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Hmmm…so someone threatens the life of the head of your spiritual community and it is not to be taken seriously? I wonder what would happen if the members of the church called for the removal of all Cardinals and the Pope, for the vatican to be sold and the bank closed and all monies used to pay off the debts of the poorest nations as a true statement of the Life of Christ lived today?
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VATICAN CITY — Pope Benedict XVI could be the target of an assassination plot, according to a document published on Friday by the Il Fatto Quotidiano daily which the Vatican dismissed as “delirious.”

The newspaper published a confidential document dated December 30, 2011 which was apparently sent by retired Colombian cardinal Dario Castrillon Hoyos to the Vatican warning of unspecified plans to kill the pope.

Castrillon Hoyos reportedly met the pope in January to discuss the threat.

The document from the Colombian cardinal says that the plot was mentioned by the archbishop of Palermo Paolo Romeo during a visit to China in November.

Romeo reportedly said that he had heard of a plot to assassinate the pope “within the next 12 months” but did not give further details.


Asked about the reported comments on Friday, however, Romeo said that the words attributed to him were “absolutely without basis.”


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