My speaking notes from today, for those in attendance you know that there was quite a bit more meat than what is presented here:

Gospel of Matthew 10:40-42

Some may be familiar with the idea of
a Recovering Catholic, it is essentially like anyone in a 12 step recovery
movement.  For my family, we prefer the
term recovering Christian. We hear the words of Christ echoed in today’s
gospel, and know that we are striving for that freedom in our own lives.

Theologically we have journeyed
through various religions, and churches- Mennonite, United, Presbyterian, Roman
Catholic, Rainbow, Anglican, Franciscan, Ignatian, Alliance, Nazarene, Lutheran
Brethren, Restoration, to name but a few when we came to rest in the ELCIC. Yet
each one has left us thirsty, looking for the Christ to give us the cold water,
to welcome openly the young and young at heart, to be able to see that which is
unseen, and to be able to be that prophetic voice for change, be in that
mission for others.

We as a family have travelled the
roads, struggled with doctrine and dogmas, balked and embraced traditions that
fed our spirit and built community, questioned, ministered, served, taught,
wrote, reflected, meditated and prayed. The conclusion is a simple calling as a
household, to make our corner of the world a little bit better.

Let me say clearly, the moves the
ELCIC is making to remove hierarcy, broaden the circle of ministry, and
removing sexuality and sexual orientation barriers to God, we fully support and

Yet we know in our souls as a family
we fit more of Matthew Fox’s description, Post-Denominational, rather than any
of the other labels.  We are mystics,
seeking the Holy, to drink deeply of the River that populates the many wells.
The reason: Simply, we do not hold to the root of traditional Christianity, a
heaven/hell dynamic, a “righteous” over wrongness, or that we are abhorrently
evil worms.

Look around at the 8-10 churches that
call this half block home, we are not that different, yet each building sits
quasi-full on a Sunday Morning because we identify with our label more, than
choosing to follow the way of Christ as seen in his LIFE.

My family is choosing to discover what
it means to live the life of Christ. We believe what the stories say, God is
love, Her creation is called blessed, and beloved, and very good. We have free
will out of this goodness to choose to act in love, or selfishness. To choose
to offer the life giving water to quench another’s thirst or to hold it back,
wrapped in dogma from our family called humanity.

As a family we have entered prayer. We
came to rest at Prince of Faith, to begin to heal, lick our wounds from
denominational over Christ strife. It was where our individual faiths became a
family faith truly. Our children declared their love of the Holy Mystery. Where
good friendships have been formed that we hope will endure. Theologically we being
here as members though, are coming to a close in our journey, for it is akin to
trying to keep a triangle peg in a square hole. So please pray about whether or
not you wish to be apart of council, or the webmaster or even the lay pastoral

We thank you, we commend you on the
journey we will be back to visit, and we are praying for our brothers and
sisters within the ELCIC for the transition you are going through. We pray that
as followers of the living Christ, we can dig deep into our souls and ask the
hard formation questions on what makes church? What does it mean to follow
Christ, not to get tripped up on what is or has or has ever been, but to truly
see the world through Christ’s eyes.

into our collective soul,

do you follow?

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