Chapter Six

Posted: February 15, 2016 by Ty in Speare Book 1

The shooting death of Mrs. Lowery at St. Andrew’s United Church was not just front page news in the city, it also led the national news of the Canadian Broadcast Corporation, and other private national news stations. The previous mysterious death of the church’s minister was but a footnote on the murder of this elderly church secretary. As Speare watched the coverage he noted the homophobia that still did not make the other killing as big of a story as it should be.
The challenge now however was how does an investigator reconcile two murders in one location without thinking they were connected, so of course he would not make that amateurish mistake. The question is how are they connected? Speare scratches at his stubble, it would be best to head over to the crime scene and see what he can pick up for information off of the police as they investigate.
The bus ride was short first thing in the morning, but crowded and he was fairly certain the person whose arm pit he was stuck next to had neither showered nor used deodorant in the morning before leaving for work. Sipping on an XL large Double Double, Speare exits the bus and walks up the three blocks to St. Andrew’s. The boxy white building almost blended in with the prairie landscape, if not for the bright yellow crime scene tape, and black & white vehicles with lights on around the building.
The crime scene techs in their Tyvek suits were around the back entrance door checking for clues. The lead investigator was looking a stereotypical Columbo want to be. Speare took a gulp of coffee, stepped under the tape and up to the trench coat. “Hello, name’s Speare, the church hired me to look into the murder of their minister a few months back and…”
“So then why are you here polluting my crime scene.” The body of Mrs. Lowery was still in the entrance way, she was covered with a tarp to keep the media from snapping shots of her for more news play, but the lead investigator was grumpy.
Before Speare could attempt to win him over with charm, his cell phone buzzed. “You got Speare.” The voice on the other end was visibly shaken but familiar.
“Speare, I need to speak with you when can you get to my home.”
“Yes, the news about Mrs. Lowery is rather—shocking, and I need to speak with you.” The widow of the first victim, but it is starting to look almost serial within this small spiritual community. The detective is now focusing on Speare on the phone.
His gravelly voice interrupts. “Hey who are you talking to dick?”
Speare steps back under the yellow tape as he keeps talking to Jerome O’Neil. The address of his home was important, and the neighbourhood that he would be heading to was one of the swankier districts within town. A luxury condo, one of those high end ones that recently had moved beyond having parking available and for their price tag included life time memberships in a local car share corporation.
As Speare hangs up and heads back towards the bus, he hears the lead investigator’s oxford soles slapping on the asphalt trying to catch up to him. The phone call had piqued his curiosity about what Speare could know.
Speare chuckled to himself as he slowly turned around. “Can I help you?”
“Yes, who the hell was that?”
“A customer, now I am off to make a living.” Stated Speare as he left. It was never good to tick off the constabulary but in this instance there could be some good information shared by the widow, and without that this may not make any sense what so ever. He listened would the cop waste the time to pursue and arrest or…the sound of a loud harrumph and disparaging Speare’s occupation as he went back to the church to continue looking into the murder, Speare was onto a city bus and bound for the O’Neil luxury condo, which also raised other questions.
Just how did they swing that palace?
And more importantly what did the killing of a defrocked reordained minister and a tea granny secretary have to do with one another? Or was he simply tilting at windmills?


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