Woodpecker Posse: Or 311 #Fail

Posted: April 30, 2012 by Ty in Musings
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Moby Dick & Herman Melville signature Portuguê...

Moby Dick & Herman Melville signature Português: Moby Dick e assinatura de Herman Melville (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So the past several months I have been battling nature, like the epic Moby Dick if you will, Ahab and his white whale, I have a 3 inch wood pecker attempting to nest in the front of my house. Now this house has stood for almost 40 years. It is the only home I have known. Out back started my ascent though into it becoming an almost surreal Sherwood Forest…for outback we have a robin family that comes back each year to nest, a squirrel infestation throughout our garage and car park, and under the weeping birch emerges rabbits from a warren dug.

My neighbours when I was growing up used to raise homing pigeons, so you could imagine the battle when they moved away and tore down the roost to scare these flying rats away.

The upside of the rabbits is that they took care of the magpies.

And I must admit I like the sparrows every so often that nest here too.

But then came the Woodpecker, keep in mind in the front yard I have 3 trees (not counting the neighbours) and out back 2. Yet it is the front of the house that he chose to attempt to nest in.

Scared it away. Raided to kill any bugs that were to attract it. Filled the holes with expanding foam insulation, and covered with a screen like the Audoban society said to do.

Then a larger wood pecker came and tore through the screen and both wood peckers feasted on the spray insulation and the pink insulation (surely one would think that would finish it) but NO.

So Pops and me come up with an idea. Pops screws a metal plate ove the hole, and it takes 14, but then there is a third little wood pecker. And now they have commenced tearing a new hole after realizing they could not peck through the metal.

So I call 311 cause surely they would know what to do… Outside of affirming woodpeckers are becoming more frequent in calls the only advice they had was call pest control to get rid of it because they had nothing.

Now, here’s the hiccup, because they are a migratory bird it is illegal to kill them in Canada… so now I am left fighting a war with a growing gang of Woodpeckers that can only be non-lethal.

The spooky part??? These woodpeckers have taken out the squirrels…anyone else feels the coming of Alfred Hitchcock the birds…

  1. Bluebird Annie says:

    First – thanks for the pingback on my post about the chickadee nest box.
    Second – thanks also for making me smile about the woodpecker – my husband has the same problem on his hobby farm (old family homestead and house) with woodpeckers selecting his old house over the hundreds of trees dead and alive! Good luck! 🙂

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