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The Sun Looks Down Upon Us

Posted: January 4, 2011 by Paul Vargis in Humans for Alien Rule

The Sun Looks Down Upon Us

By Paul Vargis


Alexander tasted his lips, feeling the salt revive his aching body. Shaking his head, the motorcycle veered a bit, but he quickly regained control. The salt on his lips reminded him that he had nothing to drink or eat for days now. But he didn’t need it. He had his alcohol, and really didn’t mind going without food or water. He noticed his hunger, but no longer cared.

Looking over to his right shoulder, he watched the tide roll in as the moonlight shimmered off the ocean. The image mesmerized him for a second and the motorcycle that he had stolen veered into the oncoming lane. He didn’t panic. There was no traffic anyway.

The Government, as per his recommendation, had warned all travelers to stay indoors, for people to stay off their phones, televisions, and inter-net. For further information they should tune to their local radio station for the duration of the upcoming cosmic event. Like all good Americans, they had done so without asking why.

But Alexander knew why. Decades ago, he had drafted the policy for this very scenario. Of course, back then, nobody but a kook thought it was possible.

Alexander smiled as he remembered why they wanted people to stay indoors, hopefully with their family. It stemmed from the nostalgia of his boss, Ronald Reagan, who was President at the time. It was he who wanted people home with their families.

In awe of the man at that time, Alexander could only agree, and so the policy was formed to keep people at home, with their loved ones, so that their last and final moments could be spent with the ones they loved.

The motorcycle wobbled and Alexander snapped out of the past to wonder why. Looking back he could see Sheila sheepishly looking back at him, with a puppy dog look in her eye. It was her way of asking him for something.

His eyes glanced downward towards her legs, and could feel the blood pumping through those veins concealed beneath those beautiful purple sequined tights.This made Alexander hot and heavy and he realized he needed a break from driving. If for nothing else, so that he could copulate.

He pulled over by some rocks, close to the beach and laid out his blanket. He didn’t want her complaining about the sand. He could sense her moving about the rocks. She had defied him and gone to the bathroom.

Angry, he pondered what to do with her. He had never been with a woman like Sheila.

Certainly he had been with other women, that was expected, and his wife didn’t complain. But they were always with staff who wanted promotions, and would never risk offending him.

Undoubtedly, his wife wouldn’t have concerned herself. It came with the territory of being in the circle of power in Washington. He always wondered if one of these gold-diggers would ever approach her with the news of their affair. How she probably tell them where to go, and how to get there.

She knew women liked power, after all, so did she.

He had met his wife at Stanford University, where they had attended university together. When they had married, she knew that she would have to give up her career. And though at the time it was fashionable at the time for a woman to have an education, it was also considered best that one parent stay home with the children.

Though he had to prod her to do so, she, on her own, had decided to stay at home and tend to their three children as he worked to improve his position as a political advisor to six of the last eight presidents. He had tried to advise the other two, but they had an independent streak that had cost them their political careers.

Alexander knew that the public expected more from their leaders, and taking instruction from the history of the monarchy, he had devised political strategies in exactly the same way, and it worked. The masses always expected the same thing from their leaders, regardless of political stripe.

It was the pentagon that had been behind him all the way. And after the assassination of two of their presidents, they had embraced his ideas even more, and “suggested” that new presidents follow Alexander’s suggestions “to the letter”.

Back then, he had believed in his rhetoric for power, which later became the title of his book that every Political Science student eventually quoted while dispersing their own words of wisdom. The book had outsold every book from a political leader or their advisors. Students quoted him during debates, and Generals obeyed his every word. Yet, here he was, on the beach with a seductive whore who would not obey him.

Not sure what to do with her, he slowly turned toward her.

Sheila looked back. Sheila wasn’t her real name, it was the name he had given her.

Slowly she leaned over and whispered in an apologetic fashion,

“I really had to go”.

Alexander understood the human situation and so he nodded his approval.

She smiled and tried to pull up her pants. The tight material that her sequined pants were made of made it impossible for her to pull them up by herself.

So she stood there, pouting in a naughty fashion, while she pulling up her pants tightly around her buttocks. All the while she looked him over carefully. Then she just changed her mind and started to run away.

“You must have sobered up”, Alexander muttered.

She heard him and stopped to eye him coolly. Then she came back and started to pack her things up.

Alexander realized that she probably didn’t remember even meeting him.

Alexander chuckled, and turned away so that he could watch the ocean.

Last night, upset at the news, he had gone to the first bar that he had come across. And later, upon being thrown out of that bar, he had grabbed a cab to the seediest strip bar that he knew of in Washington.

There he had found what he was looking for, and it was Sheila.


She had recognized him from the T.V., which had his face and his pre-recorded somber message on it asking Americans to please stay indoors, not to travel, or communicate in any way until the cosmic event was over. That their government was working on it and promised that a solution to the crisis would soon follow.

Pointing to a T.V. above the bar she asked,

“What are you doing here”?

Alexander was impressed. He had imagined that such people never paid attention to these things, much less were able to discern their message. He looked around the bar. It was filled with truckers, city workers, and the whole lot that normally paid little heed or attention to what was going on in the world.

But still, here they were, doing what they were told, and waiting out the crisis in their favourite bar. It was endearing for a patriot to watch.

Of course, they were drinking their faces off, falling down drunk, and only getting up to order more to drink. So, maybe subconsciously, they realized there was no tomorrow. So they were content to get drunk, and throw just throw up their hard earned money at the feet of strippers who were dancing onstage. These women, all the while, were looking down at their feet wondering if the money at their feet held any value at all.

And then here he was, the man of the hour, Alexander Worthington Frost, who could answer that very question. She looked to him for safety and he liked that.

They hit it off immediately.

Finally, in a effort to get her to go with him, Alexander had told her “the truth” which was that aliens were coming and they needed everybody to wait it out at home, “just in case”.

Like all good Americans who were raised on television, she had bought it. Now, here at the beach, Alexander realized that she must have been high on something that allowed her to be so gullible and drive off with him.

Alexander gave her his confident, knowing smile and said, “honey, I can get you anything that you need”, which was true. By reflex, he wiped the slobber and dirt off his face, and rationalized that he must be more intoxicated than he thought.

However Sheila, upon realizing just how drunk he still was, seemed to realize that she could run away. Turning back towards the rocks, she grabbed her purse off the ground and ran as fast as she could. But not as fast as the small boulder that Alexander threw at the back of her head.

She dropped to her knees, probably never realizing what hit her, and Alexander couldn’t help but smile as she desperately tried to get up.

Picking up the small boulder, he advanced towards her.

She turned on him, ready to fight, but Alexander knew what he wanted and knew how to get it.

Wrestling her to the ground, she turned towards the ground so that she could try to run like a dog and scamper away. But this was exactly what Alexander wanted as he didn’t want to damage her face.

He tried to make it quick, but she didn’t make it easy.

Finally, he was able to turn her around and he took her, all the while watching her beautiful face. His had a good grip on the back of her head, and with the rhythm of his hips, her beautiful face seemed to rocking back and forth almost in ecstasy.

When he finished, he rested by watching the surf. He was feeling more fatigued than usual, and then he realized why.

Startled, he looked to the sky. The stars were noticeably brighter, and he one of the few people in the world who knew why. His short fatigued breathes were also a sign of what was to come. The oxygen in the air was getting thinner.

Looking for distraction, he decided to give Sheila one more try. Thinking of this somehow gave him the energy and he started on her again only to find that her body was growing cold.

This saddened him. Looking around, he could see that he was truly alone. There was nobody here, and this certainly wasn’t the time to be alone. This was a time for family.

Wondering what to do with Sheila, he looked back and realized that the ocean would solve the problem for him. As he watched, the ocean tide took Sheila and the stolen motorcycle out to sea.

Pulling out his cell phone, he turned it on and called Military command. After giving them his password, they transferred him to Special Forces to whom he gave the order to have a helicopter pick up his wife and to bring her here. By turning on his cell phone, it activated its GPS so he knew they now had his location.

“Right away Sir”, came the response! They probably hoped he had a solution to the crisis.

Alexander hung up, and carefully dialed his own home number. It suddenly occurred to him that he had had the same number for over thirty-five years.

“Dad, are you okay”, was what answered him once he got thru.

“Son”, he said in his old booming, was-Santa-good- to- you voice. “I’ve been fine. What about you, and your mother”?

Ignoring his question, his son asked,

“They said that you had run off. Is that true”?

Alexander winced. It was an odd time for his staff to be truthful.

“Son, I have my special cell phone on me at all times, meaning that they can locate me anywhere in the world at a moments notice. They simply didn’t have the security clearance to know where I went. Haven’t you heard my radio messages”?

“ya”, his son said, “but…”

His son didn’t sound convinced.

“Could you put your mother on”, he quietly asked? He was in no mood to argue with his own son.

He could hear movement. Not wanting to argue, his son had gone to get his mother. A moment later, he could hear more shuffling as his wife got on the phone.

“Dear, are you alright”, his wife asked.

“Of course, I am. I just want you here. With me at my side”, he told her back.

He then carefully told her to expect a helicopter to land within minutes in front of their house, which would bring her here to this secret location.

“Wear something warm”, he added, but he could hear the helicopter on the other end of the line and knew she wouldn’t have time to get dressed.

He could hear the soldiers enter his house and loudly tell his wife to get into the helicopter. They had been told that this was a national emergency and so normal decorum for a diplomat’s wife was thrown out the window.

“It’s okay”, he said. But he knew she couldn’t hear him. They had taken her away.

Looking back to the sky, he wondered just how long it would take for her to get here. The stars were definitely getting brighter and that meant that the oxygen in the air was dissipating just as predicted.

They had gone too far. They knew this could happen, but never wanted to believe it could.

It had been predicted decades ago, but it was thought to be impossible. A simple mistake must have been made.

The effects of pollution were supposed to have a cumulative effect on the atmosphere. In other worlds, pollution would build up in the atmosphere causing a gradual increase in the world’s temperature.

However, some of the gases found in air pollution would react exponentially. Meaning that even a slight increase in air pollution would take the planet over the tipping point, which was happening right now.

Luckily, he was on the side of the earth facing away from the sun. In Australia, the chemical changes had already ravaged the countryside and people were finding it difficult to breathe. And soon they wouldn’t.

The wind speed would soon pick up. Not just here, but all over the world. And the gases that make up the earth’s atmosphere would re-combine into a new mixture where no life could live.

It was called the Mars effect. Generally not well known, or promoted, as it was based on pure speculation as to what had happened to Mar’s atmosphere hundreds of thousands of years ago.

Simply put, given the right conditions, an atmosphere that could sustain life could simply disintegrate. And this was happening now here on earth, but in a few days, not a few centuries as they had hoped.

Alexander looked up at the stars. He knew there was life on other planets, but the governments of the world refused to let the public know anything about that.

Would they learn from our mistakes, or had they already known, Alexander wondered?

The scientists at Langley were already preparing a documentary video meant for alien visitors as to what was happening to the earth right now. It described what the Earth was like before, what had happened in recent decades, and what was happening now. Sort of a warning so that this wouldn’t be repeated on other planets.

But everybody knew this was just busy work for the scientists to keep themselves occupied. After all, any alien species that came to earth would have already evolved to the point where they would have overcome their own self-destructive tendencies, and so this could never have happened on their own planet.

Alexander snorted, and looked to his feet. He had to remind himself that he was not a failure. That his life had not been in vain. That this was a failure of more than just one person. It took more than one person to make this all happen.

From the distance, Alexander could hear the helicopter coming. It was coming in very low.

When it landed, Alexander could see the pilots face was sweaty and he was as white as a sheet.

“I have no lift”, he said.

“I know”, Alexander said, “The air is getting so thin, that you’ll have less lift than ever before. Just stay close to the ground and get back as quick as you can”, he said to the startled pilot.

The pilot blinked. It was obvious that he didn’t want to go anywhere. He started looking around, hoping to find shelter.

“There’s nothing”, Alexander said, “I just wanted to be here alone with my wife”.

The pilot indicated his computer with his finger and asked, “Have you seen what’s going on, you should…”

But Alexander waved him off. Tired, he didn’t have any time to explain. Picking up a survival kit from inside the helicopter, he gave his wife of thirty-five years a great big hug and waved the pilot off.

“I just had to near you”, he told his wife as the helicopter flew off. She had a tear in her eye.

“Me too”, she lovingly said, “I’ve was watching T.V. when the signal stopped, so I started listening to the radio. They have no idea what is happening.

Alexander held up his hand. He was about to give her the same storey that he had given the exotic dancer when he realized that this was his wife, the bearer of his children. She, before becoming his housewife had been a respected scientist in her own right. She would never believe anything he had to say.

In fact, it had been her who had spent days trying to explain to him just what “Mars Effect” was.

Alexander laughed. Though an intellect on scientific matters, she understood little about political or business matters.

Finally, not wanting to give her a chance to speak, he muttered.

“Right now, I just think it’s a good time for us to be together”, and hearing this she moved closer to him.

“You need a shower”, and touching the bristles on his face, “and a shave”, she joked.

Alexander knew not to get angry. She was right. He smelled of woman’s perfume, alcohol, and sweat from not having bathed in nearly two days. He couldn’t deny it.

“The stars are so beautiful”, he said, hoping to take her attention away from it.

“And warm”, his wife murmured in frightened tone. She was smart enough to know what was going on, but didn’t want to mention it. Right now, she was probably wondering why he had brought her here, and not some sort of shelter where they could be safe.

Alexander didn’t want to ask, “Did you leave your children just because you were afraid for your own skin”?

He wanted to ask that, but didn’t. He didn’t want to spoil the moment.

So they went for a walk along the ocean. Alexander took some time and cleaned himself off. Taking off his clothes, he discarded them prompting his wife to bust a gut laughing at the sight of his heavy-set flabby body frolicking in the sea.

Then she did the same, and Alexander romantically gave her a kiss and threw her clothes away. The surf was going out now, and Alexander looked around hoping not to see Sheila’s body floating around. They had come across the stolen motorcycle, but Alexander was able to explain that away.

“That’s how I got here”, he said.

“But you don’t know how to ride”, she said mystified.

That was true. Proud of himself, he laughed and said,

“I know. I had to learn”!

Then he embraced her and they continued their walk.

Alexander turned to her and said,

“There was no one else that I would want to be here with”, he said.

She appeared puzzled, but not wanting to break the mood, she snuggled up against him and suppressed a cry because he hated tears so much.

“Me neither”, she finally said and then just looked at the sand between her toes.

Alexander grabbed her around the waist and she squealed in delight at being picked up and twirled around by him.

Laughing, they fell to the ground, and embraced. Looking deep into one another’s eyes, she kissed him hoping to arouse him, but failed to do so. Finally, they gave up and watched the sun rise.

She understood what would happen after the sun rose and fearfully she grabbed his hand.

“We haven’t watched the sun rise together for oh, so long”, she remembered aloud.

“How true”, Alexander said knowing what was about to happen.

He bit his lip, and soon the winds started to pick up.

Gratefully, they didn’t have to long to wait. With the sun up, the sky remained clear, but the winds caused the ocean to churn back up the beach engulfing them and taking them out to sea. They waded around, but soon found themselves unable to return to shore. Soon, very soon, they both stopped trying and allowed themselves to fall beneath the waves to where it was quiet and peaceful.

Looking at each other eyes one last time, they embraced and shared their last breath together.


The Day the Alien’s Came

Posted: January 4, 2011 by Paul Vargis in Humans for Alien Rule, Musings

The day the Aliens came


By Paul Vargis

October 26, 2010


Nobody questioned why they had come, they were just so glad to see them.


For decades people all over the world had prayed that an intelligent life-force would take over and remove their crumbling despotic governments. By now, many of these governments were mere figureheads. There really was nothing they could do to help their own citizens as they were already bankrupt and existed in name only.


So when the aliens came, it brought instant relief, and brought no trepidation at all to the hearts of men. In fact, people equated it with the second coming. Many religions feverously changed their stories to reflect what was presently going on. How an intelligent life force would come to the Earth, and they really would be judged by what they had done or failed to do.


And it was as expected, the science fiction writers really had got it right. The ships that landed out in farmer’s fields really were spherical shaped. And the “mother ship” that brought them looked like a small extra moon that orbited the Earth.


That moon or mother ship was so large that it’s extra gravitational pull affected the ocean tides so that they never came in or out as much as they had done before.


People waited, and waited some more until finally contact was made.


It came in the form of every nuclear missile on earth simultaneously launching into outer space. But they never returned to unleash their destruction.


When astronomers looked into space to discover what happened, they found the nuclear missiles in earth’s orbit being dismantled by robots.


When humanity learned of this, they cheered, making people wonder what they had done with the biological weapons that they Chinese government had taken over as one of it’s conditions for lending even more money to the now defunct governments of Russia and the USA.


Although Chinese government did not openly speak of it, it was assumed by many that the aliens had dealt with that threat first.


But with the fear of nuclear war, many nation states acted out in revenge against those nation states that had oppressed them for centuries.


Because of this, the Revenge Wars, as they came to be known, erupted all throughout the world. Most notably, the USA conceded most of the original thirteen states, plus Florida and Texas, to pay retribution for the Persian Gulf Wars of 1990 and 2003.


This reduced the size of the USA by a quarter if you take into consideration the northwestern states that seceded from the USA to join Canada a few decades earlier.


Even Russia was forced to make concession to its’ neighboring states.


Then China was forced to give up Tibet, and Hong Kong, (affectionately called Best Buy by the masses), who separated and became their own nation states.


The sudden turmoil helped Africa though. Africa had several dissolved states who had long ago been given up to tribal anarchy. But with the presence of a superior force, former enemy states merged so that they could have a stronger military or diplomatic presence.


Europeans, embarrassed that Africa had thought of it first, suddenly created their own body to represent them. Though, critics noted that Africans had elected their representatives, while Europeans just assembled their old vestiges of political power that wealthy capitalists had financially supported decades before.


But this was traditionally how Europe had been represented, so it really didn’t matter.


Then the aliens emerged from their ships that had been sitting in farmer’s fields all this time. Astronomers noted that this also was the very same day that the robots had finished dismantling those nuclear missiles in space.


The aliens had various forms. Some were bipeds, other moved more like a cross between a monkey and a four-legged Chameleon. All of them could change skin color. They would remain white if surrounded by predominantly white people. However, if the population was mixed, their skin color turned into what looked like an East Indian, Morocco mix. If the population was mostly black, then their skin color turned black.


If they tried to hide, their skin color changed to resemble their background.


That helped those who first met them. The fact that aliens shared their same color of skin. This noticeably helped them in conversations with people.


“Conversations”, may be a poor choice of words. They chose to communicate with people by using sign language. The most universal language found on Earth.


Months later, the first documented communications came via satellite to various universities. It was mathematicians at Bill Gates University, (formerly known as Harvard University), who deciphered the transmissions only to discover that they had received the alien’s alphabet. The first step in understanding alien the following transmissions that still come today. What they send is difficult to decipher, but it seems to be their version of an intergalactic newspaper.


After the aliens confirmed that most humans could understand their sign language, they grew more courageous and were found mingling at marketplaces throughout the world. Sometimes even buying local artifacts with local currency that many suspected were forgeries but nobody could tell the difference.


So local artists couldn’t care. They needed the money. Nor could the remaining museums, theatre groups, and musical groups. The aliens seemed to love it all.


At one venue, soldiers were unfortunately found ejecting an intoxicated man from the theatre. The intoxicated man hit one of the soldiers causing him to stumble and fall into a stack of wooden crates. The sound of laughter caused him to angrily point his weapon at what turned out to be a group of aliens.


The soldier, not wanting to be seen backing down, yelled at the alien who he thought had laughed at him. Another alien started to intercede, but the lead alien waved him back.


Pointing to two of the aliens, he indicated for them to come forward. Then the three aliens started to act strangely and in ways that the soldier didn’t understand.


Then one of the older theatre goers gasped and exclaimed,


“They’re imitating Laurel and Hardy”.


As the crowd realized what they were seeing they started to clap and cheer.


But the young soldier didn’t understand, and yelled out,


“Are they mocking me”?


The man limped over as quickly as he could and said,


“No, No, No. Quite far from it. They are mocking themselves”, he explained. “Just like some of our comedians did a long time ago”.


“See, now look. I think they are all dancing”!


And to the crowd the elderly man yelled out the question,


“Is that their form of dance”?


Nobody answered him. They were all entranced by what they saw.


At first, they seemed to be dancing individually, but after awhile a consistent theme could be seen. To observers trained in the art of Dance, it was the story of struggle and hardship. A story of adversity that had somehow been overcome by working together towards the same goal.


At the end, the humans clapped and cheered. Although though nobody filmed it, (as nobody with a camera would take it to a market place where it would be stolen), there were many witnesses who collaborated the story, and so it was considered true.


This story spread throughout the entire world. It showed their compassion and offset the fears that were starting to emerge from people, which was, what do they intend to do with us?


But some fear still remained, and armies were formed along the new diplomatic lines. Trade improved as nobody thought it was a good time to fret over petty disputes that people had fought over for thousands of years.


People who were concerned with the threat now saw no reason to not work with someone else. The combined fear of a possible war with the aliens brought people together from all over the world.


No longer did language, custom, sex or religion divide people. In time there were six groups of representatives who shared the same geographical boundaries. It was a ocean that divided people, or maybe a mountain range, but the old ways of doing things were people divided themselves by their skin color, their sex or religion were gone.


Before leaving, there was a calling together of all the world leaders to formerly meet with the aliens, and again the Alien’s choice of location showed that they saw no particular group as being better than another. For the site they chose to meet was the middle of the South Pacific ocean which had become basically a garbage dump.


As our representatives started to arrive in their newly revived battleships, they came upon a large group of aliens who had taken it up upon themselves to clean up the waters of all the plastic and other garbage that they could find.


Today, fish is apart of our diet, but until then the oceans were considered too polluted to eat from.


Their gift at the ceremony was a map and a machine that they had placed in wooden crates for the leaders. When assembled these machines at the correct coordinates, they at first thought they had been given some alien artwork.


In a world filled with starvation, this gift was considered a joke until the rains came. Then something happened. The machines attracted lightening. Like never seen before.


And these energized bolts of lighting where redirected back up into the sky. A fizzling sound could be heard for miles and people started to fear what they were doing.


But then an older scientist, this time from Oxford University had an idea.


Why did the alien machine both attract lightening, and redirect it back up into the sky, he asked?


Could the energy collected be used to power their remaining city states?


Some could, he found. There seemed to be two types of machines. One could be put into the toxic lakes that industrialists had created during the 21st century. Checking the maps again, there did seem to be instructions of what pollutants to add to these already toxic lakes.


This would make a very large battery for the power to be drawn off as needed in between lightening strikes.


The other type of machine redirected energy back up into the upper stratosphere.


What for?


A chemist at the university answered the question.


“It makes ozone”, he explained.


“Well, it makes more ozone. Lightning generates so much power that it fuses oxygen into ozone. The same lightning strike takes some of that ozone back up into the stratosphere where it creates an ozone layer that protects all life on earth from the sun’s harmful rays”.


“These machines, he said pointing to the map, appear to be shooting more ozone back up into the upper stratosphere. One day, our children will not have to shield their skin from the sun. They will be able to walk around naked if they wanted to, without any fear of our Sun’s harmful rays”.


The Chemist’s name was Waldo Tenorson as we know, because his next words made him famous.


“Now we have a chance, a real chance of survival. Now we have Hope”.


We remember, because at that point in Human History, the chances of human survival seemed very bleak.


I say something like this every Sunday when my flock convenes at my church high atop of the mountain. Its design also attracts lighting, but not as much as the alien design. However, it collects enough power to max out the batteries in order to heat the church in winter, and cool it off in summer.


Being inside the church during a thunderstorm can be scary. It’s so noisy that people have wear ear protection, but it’s a popular spot to meditate all the same.


“The aliens, did NOT solve all the world’s problems”, I remind them.


“In fact, besides the Lightning Strike Collectors, they didn’t help us at all. We humans, sensing it was a time to join forces did all that had become the norm today”.


“You see, almost no racism, or sexism exists. People of various religious sects no longer fight each other, but instead take on challenges together. It is now more common than ever for people to see through their petty differences that formerly divided them”.


“World wars. We don’t see world wars. The last war killed over 600,000 people. But that’s a low figure in comparison. Wars killed millions before. In fact, they cost so much that they were responsible for the bankruptcy of many nation states. Though we still have war, it’s not like it used to be”.


“I still contend that the ancients predicted this through the Holy Bible, and other religious texts, this very event”.


“The day the aliens came. To me, it was the second coming of Christ. An intelligent being did come down from the heavens to join us all. To look beyond our world of Hate, violence, prejudice”.


“Then why did they leave”, someone shouted out? “Things are getting worse. They should have stayed to stop what’s going on”, he cried out desperately.


I’ve been asked this before, and so I had a prepared answer,


“Since the beginning of time, the intelligent life-force that guided us has always forced us to make our own choices. Besides the lightning generator, the aliens during the second coming only created a fear that brought humanity together”.


The man shouted back,

“The last war killed 600,000 people. If they would have stayed and watched over us, that wouldn’t have happened”.


I sighed. Explaining how that war was a matter of personal choice and how people decide to respond to the challenges around them was quite a difficult task, and I felt I was getting too old to do anything more than try and reassure them.


“If an alien species can come across the heavens from hundreds of light years away, then maybe they can also be monitoring us this very moment. Maybe they know more than you think. But irregardless, it’s up to us to stop the wars just as we did before when the aliens were here. If we had done that, then those 600,000 people would not have died for nothing”.


I took my seat singling my subordinate to take over while I rested for awhile.


My thoughts were too jumbled, and I didn’t know where to begin.


In the beginning, there was a message from God that was misunderstood. In his first divinity, he came in human form. Most understood, but not all, and for thousands of years mankind stumbled, not understanding his very simple message of love and faith. During the second coming, the same message was repeated, but as memory fades, so does the understanding of the message.


How to make these people understand, I did not understand.