about his need and just grasping to whatever he needed? God he hated the psychological questions that came with the job. But it was needing an answer, could they not handle Herne without him?
Rick sipped his coffee. “Both. We both know the truth hunni. It is an addiction, and yes I do not have the power I once had since Camelot almost killed me.” Best not to touch on, that he probably had died, and was resurrected through the process of the collapse of Camelot. “But during all this Herne left John, which is why. . .”
“He’s back to just being PinBall. I get it, and with Camelot gone, Herne and his Wild Hunt see our world as easy pickings and. . .Fuck. . . The Hunt is coming for. . .”
Susan’s eyes revealed the truth that not even MacCurtis had told him about the trance. But the Wild Hunt would zero in on those that they believed had imprisoned Herne, the challenge was that Merlin had directed Herne into John MacCurtis, to give PinBall a power up and release the Bionic Archer to protect the world.
As the power waned, and John tried to power up during the City Hall incident, Herne released. But in the release he had gone insane, an insane godling with a pack of demons. Just what the world needed, but the transfigured not for the better pack was coming, and was zeroing in on.
“They’re coming for us.” Susan whispered.
A crackle of lightnine across the sky. Rick’s eyes move to the yard.
“Susan, move.” Susan dodged as lightning burst through the window. Slamming directly into Rick’s chest.
To Be Continued

John sipped on his coffee at the Second Cup in the Public Library across from City Hall. Regis had called in, Johnny Power and Speedster had returned to the Bunker. Zed was still trying to heal Doug’s fractured mind. Shotgun, was well, Shotgun.

Yet Rick had yet to come in out of the cold if it were. This would not work to rally the nation, if the Bionic Knight was not leading the charge. PinBall, well having a long standing history within Canada, he was not as inspiring as the first of the fourth wave. The one that really solidified heroics of a generation.

The door entering into the library slid open, John’s gaze moved from the bench seat to the figure walking in. The stubbly face, and naturally bald head. His old friend, recently reunited, such a long time. But John still remembers the joy a city felt when the golden armoured defender took flight and clashed with the Ionic Knight to protect the city again. The sorrow when it appeared that the defender, the Bionic Knight had died.

No one really knew that he had survived, since returning that day back to Susan, Rick had kept a low profile. He had brought up some tactical knowledge to aid in the grounding of the new wave of more violent heroes, but had stayed in touch just enough.

Rick gets a black coffee and sits beside John. “What’s the scoop?”

Never one for small talk, John noted. Not much had changed since they were teenage adventurers together. “Johnny and Speedster have mostly finished the mop up. Zed and Shotgun have found Doug, but, well he is not dealing so well with resurrection.”

“And Regis is still being a touch melodramatic as per normal?” Rick said.

“You got it. We are almost ready for the next unveiling of the G.C.F. to the country, but…”

Rick laughed. “Susie’s not budging John, sorry man. Behind the scenes, the armour stays, well wherever it goes when I am powered down now that Camelot is gone. I mean really what can be so bad that you 6, I mean 7 if you count Regis couldn’t handle it?”

It was a good question, how could John find the words to describe to his friend what is to come. He had already been through so much. “I am trying to find the words here man.”

Find the words, was an understatement, this was one of the struggles on why Rick knew John MacCurtis never made it past sidekick. Even when he had the mystical powers of Robin Hood as the Bionic Archer, before returning to his original power set as PinBall. The powers that were probably timed to the sky effect that empowered many Supra’s by releasing a repressed DNA sequence in certain Home Sapiens.

“Spit it out Mr. Mayor. I survived the implosion of an extra-dimensional magic realm, the re-absorption of my twin, and coming through almost death. I am pretty sure I can handle this.”

John takes a gulp of his latte. It was time.

“Well, I was dragged into a trance, and as we know energy cannot be destroyed only redirected and…”

“Shit. Herne’s coming.”

To Be Continued

The Bunker at one point was a super-secret government installation beneath Balzac, AB, unfortunately with the building of Cross Iron Mills Mall the location became public knowledge (it is slightly east beneath the cinema). Regis was in the main command centre looking at the multiple screens showing shots of the country, and then the local security feed of the Bunker.

He absently scratched greying whiskers. McKay was next to him. “Any word on what’s going on with Doug?”

“Zed is in with him, looks like a psychotic break.”

McKay grunts. That would make sense, K had made a play to destroy the Street Avenger legacy, it was a dark time for heroes, and Jack Wulf stood the ground and won, but in the process his family was killed and brutalized in ways that should never be spoken of. This was during the time that Doug was believed dead, if he had come back to find out what had happened, or even after Jack had died defending the city years later, well… It was understandable in that moment that his mind and anchor in reality would snap.

The clean-up mission of Johnny Power and Speedster was going well. Yet no one had truly spoken out loud why Regis and MacCurtis were so concerned with getting the team back together as much as possible. What dire consequences awaiting the country, and them.

“So where is Saturn?” McKay asked.

Regis chuckled. “Seriously man, when he left retirement and vanished into Camelot, believed dead. Susah did not take kindly to that, he is still deciding if he wants in or not.”

“Massive loss of power and experience if he doesn’t join up.” Regis nodded to McKay’s assessment. Even with reports since the collapse of the other dimension, that the Bionic Knight was lower powered, it still was a set that the team needed, and a level of experience and wisdom they couldn’t easily replace. Especially with what was too come.

Meanwhile in another room of the Bunker a few more floors underground, Zed sits levitating in Lotus position at the side of the still unconscious Doug Katz. The man who had claimed the nom de plume, Mystery, and went catatonic at the mention of Street Avenger. But in his thousands of years of cursed immortality, Zed had learned a few things. One was a mixture of astral projection and possession, it just took acquiring the right tonal vibration with an unconscious subject.

The journey within the fractured psyche of Mystery could heal the man or drive them both madder…

To Be Continued

Gothic City, Alberta’s weather was always damp, it had meteorologically confused itself with Vancouver, B.C. Zed pulled a hood up on his robes to try and abate the rain on his bald scalp as he moved through the grave yard with McKay, the rain dripped off the brim of his black cowboy hat, the mud was outstripping the grass.

“Okay Zed we have seen the Katz’s’ tombstones, now what?”

Zed looked at the water soaked paper list. “The last active one was a Wulf.” Zed stated as the paper finally fell apart.

McKay flips the brim of his hat. “Here it is, Jack Wulf.”

Zed looked at it. “Then that is it. The lineage of the Street Avenger is gone.”

McKay’s eyes scan to a tree. He silently motions to Zed as there is movement a few feet away. Someone is watching them. McKay continues walking up the row of grave markers getting closer to the tree, the form tries to move.

A quick swipe of a saffron robed arm and the mysterious form lands squarely in a mud puddle, it goes to rise and a double barrelled 12 gauge is levelled in its face. A grey bearded face with wild hair and a grey trench coat. “Alright mate, stay down.”

Zed moves to stand beside McKay. “Who are you and why are you following us?”

The mystery man’s eyes bear confusion as he moves from the gun to the monk. He stammers, and stutters trying to find words, but how could he put his thoughts into words that these two would find believable.

McKay study’s the darting mixed colour green blue eyes. His mind flashes back to earlier days, of fun and laughter, when he was the darkest bad ass. The days between Kevin Katz as Street Avenger, and Jack Wulf as Street Avenger, when Kevin’s son, and Jack’s uncle. “Doug is that you?”

“Mystery tis a mystery what darkness lurks in the soul of man and heart of woman.” Stated the mixed coloured eye man.

Zed notes underneath the black trench coat is a red kerchief like some 1930’s pulp fiction knock off of the Shadow. “Is not, who knows what evil lurks in the heart of men?” Zed dictates in his best radio announcer voice.

A crackle of blue energy around his eyes as he tries to rise from the mud. The air shifts, McKay tries to pull the trigger but flies backwards and slams hard into a fir tree. As the man in the trench coat floats up and the mud slides off. “I am Mystery. Alpha and Omega.”

McKay picks his hat up off the ground and puts it back on as the sky crackles with lightning. He had forgotten that the Street Avenger was a telekinetic, and depending on the age of the new generation the powers grew exponentially. A powerful burst like that was reminiscent of his fights with Doug. But Doug was supposed to be dead.

Though it would not be the first time a Supra did not die, or died and came back. Zed was keeping Mystery distracted, either this was a Street Avenger, and needed help and would eventually join the G.C.F. for the mysterious time to come that MacCurtis kept alluding too, or he was some newbie that needed to be put down and placed in jail.

Zed raises his hands palms up towards Mystery causing the floating man’s gave to follow the damp saffron robes. McKay pumps the shotgun, aims… “Hey fuck you Mystery!” The floating man turns and the buck shot explodes feet away slamming into Mystery’s face and neck twirling him around to a roundhouse from Zed and putting him down in the mud unconscious.

McKay nudges the unconscious body with his cowboy boot, and notices a chain tied to a wallet in a back pocket. Zed reaches down and pulls it out, flips it open and looks at the provincial identification card.

“Doug Katz. What happened to my friend?” Zed asked.

McKay looks down at the crumpled body of his one-time foe, with a fractured mind now. “That is a good question.” McKay taps his ear piece, “Eh Agent Regis, yea we got the target, we need extraction.”

Thunder rumbled masking the sound of the helicopter landing in the cemetery.

To Be Continued