Remembrance Day

Posted: November 13, 2018 by Ty in Current Events, Spirituality
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Yes reflecting on this is late. Yet is it truly to late to think of our veterans, the families and the impact they made. How inclement weather did not stop the march…how lives were changed. How many became war grooms or war brides in the true beginning of globalization?

The 100th anniversary of the Armistice that ended WWI was on Sunday. As usual, churches honour those who served, and some who gave all. These are hard services to be a part of. Could it be because the first funeral I attended and was a paul bearer at was a military funeral for my Granddad? Could it be that a few years ago I performed the graveside service for my Nan, one of my best friends, on Remembrance Day in the field of honour in Calgary? (She was laid to rest with my Granddad).

Could it be after decades working with folks to find homes, working in some cases alongside Veterans Affairs I have seen how Veterans fall between the cracks in our nation? How governmental policy can do harm for the quick tweet quip that sounds so good…one time pay outs… such a sham. Or the sometimes horrible hoops to jump through to prove veteran-hood.

Could it be knowing friends who have gone out, and never come back.

Or those whose lives were changed forever, and not in the best way.

Could it be knowing how much Veterans Affairs does for our Vets compared to other countries– for the office will match benefits from other allied nations and then seek recompense from those nations.

An organization that aided my Granddad with medical supports, and when his last post came time, my family did not want in honouring his life for a man loved by not only his family but many in the community whose lives he touched.

Could these be some of the reasons my body responds as it did on Sunday with the mysterious convulsions and left hand tremor. It has been a row back to the land of functionality. The ripples in the pond of connectivity within our world.

We have a shadow box on our wall in our family home that shares a little bit of our famiy’s history on my Mum’s side. It holds pictures from my Granddad’s time; the Union Jack that draped his coffin when I was 16 years old. It also holds medals of my Great-Granddad Lewis, the man who served in both World Wars (the second as my Nan reports, cause they couldn’t win without him he would say).

It is the press clippings that are telling about the military industrial complex. For after two World Wars, my Great-Granddad could not rest on his laurels. For he had to lead the fight for veterans supports.

Lest we forget is not just a refrain to remember lost lives, broken lives, but those lives that thrive and live on. It is a refrain that needs to be remembered that it also means caring for our community afterwards. Rebuilding lives, and whole persons who exist within the community.

For each person was someone before they are a soldier, and they are someone after.

(Fun fact: my Great-Granddad Lewis would ring out the morning hymns at Arley King Church in Stourport on a Severn).

As we remember– it must be of the full circle cost.

Thank you to all those who served and do serve within the Commonwealth in many ways from war to peacekeeping to humanitarian work to maintain our earth’s fragile peace.


8,000 poppies crocheted to mark the 100th anniversary of the Armistice. Image from:


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