A Prayer

Posted: January 29, 2022 by Ty in Spirituality
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A simple prayer for our most vulnerable (came to me tonight at a training):God, be with Albertans, who do not see value in your image, for the last two years we have said it is okay that those with pre-existing conditions-disabilities– are less than-are expendable–as long as we don’t need to vax, mask because we need our nachos and wings. Our neighbours, our kids, our grandkids; our siblings; our parents, with disabilities who are part of the wonder and diversity of the Creator we are crafted in. We are missing the point, that the labels are not to exclude, but our calling to ensure all thrive by bringing what is needed for your beloved to thrive into who they are meant to be, fully who they are, now and always. Let us live into the wonder and diversity of us, and create the courageous space where all belong once and all. Amen.


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