Ah, a bit of a trekkie-spiritual moment, just wrapped up Una McCormack’s Autobiograpy of Mr. Spock, presented through the writings of Spock sharing with Jean-Luc Picard upto and including what his life has been to the Jellyfish that kicked off the new movies universe as he was lost in the multi-verse. It is a t’san a’lat if you like Vulcan, the book of the writer’s wisdom. What has been learned throughout the life lived, I ponder what each of our stories if shared as our wisdom, and gifted to a particular co-journeyer, as our journey came to a close would percolate in our communities?

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Chapter Two

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Welcome back dear reader, when last we were in the pulps of the Bionic Knight–Chapter One and now we rejoin our tale already in progress…

Like a bad 1980’s television formatted movie as the flames and fog rolled away, Harry was no longer within the Major Oak. Herne– the Bionic Archer— onece upon a time, PinBall, simply put, John MacCurtis, the crusty mentor of many supra’s was no longere there. Faded into obscurity. Lost to the flames and the fog. They wondered where they were now.

Darkness in the realms. Why would Herne let him move forward? Not decide to step into the now with them. But continue… An act of acceptance? Succession? What was happening? Streams of red light cracked through the darkness. A spot of light, glints off only that green colour one who used to roll pennies could know. The oxidized older penny. Not a penny for their thoughts, but one taking them through the travels of…

“I thought you were dead?” That voice, like Lauren Bacall, Harry was no Bogie, but…

“The rumours of my death were grealty exaggerated.” An old joke, but whether you were on the side of legal or illegal Supra’s and the world they spawned of super powers, mysticism, magic, and science flowing together, it could be an oft repeated phrase because up until the last few years. Death was not permamnence, like the Great Sky Writer, left the door to the Underworld unlocked, or better replaced it with a revolving door even if there was a body, just wait 30 days and see what actually happens.

But the last few years, felt like the Bronze Age of comics for Bucky Barnes and Flash (Barry Allen) fans, where there appeared long term permanence to those heroic deaths. The villains were locked away, and could be out in less than a month. Harry remembers reading those tales, and when the sky effect brought the powers, and their visitor was unleashed…the hatred they felt towards the heroes of their city. The Bionic Knight and the sidekick, the Great Crime Fighters, all those that came to follow and take up their name in the desire for carnage and death.

“Get out Killer Face, or cease to be.” the wonderful Bacall voice, she had been one of those damsel types. The voice also caused a cringe, before vanishing into the system, before being cured. They had one last tango, the Knight saved her, they can still feel the crunch of their groin under her cowboy boot heal for the many years of kidnappings.

“Where am I?” The sound of falling tapestry. The rising sunlight bathes the room, stone and stain glass. In the middle a table. A round table. “Camelot?” This trip through weirdness was starting to feel like their fifth grade classroom library.

Now they could see the older woman, her blonder hair streaked silver, some crow’s feet around the eyes, and glowing red enery around her hands. “Yes, Camelot. Now go back to Earth.”

Tears began trickling down their cheeks. The penny glows. Their chest tightens. The energy was warming the room. “Please, I don’t know how to go home.”

In a weird twist they felt the glee within the woman before them. She was looking forward, afer decades of the harm they had done to finally, what was the word, win. But if they ceased here, would they ever return?

And why were they in Camelot?

“Good bye, Harry.” It was a raspy male voice this time…

Green flame danced out of the maple leaf on the oxidized penny.

An unwanted walk

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Have taken this stroll

many a times in my life,

journeying with those

to cross over

join the grand tea party of eternity.

We lifted you up

on a dark day

knowing the time we have is blessed

and you are a blessing

to those you spread love to and with

our corner of the world is better

for the simple joy, love, kindness and hope

that abounds from your soul

and life….

The future is unknown

the experts be-thinks, you are middling

yet I would hope

for more time,

as the “3 months” an see

have heard this code before

a promise of Halloween-glee

I pray and hope for more,

my son,

this is not a walk

I am ready for.

This summer was crazy fun in building and connecting, watching community come together to make things grow that will create positive space for belonging. It was stepping in to an ongoing project on pause due to Covid, but also seeing what new and renewed connections could happen. For those who wonder why we work with post secondaries, and why practicum students and the Canada Summer Jobs programs matter, this is an excellent piece of the story why.

For this and other stories, explore the Fall edition of Presbyterian Connections.

Those who are in the journey of something new emerging within the death of Christendom. That is the Christianity that has been more about power and control, than the gospel teachings of Jesus, lost a unique wisdom teacher today. It is not unique, that this thought process would emerge out of Anglicanism (or as his tradition would be dubeed, Episcopalian) that seeks to inquire, bringing together the dialogue partners of faith, reason, scripture and tradition together. Especially one, that traversed many ways a secular world wrestled with, and celebrated the diversity of the Imageo Dei (while churchdom lagged behind in some circles).

May be an image of 1 person and text that says "BISHOP JOHN SHELBY SPONG June 16, 1931 Spetember 12, 2021 Bishop Spong provided a much needed place for those ofus who did not connect with traditional theology. We love you Bishop Spong. You will be missed."

Bishop Spong (his books listed here), journey began with a passionate love of scripture. The stories of the Holy Mystery with their creation (and vice versa), it was the story re-told in his memoir of being gifted a KJV bible that I could resonate with in my own faith journey a few years ago. But it was not my first encounter with the Bishop. I was barely into my time back into churchdom as an adult, stumbling through discovering how to teach Sunday School, being supported by mentors in the church to join the Alberta Mentors Foundation for Youth, that I begam my confirmation journey while a studnet at Mount Royal College. Part of this journey was discussing one of his recent books, Why Christianity Must Change or Die, an intriguing introduction to explore what it meant to be a member of church, to understand a declaration of faith.

What did it mean?

For those who have served with me in ministry (and the various contexts I define being in ministry within my life), it truly was giving permission to be curious. To explore the why behind beliefs, values, supposed morals, visions, missions and mandates. To be able to look behind what groups (sacred or secular) saw as their “sacered cows” or the uniquitous, well that is just how we’ve alwasy done it, and allow the still small voice to inspire… inspire to understanding. Inspire to serve and see the blessing of other as a wonderful creation with full and inherent worth.

Many of this was alreay in place in my life,

but this exploration opened up what many view as static to be alive.

For those who have followed my life story, read Soul Ripples, and the reflective posts that followed, know that the ide of the three phases (I would term books) of life that Bishop Spong shared aided in shaping my health recovery. It was a hard and grateful time of cure, but grieiving of loss of the path I had been on. This simple idea is what came through to begin to unpack that my life is a trilogy, and simply book one had ended, on a cliff hanger, like an old movie serial…

As Bishop Spong’s third book closes, he joins the grand tea party (which he may or may not appreciate the metaphor), my second book is moving from prologue into chapters….

And I simply wonder, where the Spirit will guide next?

Thank you, Bishop, for being apart of the theological dialogue of my life, with my experience, other scholars and practicitoners, coming together to be wrestled with in finding my own Via Media, of belonging for all within what is being birthed anew as institutional church out of empire, out of political and financial power is dying…

What resurrects, is shaped by us as the body of Christ.

To follow more of the thought leaders visit Progressing Spirit

Perhaps, it is time, to find the time to shape a new book…

Service September 12

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Today I had the privilige to be the Worship Assistant at the Communion Service of Knox Presbyterian Church, the journey through the Gospel of Mark in the teachings continued. Here is the service watch here.

Care for Neighbour

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Fatigue can set in having the same conversation that lands on stones over and over. It feels like the proverb of entertaining a fool, or the gospel parable of seeds that fall upon the rocks. Yet that is where we are at in this moment in time in Canada. A place where rock/pebbles can be pelted by protestors at Liberal Party Leader Justin Trudeau, with threats to assassinate, and folks look to blame him. Where anti-vaxxers in Alberta are protesting hospitals, yes hospitals, barring access for patients and slowing ambulance responses. Ambulances that are already in crisis, and the regionalization of 911 has not aided in. Where farm supply stores have to keep livestock dewormer locked away and have one provide proof of ownership because people are literally drinking it, because the internet said it treated covid (because who wants to listen to science). Where health care, human service and educators are faced with constant abuse for trying to aid and help, burning out and yes, we are losing good people in the field, as Government policy provincially has targetted them as not essential. Students angry over having to prove vaccination (as well as other workers)…led me into a dip of despair as I entered my morning contemplation.

My Morning meditations brought me to these two passages from my tradition:

Do to others as you would have them do to you.-Luke 6:31 (New International Version)

A poster on my kitche wall, that I got after seeing it in the dining hall of the FCJ Christian Life Centre dining hall on retreat.

36 “Teacher, which is the greatest commandment in the Law?”

37 Jesus said to him, “ ‘You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind.’ 38 This is the greatest and the first commandment. 39 The second is like it: ‘You shall love your neighbor as yourself.’ 40 Everything in the Law and the Prophets depends on these two commandments.”

-Matthew 22:36-40 (New Catholic Bible)

Which led me to this sermonette on Facebook emerging from these passages and reflecting on c-tine:

21. That is how many in my circles have gone to the Great Tea Party during c-tine. 21 I will never see again in this life. 21 ranging in age from 12-82. 21 who some I found out about while teaching real time online, and then went back to supporting my students to success. Some gone due to covid, due to isolation, due to other health issues, due to inability to access care due to covid overrunning our system. 21 who brought joy to others life. 21 who I honoured and celebrated on my own because we could not gather and share laughter, love and tears… and why does this matter? Simple, I cannot believe the amount of selfishness and self-entitled privilige within our world, inability to mask, to distance, to vaccinate…truly an inability to care for one another. Those that slam religion saying its atrocious, but live into their own hedonism, those who are religious that have missed the point of their sacred teachings and need to revisit what it means to treat others as you want to be treated, within my own tradition to love your neighbour. Do not use your name for the Holy to hide your own folly.Our interdependent (because in the Commonwelath, we are not independent) rights are precipitated upon communal responsibility. Family and friends in health care and human services, being abused by those suffering who refuse to be vaccinated, protested, threatened, burning out, and yes this includes educators. Gaslit by those who encourage the division and misinformation at the highest levels.And now, communal responsibility is being asserted as it should have been months ago, and the outcry…mandated vaccination for those who are able has always been a thing, my son gets vaccinated because in his community he can to protect the many of his buddies that can’t. Serving the majority of my life to aid others, I have been mandated many times to take vacinnes and testing to keep those I serve and my colleagues safe– Meningitis, Flu, H1N1, TB testing, STI/HIV testing, Anti-retrovirals when possibly exposed, proving I received my childhood vaccinations, and the list goes on…The virus is doing what anything does in nature, mutates to thrive or die. We have an opportunity to have it die or at the very least shut down the thriving, but do we have the capacity to actually give a damn about someone outside ourselves?

As my family journeys through Ezekiel, a major prophet in the Hebrew Bible (due to the fact it is a longer work). My youngest chose, what does Ezekiel do? He points out to the nation essentially where they have forgotten the other. They have made life completely about themselves, their own greed…and the destruction this leads too as community is forgotten, and the consequence for that is a brutal exile of loss and devastation. The call back to what it is about… are we able to answer the call back?

Are we able to give a damn about others?


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Another OC, from the tablet art of my youngest, J. Enjoy!

Presented by Calgary’s Affirming Nework:

My youngest is quite the artist, always exploring new things. This past few weeks they have been playing around with drawing on a computer, and here is an example: