Hot Cross Buns: A Good Friday Legend

Posted: April 15, 2022 by Ty in Spirituality
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Clare of Assisi was not the typical “nun”; her sisters and her did not want to stay locked away from the world, as the Poor Clares (an order of Franciscans) they were called to be in the world, caring, healing, praying and living with the poor and in creation. For three Popes she petitioned for this, and they kept saying no. She and her sisters kept doing what they knew they were supposed to do, finally a delegation was sent, to end the disobedience and ensure these “lesser vessels” (terminology of the day) stayed put.

On that Good Friday the delegation to secure the women arrived, and were welcomed in for a simple meal of bread and soup before distribution to neighbours. They were already fuming and the disobedience, and aching from their sores, and pains.

As one sister said grace over the meal, the fruit bread warmed, crosses rose to the top, and the old men sent with righteous anger to silence and lock away, felt their bodies no longer hurt, their hearts feel something strange– was it peace? faith? joy? hope? Love?

A reminder of the day, and the person that was taken to the Cross, how he was viewed on that Friday by society, the same way the Poor Clares were being viewed and being told you can’t. The delegation returned to the Pope, with a simple message, they can, they did.

And the hot cross buns continued to be shared with neighbour, and an easy means of sharing Jesus’ love with those in need at this time.


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