Or will we. It has been quite a year for the lil clan Ragan in the Properties. It was a year that opened without the Matriarchs of our family for the first time as my Mum joined Nan in transitioning to Paradise in the fall of 2013. But the bumpy ride would not continue, as another member of the family’s “Greatest Generation” would transition, our kids beloved Dido in early 2014.

It would create a whirlwind time as my wife’s Mom would come live with us for a time.

It was a year where I continued to grow my renewed vocational call of serving to create homes, and continue teaching. Yet it was also a year that saw a renewal of my writing and a renewed passion to enter back into the work. Yes for those that have noticed I have put out a new spiritual e-book or two, and revisited the original super heroes in a universe I played with in my writing for decades, it was a fun tale to put out as I trimmed away decades of additions to bring the character back to what the Bionic Knight was originally. Will there be more? More than likely.

It was another spring-summer on the Alberta Parade Circuit for the kids to help wishes come true for Children’s Wish, as well as the summer the family made it to Drumheller for the first time so the kids could see the Dinosaurs and stay in a hotel.

But wait, first’s did not end there, for it was the first camp trip of the kids as we stayed in a cabin at Countess Country Museum and from there discovered Dinosaur Provincial Park.

A year of welcoming new family members.

Friends from Ontario visiting and sharing a coffee.

My sister coming over to hang out as the family journeyed through a tough time.

Personal and familial health issues, some sorted out, others not.

A return to medication so my mind no longer betrayed me.

Directly answering false accusations and being stronger for it.

It was a year where we continued our journey in institutional Christianity until the Summer, and eight months after the last visit to the pulpit for my Mum’s funeral, I was in the pulpit once again pushing the boundaries of the established church. For regular readers you know the journey and the challenge myself and my family have had with the religion of our heritage. It was the last church I preached at, that we journeyed with, that we needed for it was a good Christianity experience finally of being accepted, yet as regular readers can attest I tend to not only push the boundaries of the faith, but am beyond liberal/progressive to simply universalist. Or as the spiritual centre we discovered put’s it: What Would Love Do?

That’s right the summer saw us soulfully home is the best word I can use to describe it. Walking into a theatre at SAIT Poly Technic due to road construction keeping us from a return visit to Unity of Calgary, and needing a spiritual service. We found ourselves in the Calgary Centre for Spiritual Living.

The Science of Mind teachings we discovered became the culmination of a journey for my family of belonging, where we could hold our views, but did not have to discard others or hold to false pretenses of salvation, recite creeds that did not ring true. Instead finding solace in One Power and knowing that there is an open door for all.

It was a journey that took me to qualify for a scholarship and take my first course (See Bridge Project and the 12 Powers of Robin Hood for more on this). This journey that resonated within me and realized that the calling of ministry/monasticism was not wrong, but the soul was resting in the wrong spaces. For resting here in this teaching it was affirming what I had always battled about being true and others looking on as sacrilegious or heretical and here it just grooved.

But the course’s opening was not good for my family as it was the time of ultimate violation, our house was broken in to and the heirloom jewelry of my family was taken. My family was left shaken, and the journey of healing and rebuilding began. Out of this shock came a huge blessing as my family adopted our new fur-baby, a 7 year old rescue lady, mixed pitbull and bulldog that had a first love moment with my son, Diamond came home late November, just 3 weeks after the break in, and became a Ragan.

Yup those that visit cannot imagine our household without our third child.

And as the year wound down it was a time of family. Christmas was hard to get in to, cards were mailed late, and there was something missing, but I am fairly certain on Christmas Day Morning those missing from the celebrations were in the room visiting as presents were unwrapped and children played. It was realizing that as a family we have inherited much in our Christmas traditions and decor, but over the next year creating new traditions and decor that reflect who we are as a family and the journey we have taken.

When midnight tolled to ring in 2015 looking back thinking 2014 was finally done, and glad it was gone. Much stress, much sorrow, much emptiness…

But then, the therapy of the words on the screen.

2014 was bumpy, and there was tears shed, but when it comes down to it, the family is blessed for having had this journey as as 2015 opens the transformation continues.

We are home.


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